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17.02.18 | saturday | 15:23⠀
good morning loves! it's 1:14 am where i am now. yesterday was a good reading and work day; it's been a long time since i was this productive 🙏🏻⠀
are you more of a slow or fast reader?⠀
these days, i'd consider myself slower than when i was younger. damn, i miss those days when i could read half of a thick novel in two days or less. once, i saw a reading roundup of someone who read 8 books in january. 8 BOOKS. how...?
16.02.18 | friday | 20:44
"we accept the love we think we deserve."
—the perks of being a wallflower, stephen chbosky
it was a well-timed shot in the early morning. ⚡️
do you prefer your bookstagram feeds with a theme, or without?
i like mine with one, because it looks like a neater version of a photography portfolio!
i can't stand it if one of my photos don't seem to match well with the rest.
12.02.18 | monday | 22:37⠀
hello loves! happy (belated) valentine's day! 🌹⠀
it's been a little while—a week—since i posted. if you were wondering where i went, i was absent because of work at school. it has been INSANE, with so much due all of a sudden, but it's the norm whenever the end of the school year rolls by. 😩 ⠀
once this week is over, i can get back to regularly scheduled photo-taking and posting! i have to admit, it feels a bit strange coming back to bookstagram after the week-long hiatus though. ⠀
non-fiction or fiction?⠀
fiction. i prefer escapism to being grounded (most of the time), and it helps me unwind when i'm stressed.⠀
(also, i didn't realise there was a colour scheme until i took a good look at this photo... 🤔)⠀
the story shoutout session is now officially CLOSED. thank you, thank you to everyone who participated! i look forward to hosting another one, maybe a group edition for the next round. 💖⠀
i will be returning everyone's shoutouts in the next several days.
hello there everyone! 💖
to celebrate 1k and counting, i'll be hosting my first ever story shoutout session!⠀
⚡️ to enter, you must be a bookstagram account, and a public one.⠀
⚡️ you must be following me.⠀
⚡️ don't follow to unfollow once the shoutout is done/over—it's rude and defeats the purpose of this session.⠀
⚡️ tag me in your story and leave it up for 24 hours, so that i know who has done the shoutout!⠀
⚡️ i will reply those who have posted to their story with a ❤️, and return the shoutouts in the next week!
⚡️ this session will close on 15th February.
03.02.18 | saturday | 16:31⠀
"by the angel..."⠀
january's book haul was quite impromptu; i got #thephilosophersstone and #empressofathousandskies. ⚡️🌔⠀
what are your favourite science fiction/dystopian series?⠀
i love—and will always love—the hunger games. it's the trilogy that got me into reading, and i owe it all to @jcmcdreamer for introducing me to the books and films.⠀
i like the shatter me series too (i'm reading its sequel for sure) and the lunar chronicles is growing on me fast. ❤️
01.02.18 | thursday | 19:19⠀⠀
today, i tried bringing one of my books around with me, missed two stops on my way home, and decided that reading an extra chapter was worth the extra time being used to get back. ⠀⠀
—why i don't read on trains, an episode in the life⠀⠀
i hope you all have been doing well fam! 🖤⠀⠀
life, or should i say—school, has been swamping me with projects and assignments, and i feel tired more often than not.⠀⠀
young adult or new adult books?⠀⠀
lately, the books i've been reading are blurring the line between the genres... so technically, i guess both? 🤔
30.01.18 | wednesday | 11:17
i ran out of photos for a brief period of time, but I'M BACK!
this morning i woke up to a VERY wonderful surprise—the cover for #acourtoffrostandstarlight, or #ACOFAS! ✨❄️
the very lovely lena (@swolorens) messaged me the cover reveal, and i tell you, it's so beautiful. gorgeous on many levels. breathtaking, even!!!
i like how this cover is slightly more detailed than the previous ones—i own the softcover editions of the series—the three shining stars and feyre wearing her starfall dress again? sign me up, girl. 😍
the only thing i have to ask is... can may please hurry up?! 🖤
what's your current read?
i'm reading #ACOWAR... and it's one hell of a ride.
