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L&G on HGTV. Coming this fall. 
Not really. But we’d use this shot though. 📷: @tylergust10
Tonight’s the night. Don’t miss the season finale of @cwtheflash. 
Thank you to all the Flash fans that have stuck with us through four, long, rollercoaster seasons. The passion you all have for our show and these iconic DC characters is one of the things that drives us to make the show as high quality as we can. 
We’ll be back for more next year and as always, we’ll try to make it our best season yet. #WeAreTheFlash
@ctaylor_3 with the Virginia accolades. #GoDodgers
Tyler took pictures of me that weren’t on an iPhone.
Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who did so much for all of us growing up, that I still realize more and more every day just how selfless and strong she has always been. The more I grow and go through life with LA and our own future family, I know it will only continue to dawn on me even more what a superhuman my mother is and how lucky I am to have her. I love you, Mom. 
I’m glad we all got some time together last week. Snuck this shot when we were all leaving for our group pedicure for Mom’s birthday. It was my first one and I loved it.
Thanks for the @idontmind mug @edwardschmit. I love it. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth
Tis true. 
Ps. Thanks for taking this picture less than 48 hours ago @tylergust10.
New York always means too much Tyler. (📷: @lathoma3)
We all got to see the legend of Victor Garber in Hello, Dolly! yesterday and he was as perfect as one could imagine. I felt lucky to watch him and Bernadette Peters in this broadway classic. Not to mention I finally got to see my musical theatre idol, Gavin Creel do his thing(I was star struck and he was the nicest).
New coast. New pack for the week. Thanks for the welcome.
Hope you enjoyed it east coast. Flash is on in 2 hours west coast.