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Happy August Everyone! 
Save the Date for Tuesday, September 12, 2017 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Forks. We will be meeting at "The Commons" at the end of the big long table where they serve beer flights). Our September meeting is going to be an important one as this is the time we will be deciding on campaigns and plans for the entire year. 
More detailed information will be rolled out as the meeting draws near, but for now - this is a save the date! If you've ever wanted to join @greenpeace_winnipeg - now is the time🌱🌎🤗 #greenpeace#winnipeg#bethechange#plants#earth#mothernature#environment#plantbasedpeg#plasticfree#peacefulactivism
Thank-you to all of the awesome Winnipeg restaurants that participated in Plastic Free July with us!!
All of you tagged in this post have made the past month an unbelievable one for every customer who has walked through your doors and you should be proud of that fact. You all took a risk on Straws Upon Request (yes even you trend-setters who were not serving straws prior to the campaign) and made the month of July one that will not be forgotten.
Maybe you were hesitant of the change and the costs associated with only serving compostable straws upon request, but you knew that the benefit of helping to make Winnipeg a cleaner, more plastic-free city was worth it.
Without you guys, Plastic Free July in Winnipeg would have been a tiny blip, but with your support, we made front-page news, radio news and National news!(for the French speaking population who understood the French CBC National at least)
We truly hope that all of you had an amazing experience this past month and received positive support from your patrons and that some or ALL of you continue to serve straws upon request and/or work towards going plastic free.
All 7 locations of @mystellas
#plasticfreepeg #plasticfreejuly #greenpeace_winnipeg
Day 31 Restaurant of the Day
Café Ce Soir
Now this last restaurant of the month is one that none of you went to in July. (shame shame) just kidding, no one went there as they were closed for renos due to a car crash, but they still wanted to be included in the straws upon request, just in September when they re-open.
I personally cannot wait until they re-open after their renovations especially in October when they launch their half price desserts on Saturdays after 9! (I’ll be counting down the seconds!)
So when September comes, pat these guys on the back and try the baked camembert or some gnocchi or the desserts or…well anything cuz it all sounds so good!
@cafecesoirwpg #cafecesoirwpg #plasticfreepeg #plasticfreejuly #greenpeace_winnipeg #eatlocal
Day 31: 8 R’s
Welcome to day 31 of Plastic Free July!
Rethink – Be mindful of your consumption, your relationship with “things” and your relationship with the Earth.
Reduce – Reduce consumption of energy and materials.
Refuse – Don’t consume what you don’t need to.
Reuse – Continue to reuse or share with others. 
Recycle – Close the loop and remake.
Repurpose/ Reinvent - Find new uses for old objects.
Rot – Compost.
Repair – Fix or upgrade your objects rather than throwing them away.
If nothing else, avoid the worst plastics! They are classified by numbers on the bottom of everyday plastic items
# 3 Polyvinyl Chloride – PVC. Overall is BAD!
# 6 Polystyrene – PS (toxic chemicals to the brain and nervous system)
#7 Polycarbonate – PC (contains BPA)
#plasticfreepeg #plasticfreejuly #greenpeace_winnipeg #8Rs #rethink #reduce #refuse #reuse #recycle #repurpose #reinvent #rot #repair
Day 30 Restaurant of the Day
Bonfire Bistro
The last of our featured restaurants to have been providing straws upon request prior to our campaign is @bonfirebistro.
These guys make some amazing food look even better with their attention to detail and magnificent plating. Their signature wood fired brick oven pizza is amazing and their coconut curry vermicelli looks delicious.
Whether you’re needing a tasty lunch Monday to Friday or are treating someone to a midweek dinner date, Bonfire Bistro is guaranteed to satisfy. So head down soon, summer is only so long!
@bonfirebistro #bonfirebistro #plasticfreepeg #plast
Day 30: Fast Fashion Crisis
Where do I begin.  We live in a society that places value and meaning on material things like clothing and our appearance is one of those things. Trying to stay up to date with the in-season trends can be hard and expensive and harder on the environment! Fast Fashion is a crisis in our world and there is a lot of information online about the horrible effects that the fashion industry has on the world and people.
For the purpose of plastic free tips, we will just focus on the materials and quality over quantity.
The fashion industry has incorporated plastic into our clothing materials.
Plastic fibers used include:
From faux fur to fleece, satin to velvet, did you know that these have plastic fibers in them to create the textile?
Did you know that synthetic fabrics create microfiber pollution when laundered?  It is true. The plastic fiber in the clothes break down and get washed down the drain, causing harm to the animal life on the other side.
Choose natural fiber, such as
Organic cotton
Buy second hand
Make your own clothes or Mend and Repair
Not just clothing, think plastic free shoes.
Feel Goodz is a brand that creates plastic free shoes.
Donate your clothes
Repurpose old or worn out clothes, turning them into wash clothes, blankets, or bags
Sell to second hand store
Plastic-free pro tips:
Buy excellent quality clothing that will last you for a long time rather than inexpensive clothing that will show wear and tear quicker leading to purchasing more items.
Hangers – wood or metal hangers
Shoe racks – wood or metal shoe racks
Remember when shopping to bring your own bag.
