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Please all support this young talent because every successful artist once needed that backing. @valdrini_music 
Ju lutem mbテォshteteni tテォ gjithテォ kテォtテォ talent tテォ ri, sepse テァdo artist i suksesshテォm ka nevojテォ pテォr mbテォshtetje. Faleminderit. @valdrini_music
Never stop laughing!!! 沽
汨辱u falenderoj tテォ gjithテォve pテォr pjesmarrjen mbrテォmテォ nテォ festテォn e organizuar nテォ Londテォr me rastin e 10 vjetorit tテォ pavarsisテォ sテォ shtetit tonテォ. 笶、

Faleminderit 泗. Do takohemi  pテォrsテォri sテォ shpejti. 汨 汞ヲ汞ア汞ス汞ー
汨触テォzuar 10 vjetorin e pamvarテォsisテォ Kosova jonテォ e dashur, krahu i djathtテォ shqiponjテォs dykrenore tテォ mbetur padrejtテォsisht jashtテォ kufinjve shtetテォror por brenda zemrテォs sテォ テァdo shqiptari. Rrugテォ tテォ mbarテォ shtetit tonテォ tテォ ri. 
#Xhaka #kosovテォ #shqipテォri 汨
Your smile is all i want to treasure and your love is all I need to be alive
HAPPY VALENTINE窶牢 DAY! 笶、ク @__ll.gx__
Full focus on proving that north London is RED tomorrow 沐エ #gunners #xhakaboom
I just want to say a big thank you for the support we get in good times and bad times. I feel very blessed and thankful #WeAreTheArsenal 沐エ #GX29 #alwaystogether
Zum Erfolg gibt es keinen Lift - man muss die Treppe nehmen笘晰沛サ #GX29 #UAHOVR @underarmouruk @underarmour @underarmourfc  @gina_moses
沒ク汨Wonderful feeling after a great win and hope to keep going and thank you to our fans for their fantastic support. 笞#GX29 #IWILL #Gunners  #WeAreTheArsenal  #together #xhakaboom @arsenal
沒ク汨After the disappointment of Swansea we will give everything to make you smile tomorrow 汳ェ 笞#GX29 #IWILL #Gunners  #WeAreTheArsenal  #together #xhakaboom @arsenal @micki_taryan