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hey book fam! long time no post – these few weeks were very taxing and i wasn't in the mood to take photos or go on bookstagram in general. anyway, it's been a week since i watched infinity war on friday night with my friends and oh gods, it wrecked us in the best and worst way. we all suffered, but we were happy about it. (see what i did there?) and when the movie finished, after the final scene faded to black, it was like all the life in the theatre went out all at once. 🤧⠀
q: what are the film genres you love the most?⠀
— i love drama, movie musicals, and action!⠀
these days, i've been caught up in watching  the marvel film series, and they're so good. i love thor's story arc the most! ⚡️
i've been seeing ACOFAS everywhere on my feed and the fact that i haven't received my copy yet makes me sad. 😢⠀
still, i'm really hyped! i've been trying to refrain from reading spoiler-filled review, and so far, it's a success!⠀
do you make theories for upcoming books?⠀
i do, but i'm kinda lazy to spell them out. maybe i should start a book theories section on my blog, once i bring that back to life. 😂
(it'll come very soon!)⠀
anyway, most of what i predict don't come true, apart for one or two i thought of.
hello! i haven't been able to post much because school just started. i'm just glad i'm not mentally dead yet, because i hear that second year is when the real shit™ starts to happen. (i'll be praying for my sanity to last as long as possible) 😩
on the last week of my holiday, i went to johor and got a ravenclaw scarf! it was such a GOOD deal. ✨
what's your hogwarts house hybrid?⠀
i feel that i'm (mostly) a ravenpuff.
good morning loves! 🙈⠀
i've started on #simonvsthehomosapiensagenda by @beckyalbertalli as my first read of the month!⠀
#qotd; do you have a favourite contemporary protagonist?⠀⠀
i don't think anyone will top cath avery, at least for now! ✨⠀⠀
aside from being in college (or 2 years close to the age,) i still relate to her in terms of being involved with fandoms, even though i don't write fanfiction.
good evening loves! 🤗⠀
here's what i think is the best shot from the 'million' failed choices. ⠀
i only have one more week left till school, so i'm trying to catch up with my reading, work, and writing drafts for my blog. (i'm also thinking of restarting my booktube during the next break.) this holiday has been a bit uneventful, i must admit, but it's still better than the hell-weeks.⠀
#qotd; what's your favourite poetry and prose anthology?⠀
i love #milkandhoney by @rupikaur_! i like that the collection boldly explores difficult and taboo topics faced in life, taking the reader through an emotional journey.
02.04.18 | monday | 12:34⠀
hey book fam 👋🏻⠀
long time no post, but i'm baaack – i haven't been feeling up for photo-taking and posting for the past week, but my recent trip to malaysia helped start the drive up! it was fun, seeing my cousins and getting to talk to them again. the internet connection over there was super glitchy, so my plan to post each night while i was there failed. but the good news is, i took the opportunity to do a photoshoot! as for where the shoot took place... well, you'll see. 😉⠀
#qotd; do you prefer indoor shooting, or outdoor shooting?⠀
i'm definitely an indoors person, unless the weather is pleasantly chill or i'm coincidentally outside, at a good location!
27.03.18 | tuesday | 15:48⠀
i've been excited about #ACOFAS since the title reveal. and now there's news of an #ACOTAR movie being in production? it almost feels like a dream. i scrolled through the comments on the article... and damn, the fandom is exploding. 🤣⠀
i'm even more hyped about this, but i'm also worried, because there's a part of me that feels the movie will screw up in so many ways. (given constantin film's track record isn't, uh, exactly the best, and  there being way too many key scenes from the books i would love to see portrayed well on the big screen.)⠀
what are your thoughts on the upcoming ACOTAR movie adaptation?
15.03.18 | thursday | 16:58⠀
today, me and my friend wanted to visit the prudential carnival, but halfway through it started raining and so we couldn't take many photos. 😤⠀
i'm going to the all in young writer's festival tomorrow!⠀
favourite book-to-film/tv adaptations?⠀
the hunger games and harry potter.
14.03.18 | wednesday | 17:16⠀
"and while they're being told, stories create the energy that makes this world go. they keep our stars in place. they make our grass grow."
i finally managed to take some photos at the mini garden today. it feels good to be back on track. 🍂⠀
if you were to write a book, what genre would you choose?⠀
i'd write science fiction, or dystopian, as i'm doing right now. 😉
13.03.18 | tuesday | 10:19⠀
"there's nothing like deep breaths after laughing that hard. nothing in the world like a sore stomach for the right reasons."⠀
—#theperksofbeingawallflower ⠀
i managed to edit a chapter for both my book and another project today! the process was tough, y'all. but now that i got it done, life's slightly better. 🤙🏻⠀
what was the last movie you watched?⠀
black panther! it's my favourite film of the year so far. i love it.
11.03.18 | sunday | 19:28
i've been trying to keep up on my book ban because i'm determined to finish my current tbr (which is going quite well), but i ended up buying #thehazelwood yesterday, because there was a sale. and of course, the cover art was so damn gorgeous i couldn't resist. 🖤✨
how do you deal with writer's block? 
i don't really have an effective method for now. this sucks because it can lead to very (and i mean very!) frustrating periods where i can't seem to churn out anything when writing my book.
09.03.18 | friday | 23:07
"sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book.”
would you write an anthology of short stories, or a novel?
a novel, because you only have a single plot to focus on. i'd write an anthology of poetry, though.