26.01.18 | friday | 18:24⠀
"'it's custom in my court for bargains to be marked upon flesh.'⠀
i rubbed my left forearm and hand, the entirety of which was now covered in swirls and whorls of black ink. even my fingers weren't spared, and a large eye was tattooed in the center of my palm.⠀
it was feline, and its slitted pupil stared right back at me."⠀
—#ACOTAR, sarah j. maas⠀
so, uh... this is what happens when you give me some time to kill, and a sharpie lying nearby.⠀
i've never enjoyed drawing any more than today's little session. 'twas fun. 🤘🏻
besides reading, do you have any other hobbies?⠀
i like photography and writing. ✨
23.01.18 | tuesday | 10:52⠀⠀
hi loves! i'm so excited to start reading #ACOWAR in the next week!⠀⠀
i've also been working on several reviews, but they're not done yet. well, they're only almost finished. sometimes it seems like i only can have one thing to commit to: it's either social media, reading, studying, or blogging. no in between. with school, when i try to do two or more of these things at once, my energy level can drain really quickly.⠀⠀
(funny how i started off with a reading plan and it turned into a mini-rant. 😂)⠀⠀
which book in the Maas universe do you love the most?⠀⠀
21.01.18 | sunday | 19:42⠀
happy #shelfiesunday!⠀
so far, this is the second most aesthetically pleasing shelf i have seen.⠀
who's your favourite contemporary author?⠀
it's very hard to choose between John Green and Rainbow Rowell. 😂⠀
both their works are equally on par to me. their stories can make you feel lots of things, and the characters stick with you a long time after you turn the last page.
19.01.18 | friday | 20:47⠀
do you have a favourite bookshop?⠀
the es-lite mall in taiwan is my ultimate love! it's a twenty-four hour bookshop with multiple languages, and the levels below the main bookshop sell some really amazing and beautiful merch, ranging from small wooden sculptures, to elemental mugs. (though i wish they had some bookish quote mugs. that would have been a lot better. 😂)⠀
it sucks that i haven't been taking any new photos for this week because of my busy schedule, so have a throwback to the time i was in taiwan, exploring this homely and cosy bookshop.
17.01.18 | wednesday | 19:10⠀
it towers over us⠀
this golden goliath⠀
never moving⠀
but always watching⠀
hello loves! a few days ago, i saw that i got 1k, so... THANK YOU GUYS! there's an irony with pairing this caption with a non-bookish photo, but i digress. it's kind of surreal to think that i would achieve even one of the goals i set for myself when i first decided to blog. i would say the best part of bookstagram is the people, because everyone on this platform has inspired me, one way or another, to keep going even though it can get very difficult and stressful.⠀
i'll list several people who have brought light into the journey! here goes...⠀
@stahrryeyed: thanks for being one of my closest online friends 💞⠀
i know you don't blog about books like i do—but your endless support is everything and more. i love your writing, and i'm so glad you're succeeding at your art!⠀
@bookwyrmbynight: you're an amazing person to talk to, and i REALLY love your photos! *fist bump*⠀
@pagesinlife: you're one of my biggest inspirations (that white feed is so gorgeous, really) and i love how you're dedicated to your photos.⠀
@readingholic227: sending love your way because you are a wonderful person to share things with and fangirl over!⠀
@ifrahreads: a huge hug for you because you're a great adviser. and also, very relatable in many ways. i wish you the best & more for this year!⠀
@agreeablybookish: you're a nice person and your creativity is goals. (P.S. do you like musicals?)⠀
@riannereads: your feed is so unique! how you pull it off, i have no idea. but you're definitely one of the best people i've made friends with on here.⠀
@belgravianqueen: i've never known someone so very extremely passionate about fantasy (especially SJM) until you! also, your love for Heathers is beautiful too. 😉
@thebookishcourt: you're actually the first Singaporean bookstagrammer i knew, and i'm glad for that!
i have two presentations in the next two days so i'll  be quite busy. i hope i don't screw them up...! 🤘🏻