#plasticfreejuly #plasticfreepeg #greenpeace_winnipeg #fastfashion #palsticfreeclothing #plasticfreewardrobe #donate #repurpose #feelgoodz
Day 29 Restaurant of the Day
Bernstein’s Deli
Now I know a few of you have definitely been to this place and we are excited that they took the challenge to do straws upon request for the month to help our city and our earth.
Bernstein;s offers a fantastic looking menu with favourites like chicken and waffles and a heck of a good looking reuben! For those vegans or vegetarians reading, they have a ton of delicious looking non-meat items in their menu including the big quinoa salad, a black bean burger, an almond and chickpea burger and more!
I implore you, get down to Bernstein’s deli for breakfast lunch or early dinner soon!
@bernsteinsdeli #bernsteinsdeli #plasticfreepeg #plasticfreejuly #greenpeace_winnipeg #eatlocal
Day 29: Plastic Covered Paper
All three of these paper products mainly come with plastic packaging.  From the tissue boxes wrapped in plastic to potentially all the toilet paper or paper towels individually wrapped,and then wrapped again in plastic.  This is too much plastic!
Alternative to paper towel:
Cloth towels or old shirts or rags.
Biodegradable sponges. 
For grease, use old flyers or paper or strainer.
Cloth napkins and table cloths.
Alright, so to some this may be a little far fetch for our western ways, however please keep an open mind!
Alternatives: do not use toilet paper. Rinse with a spray bottle or bum gun, or invest in a bidet.
Make your own toilet tissue using old material (bed linens, shirts, ect) – we do this for our babies, so why don’t we do this for ourselves?
Go green by using plant leaves – have a bathroom plant specific for using it for “toilet leaves”.
Invest in a squatting toilet or leg raiser (Squatty Potty). By changing the angle of your rectum, number two becomes wipe free or only needing one square of toilet paper to wipe with. *Highly Recommend* helps decrease constipation and hemorrhoids.
If toilet paper is your cleaning choice, invest in plastic free toilet paper. 
Seventh Generation packs their toilet paper in a cardboard box and wraps each roll with paper not plastic.
Other Brands:
Green Heritage
Natural Value
Tree Free
Tissue paper typically in Canada comes in a box with plastic as a barrier to prevent the issue from all coming out.
Go old school and carry a handkerchief.
Plastic free pro tip: have many.  Stock up when using cloth.
#plasticfreejuly #plasticfreepeg #greenpeace-winnipeg #handkerchief #seventhgeneration #bidebt #squattypotty
Day 28 Restaurant of the Day
Bouchee Boucher
When I dropped in to Bouchee Boucher it was like an immediate calm came over me. It was such a chill little place and knowing they were already serving straws upon request was an added bonus.
Looking through their menu before dropping off their posters, I was really impressed with the food! (In case you didn’t know a lot of their cooking isn’t vegan as they are a butcher shop as well and use local small farms for most of their meats). Oh ya, they also serve my favourite beer mmmm… LBJ.
So if you have never been, or just haven’t been there in a while, their menu changes monthly so go there soon and go there often for some delicious food and great drinks.
@boucheeboucher @littlebrownjugbrewing #boucheeboucher #plasticfreepeg #plasticfreejuly #greenpeace_winnipeg #eatlocal
Day 28: Travel
If it is going from your house to a picnic or driving around running errands to a road trip or travelling across the world, you don’t have to leave your plastic free lifestyle behind.  Do your very best to bring your habits with you!
Many parts of the world have water advisories.  Instead of purchasing a few bottles of water each day opt in for a Life Straw.  Although the life straw is plastic, it cuts down on the number of plastic bottles and it filters the water for you as you drink.
Skip the headphones, bring your own.
Bring your own pillow on the flights (did you know airplane pillows are trashed at the end of the flight!)
Ziplock for liquid bottles.  If you are carrying liquid bottles on the plane you cannot escape the plastic see-through container that security requires so when you are done travelling store the ziplock in your suitcase for future travels instead of using a new one each trip.
Free shampoos and soaps from hotels are a big part of plastic waste.  These little containers used mainly only once or for a portion of your trip end up in the garbage. Bring your own instead! .
Reusable Bottle
Travel Mug
Metal Straw
Napkin or handkerchief (wrap your cutlery and straw in it)
Snack container
Bring your own Bag
Shower Bar Soap and Shampoo
Bring your own Lotion
Reusable Bamboo Toothbrush and Toothpaste Tabs
Head phones
Skip travel size items
#plasticfreepeg #plasticfreejuly #greenpeace_winnipeg #plsticfreetravel #plasticfreekit
Day 27 Restaurant of the Day
The Oakwood Cafe
Another amazing cafe that had already been serving compostable straws has joined the fight against plastics this month.
Did you know @oakwoodcafe uses local Manitoba produce wherever possible and uses compostable containers for all of their take out items!
Not only that, but their food looks delicious as well. There is nothing better than delicious food sourced responsibly and made in house by people who care about this city and it's people. So head down soon and enjoy!
#oakwoodcafe #plasticfreepeg #plasticfreejuly #greenpeace_winnipeg #eatlocal