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😲😲😲💪🏼🏆WORLD RECORD double person push-up!!! Did the ageless 62 y.o. wonder @william.thorpe.52 and his trainer, Young Buck @jake_freedman5 do it? Watch and find out? Until next time on Adventures at Apartment Communities @brighamsquarearlington witnessing history today!
🕑🔊Got a minute? Good! Turn the volume up and swipe ▶️ because that’s all you need for each nugget of wisdom from the panelists at our event last Monday night, Home is Where the Health is! Innovators Panel on Home-Wellness Solutions; full version available on our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and most places podcasts are found (link in bioooo)! 🔊🔊🔊Sound ON!
“Common sense is not so common.” - Voltaire / The simplest things sometimes require the greatest scrutiny! Easy to get lazy and butcher the basics - so let’s not do that, and instead learn the right way to do cable ez-handle triceps pushdowns with Coach @willhhansen !! We’ve now reached double digits for day 10 of our 25 Days of Fitness! 💪🏼🎅🏼
Jumping for joy this Sunday on Day 9 of our 25 Days of Fitness! Check out @dovezibute giving you a step by step guide on several progressions for you to master your burpees!
Day 8 of the 25 Days of Fitness, check out Coach Jake Freedman at The Lofts at Atlantic Wharf walking you through how to train the often neglected hamstrings!
Don’t just stand there, do something!! Our coaches like @jake_freedman5 here work WITH clients, demoing exercises, leading by example and building a relationship with clients, not just barking orders! Check out our client here rocking these standing rotational med ball partner tosses!! 🏆🔥
REWARD: Personal Training
How badly do we want you to donate a new, unopened toy for the kids at @bosshrinershospital ? So much that anyone who donates a toy will receive a personal training session with one of our professional coaches! Now let's pile up so many toys that the toy chest is overflowing and even S.C. himself wouldn't know what to do with it!
Want to build up the back of your legs and behind but not sure where to start or missing all the fancy equipment? Coach @dovezibute is here to save the day on the 7th day of our 25 Days of Fitness! Check out this clear guide on maximizing development in your hamstrings and glutes just by using an exercise ball!
Take it back now y'all! We're ringing in day 6 of our 25 Days of Fitness with Coach @evangohardaubrey at @livebostonlofts in Seaport demonstrating in detail how to properly perform a single arm row to develop the upper back, arms, rear shoulders, and core!
What day is it? It's Wednesday, the 5th day of our 25 Days of Fitness, but it's also Hump Daaaay!!! 🐫🎁🍑 If the fitness center where you live or work doesn't have a barbell for #squats to build up that derriere like you're used to seeing, no fear, the belt squat is here! Check out Coach @jake_freedman5 at @quarrystoneoverlookridge demonstrating how to use a regular cable stack for belt squats! Plus, belt squats feature far less spinal loading, giving you a great workout for your legs and glutes while sparing your back!
Thank you everyone who came to our panel event last night, Home is Where the Health is! Innovators Panel on In-Home Wellness Solutions
Didn’t make it out? No worries! Well have the full high quality audio available on our podcast, Golden Home Fitness Radio, later this week, and the livestream video is on Facebook!
#Blessed to have such an insightful and motivated group of panelists to provide a diversity of perspectives on how to solve health and wellness challenges by going to where people already are, and the opportunities for the future! If you don’t know, we’ll now you know, check out:
Plus a special thank for for @workbar having us to host and help with setup, plus Janine @sipcooklearn of @scoutandcellar to provide wine to go with the delicious snacks from @farmerstoyou !
And then there were four... of our 25 days of fitness already gone by! You know what that means... 21 days out from the big day for the northern Mr. and Mrs. and time to whip those sleigh riding, reindeer steering muscles into shape! What better way to keep the carryover, or "Dynamic Correspondance," as high as possible than with some heavy rope slams! Here's Coach @dovezibute at @quarrystoneoverlookridge working through how to use them effectively!