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On this Veterans Day weekend, I am proud to say I have teamed up with @travisaaronwade and @t1r1u1t1h to help @k9sforwarriors 
I have personally donated some items to be auctioned off over the next several months, and with your help, we can all help make a difference for these heroes. #veterans #veteransday #help4heroes #vets #vetsnpets  #theflash #dc #dccomics #GrantGustin #barryallen #CW @cwtheflash @MLB @ladodgers @laclippers @nba @dccomics @thecw
Only 250 of these limited boards! Bear makes all of these by hand. Which is insane. Check out his page for looks at more products and his process. Link in my bio to purchase this thing right at 12pm PT.
Time for another @bearwalkerofficial board. This thing drops at 12pm PT TODAY. About to post some more close up shots too. It’s so sick...
Been a wee bit busy with the crossovers and life, but I’ve been excited to check out @cwallamerican for a while now. Just downloaded it so I can catch up. It’s on tonight btw. Check it out.
Did that absentee vote. I definitely used to be someone that felt like politics was something I didn’t know how to relate to. I had/have a hard time understanding all the candidates and what they’re views and stands are and how they align with mine. Paying attention and having a voice is pretty damn important. You can’t sit back and complain about what’s going on if you haven’t even thrown your voice in for a vote. JUST VOTE. It doesn’t matter who for. Just make sure your voice is heard. There’s no excuse.
Tomorrow @cwtheflash
I have so many fun videos and pictures from game 4 tonight, but this one I’m seeing on Instagram feels the most appropriate. Ready to watch the boys rally tomorrow... still had so much fun, even though I’ve been saying the opposite for about 2 hours now.. first World Series ✅
Wut..? 📸: @melissabenoist
Never not in sync. Happy Birthday to one of the best people I’ll ever know. #GoDodgers
@laclippers 💙
Yo. Thank you @brandblack. Keep’m coming. 🔥
During his short Flash tenure @stephenamell taught me some ways to stay comfortable in my suit between takes. And how to slip into it a little easier. 😁😎