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Happy Birthday to @dpanabaker. Girl knows how to find a light.
I already love this partnership @bearwalkerofficial. Board, t-shirt and sticker on hand.
Really excited to announce that I’ll be partnering up with my dude Bear and his company Bear Walker Industries. I’ll be having a hand in future designs and I’m sure many other fun things. This dude has created an awesome business and he loves what he does. I’m pumped to be a part of it. Check the link in my bio(once it’s up in a minute). Follow @bearwalkerofficial and make sure to keep tabs on what’s happening with everything in the future.
One of my best and oldest friends married his longtime love and I’m so happy I could be there for it. I took next to no photos, but this is what I got. Got to see most of my family and so many old friends. So happy for you @maxchucker and @emmybuckner. We’ll see you at our  wedding. :)
These are two of the earliest fans I can remember visiting us on set back during season 1. I always see them around this time of year and they’re always(or at least usually) in their matching shirts. They’re clearly incredibly sweet girls. Good luck at school in Montreal, guys. 😁🤟
I don’t know why I would agree to sing with a group of people that are going to make me feel incompetent, but I can’t wait! I haven’t performed on any kind of stage in far too long. Thank you @darrencriss for asking me to come hang with these amazing performers. Come see us in New York! I’m already nervous.
I've got no plans for us today
Got no plans to get away
I've got no plans, except for loving you
- @jason_mraz 
My forever mood with this one. (I mean, we can do things sometimes)
A @t22felton series. Miss you dude.
😂 They do have nice furniture. @candicekp @leanneaguilera @entertainmenttonight
And thank you @michelleobama. I have taken my right and privilege to vote for granted in the past, but will never do so again. All of our voices are important. That’s the point of a democracy.
Just @tomhanks telling the truth. Like always.
This is already all over the internet. But here it is again. @cwtheflash is still on Tuesday’s. This is just our special crossover schedule. I spy a new insignia.