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Have you taken the time to check out our website? It's as simple as clicking the link in our bio to find out more information on what we do and how you can get involved in making a difference in your community and to the overall planet. #greenpeacewinnipeg#bethechange 🌎🌱
Good Morning Greenpeacers! 🌎❀️ Next week is Waste Reduction Week in Canada and we have some great events coming up for YOU to get involved in! -
Goal Number 1: Become the best Street Cleaner in Winnipeg!
Join Greenpeace for a 1 hour walk in Winnipeg, we will invite each participant to gather as much waste as possible in an effort to clean up our streets. The winner will be the volunteer who collects the most garbage and will win a Greenpeace prize🌱
Goal Number 2: Raise awareness among Winnipeg's fast food restaurants. 
We will take pictures of all of the Tim Hortons, McDonald's, etc...cups that we collect off the streets. These pictures will be sent to the restaurants in question where we will be asking them to take action to reduce their waste. -
When: Saturday, October 21st
Time: 4pm -5:30pm
Where: downtown Winnipeg. We will update once we pick a defined meet up point. 
Please check the link in our bio on more information on how to get involved. Stay tuned for more events to come! #greenpeacewinnipeg#cleanup#peacefulactivism#savetheplanet#community#reducewastecanada#greenpeace#volunteer
Happy Thanksgiving from @greenpeace_winnipeg to all of you! Today - give thanks to friends, family, food, health, and most importantly our Mother Earth who provides us our home πŸŒŽπŸ‚πŸ #givethanks#greenpeace#greenpeacewinnipeg#savetheearth
Want to get more involved with Greenpeace Winnipeg? 
We are looking to fill some roles in the group, including a new leader or co-leaders, a blogger, and of course general volunteers! 
Please share with anyone you know who may be interested in taking on a leadership volunteer position with our local Winnipeg group!

Apply online:
Today we celebrate- that the Energy East Pipeline project has been cancelled!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
When it comes to protecting our earth and all the plants and creatures who dwell within it, the situation can be overwhelming. Today, we can celebrate a victory for our beautiful and pristine lakes, rivers and forests right here in Manitoba (and across Canada), all which had faced a very serious threat at the proposal of this pipeline, which would have carried thick sludgy poisonous bitumin (tar sand oil mixed with "corporate-protected secret ingredients" a combo of toxic poisons), through thin pipeline built 40 + years ago for natural gas. Just one leak of that heavy sludge through that thin pipe could have destroyed places like the Whiteshell.  It's frustrating to hear spokespersons in the media express disappointment, and attempt to call this an "investment in our children's future". Who is buying that!? Our Winnipeg volunteer group believes that clean water and forests are the best gift we could give to our future generations!  #celebratetoday #energyeast #noenergyeast #transcanada #greenpeace #whiteshell #manitoba #giftforthefuture
Wise words @janegoodallinst , wise words 🌎❀️. What kind of difference do you want to make? #greenpeacewinnipeg#peacefulactivism#getinvolved#savetheearth#platicfree#helpstopfactoryfarming#saveoureoceans#bekind#motherearth#winnipeg
Agreed! 🌎❀️ #greenpeacewinnipeg#lovetheearth#winnipeg
Greenpeace Winnipeg is gearing up for another year of contributing to a healthier planet with our Factory Farm Campaign, Plastic Free July, and much more. If this sounds interesting to you and you want to join in on our #peacefulactivisim please contact us - direct link in bio.  We have a great group of Greenpeacers that are always looking for help🌎❀️ also - stay tuned for ways to get involved without being a direct committee member. #greenpeace#greenpeacewinnipeg#community#savetheplanet#winnipeg
Remember our campaign for July? We sure hope everyone is keeping up with their plastic free changes made in their lifestyles πŸŒŽπŸ’™ #greenpeace#greenpeacewinnipeg#volunteer#plasticfreelife#summer#mothernature#manitoba#supportlocal#supporttheworldsheart
Happy August Everyone! 
Save the Date for Tuesday, September 12, 2017 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Forks. We will be meeting at "The Commons" at the end of the big long table where they serve beer flights). Our September meeting is going to be an important one as this is the time we will be deciding on campaigns and plans for the entire year. 
More detailed information will be rolled out as the meeting draws near, but for now - this is a save the date! If you've ever wanted to join @greenpeace_winnipeg - now is the timeπŸŒ±πŸŒŽπŸ€— #greenpeace#winnipeg#bethechange#plants#earth#mothernature#environment#plantbasedpeg#plasticfree#peacefulactivism