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Now Available Exclusively In Pennsylvania Fine Wine & Good Spirits Stores! Hand Picked Chairman’s Select Product!

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Got a message from one of the @pawinespirits store managers today telling us that they are blown away with the amount of support they are seeing for Gold Drop Vodka.  The word is out.  Taste the smoothness.
The key ingredient to any truly great dinner preparation.
Latest shipment has arrived!  This is a limited run so if you like what you taste, tell your store manager to keep it in stock!
That is not a picture of the night sky.  That is a map of Pennsylvania showing every location where Gold Drop Vodka can now be purchased.
Gold Drop Vodka has arrived as the Chairman’s Select brand at all Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores throughout Pennsylvania.  Look for these amazing case stacks featured in your local store and start 2019 with some Gold Drop.
Finalized case design for all PA state stores.  Gold Drop Vodka is the Chairman’s Select exclusive product so you will be seeing much more from us soon.
Many vodkas claim to be the best, but we are certain that we have created the smoothest vodka you have ever tasted.  You will find it hard to believe that it’s 80 Proof.
Just launched November 2018 in Pennsylvania.