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I'm a Drummer and Audio/lighting tech. 1/3 of @alphamaleteaparty. LFC. Hello!

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New thwackers day! Rejoice!!! #tamastarclassicmaple
FAO @joan_edam
#dinner #sorted
Same bbz. 😴
Absolute banging antique shop find. 1970’s #Sonor 12” rack tom for £20!! 😍👀 #drums #vintagedrums
Walked a bit. Climbed a bit. Drank a bit. Sound little weekend that with @molliebrown_uk  @girlwithasingletrackmind and @dan_lead
A bit of a crazy and fraught week. A short set with my boiz #alphamaleteaparty and then home again. This is the only photo I took at #arctangent and it’s of this handsome chap I have no name of, displaying the next level of drinking paraphernalia. Absolute props to you, lad. 🙌
Got the big boys out.
Sick mirrorball action.
Gregory David and David Gregory. Ales. Friday night.
Decorated a cake. Proudest day of my life.
@molliebrown_uk ❤️s Maxi 🐶