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Come to the library for board games and snacks! Play with your friends and meet new people! #boardgames #library
It's Cider and Pretzel Day at the library! Stop by to snack and slurp up the pulverized innards of innocent fruits. #freefood #appleoffal #yum
Stop by the library to see our book pairings display! Find two different versions of the same story or two books that have one central theme in common. Now is a great time to indulge in some pleasure reading before the semester picks up! #twobytwo #bookpairing
It's here! The new library website has officially gone live, and now you too can enjoy the sleek new design as the Harold & Wilma Good Library's online presence steps confidently (well, more like tentatively) into the future! Visit the site at and see what all the hype is about! #librarywebsite #believethehype #justclickonthings
No, it's not a household cleaning manual, it's a return to the world of #thegoldencompass by Philip Pullman! This first book in a new trilogy takes you back to the misadventures of Lyra Belacqua when she was no more than a #veryimportantbaby - find it in the #newbooks section of the library. #nostalgia #philippullman
Big thank you to @gamelyngames for donating Tiny Epic Western to our #boardgames collection! With all the gambling, smoking, and redemptive violence in the box, this is a good game for a #badmennonite . Find it in the reference room! #gamelyngames #librarygames
"When I was a child I spoke as a thrush, I
thought as a clod, I understood as a stone,
but when I became a man I put away
plain things for lustrous, yet to this day
squat under hooves for kindness where
fetlocks stream with mud - shall I never
get it clear, down in the soily waters."
Denise Riley, "Say Something Back"
Find this and more new #poetry in the #newbooks section of the library!
"I found Borne on a sunny gunmetal day when the giant bear Mord came roving near our home...
Borne was not much to look at that first time: dark purple and about the size of my fist, clinging to Mord's fur like a half-closed stranded sea anemone. I found him only because, beacon-like, he strobed emerald green across the purple every half minute or so.
Come close, I could smell the brine, rising in a wave, and for a moment there was no ruined city around me, no search for food and water, no roving gangs and escaped, altered creatures of unknown origin or intent."
--Jeff Vandermeer, "Borne"
Find this story of psychoactive biotech, life in the ruins, and an enormous flying bear in the #newbooks section of the library! #firstpage #summerreading #geneticallymodifiedreading
"Six Seasons" by Joshua McFadden is a new #cookbook focusing on the creative use of vegetables. It makes a great companion to the food you can get at @maplecitymarket or @goshenfarmersmarket . Find it in the #newbooks section of the library. #rutabagabook #cookingcapers #lettuceturnipandpea
We'd like to thank @tastyminstrel for donating a copy of Scoville to the library! In this game up to 6 players compete to buy, sell, cook, grow, auction, and breed (yes, breed) hot chili peppers! Check it out from the board game collection on the first floor. #tastyminstrelgames #boardgames #competitivepepperplanting
Simon Stalenhag's Tales From the Loop: it's like #strangerthings but set in Sweden and with robots and dinosaurs instead of interdimensional monsters. Find this beautifully illustrated alternate history in the #newbooks section! #simonstalenhag #talesfromtheloop
"O beloved, you are dying of a broken heart. The women wail in the street. The rice is scattered and the lentils split. The good linen is trampled. The wadi runs with tears. In what language did you tell me that all we loved was a dream? I don't dream in Arabic anymore--I don't dream at all."
--Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar, "The Map of Salt and Stars"
This is a story of Syria, its people, and the violence that forces them to flee. This is also the story of Rawiya, a girl from the 12th century who disguises herself as a boy to become an apprentice mapmaker. Find it in the #newbooks section of the library. #syrianrefugees #comingofage