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#goodfoodbygoodpeople sharing the love for good wholesome food. Events, styling, catering for all styles of events large or small are where we are at.

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TGIF!!! Fingers crossed to some dry whether this weekend. Comment and tell me what your up to this weekend...
These bambini BLT's are winning hands down off our catering menu. We seem to be going through a BLT craze!
Haven't posted for a few days. Been super busy with lots of mid year Xmas parties, working on new menus and experimenting with new flavors. Today is definately one of those days where a pick me up is much needed. I'm on a but of Natural food kick atm, so this is my version of a semi healthy chocolate coconut milk shake. Almond milk, cocoa powder, Rice malt syrup, coconut milk, vanilla.... To name but a few yum yums
I don't get to eat seafood much these days, so when I have the opportunity, I tend to go slightly over board! Look at these beauties.... it's a shame to think that soon they shall be destroyed!
Playing around with vegan and gluten free slices for catering. This delight is fair trade triple chocolate peanut butter squares.
So I know this isn't food related but I couldn't resist taking a snap shot of my lil 18 year old buddy Sushi. Sushi has been with me right from the beginning of my NZ journey. Today whilst sitting in the sunshine thinking up new menu ideas for the spring summer menus, this creature is persistent at wanting attention! Well wouldn't you if you were going blind and half deaf!
A year or so ago @lucymutchfoodphotographer was giving away monthly loaves of freshly baked sourdough on her @facebook page. I was one of those lucky winners! I was also very lucky to receive from her, some of her amazing sour dough starter... here starts the beginning of my sourdough obsession. Like any fermentation process - #kombucha #keffir, it's become well known to pass on the love of that starter/SCOBY/grains and that's exactly what I did here at GCC. Now my Chef's bake sourdough for us all. Maybe we should start giving away a loaf or two??!! Comment below and tell me your thoughts.
Go nuts for @bagel_dan Dan's donuts..
Dan is finding himself do-nutting nearly everyday. We started of as donut Tuesday, then donut Wednesday and now it's almost everyday! These delights are Nutella and cocoa, lemon delight, rainbow popping candy and whipped cream and of course our classic cinnamon sugar.
Good morning Auckland! What wonderful food delights are on offer today?
This morning we were paid such a beautiful compliment. We were told the reason they chose Good Chemistry Catering was not only for our amazing food but also for our passion. The passion for our work comes out from the first impression on meeting to talk about the event,  through to the final product. Karl mentioned he had never met such a passionate lot before! Feeling the love everyone! Happy Friday my lovelies 💕💕💕
Meet the crew. This is @stbkkr Dan. Dan is our newest member of the crew and has come to us after travelling and leaving his hometown Bielefeld near Hannover in Germany. Dan has been in hospo for the past 8 years. You will see his gorgeous face around campus!
Today's salad for our partners luncheon. Israeli couscous salad, @zanyzeus feta cheese, fresh orange, butternut and thyme.
Went down a treat, not a morsel left on the platters.