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Hard to believe home has only been four years in the making, but here we are 🌟 Happy Anniversary to my sanctuary @stonewallsmtx and to all of my brothers and sisters who’ve come and gone and nurtured it along the way- through each of us we continue building our legends brick by brick 👬👭 💜 👫🏠🌈
Giving up my ghost for you
And now I'm see-through - - -
📷 Taken at the promo shoots for “Queer Dance Freakout” by @queertheatretx of which I’ll be performing/participating in on Friday!
Don’t wanna pressure you baby.
Yes- and I’m also just elated to see you 😄🧡
Ooooh she’s part of the privileged **educated** class nowwww (From Graduation in may)
Until the philosophy 
Which hold one race superior and another 
Is finally 
And permanently 
And abandoned 
Everywhere is war || 🎶 ~ Bob Marley
The Vogue Ball: Haus Battlz was REVOLUTIONARY! ⚔️☄️🔥💥🔫🔪⚔️ The Battlz were intense, trophies AND wigs were snatched. * * * * * * * 
I’m so thankful for everyone that came out- including my besties who drove all the way out from Austin and Houston, The amazing judges @karma_kouture of San Antonio and @rvbyknight of Austin as well as our own resident Daddy™️ Michael Casey. 
Indebted with perpetual gratitude is my magnificent drag mother @chitahdk for providing my drag sister @tasha.f.k and I the platform of love, support, and an insatiable work ethic that forms our very foundation. 
I’m also grateful for our incredible cast of participants, you ladies came to SLAY. 
I sit in awe of all of the talent and love  that surrounds me, and when I don’t know how to answer how or why I’ve been given so much- I just learn to enjoy it. You guys made me learn a lot 🧡🧡🧡
~Pure ~ 
O P U L E N C E. 
Last week I got to see @tasha.f.k absolutely blow the stage away with a wonderful performance. Seeing her enter a competition where the pressure is on and witnessing her in action exceeded and transcended my wildest expectations.  I’m so proud of her and the journeys we’ve taken together. From river baptisms and hikes to Ball-hosting and face-beatings, it’s no wonder why TFK is one of my fav BFF’s ...and If anyone’s got something to say about it, she’ll be the first to tell you “Anybody can get slapped” 😂

Go get ‘em Girl 💄👄👸🏾

From 10-2 with a showtime of 11:30(ish) we will explore the good ‘ol RED WHITE AND GAY- themes of America’s Past, Present and Future and we’ve got so many wonderful contestants that are gonna battle it out to snag trophies and fame! 
Our judges are the incomparable @chitahdk , @prayforhentaii and @bambiboomboomleroque! 
@prayforhentaii will be donating tips from her performance to Planned Parenthood and thanks to the wonderful efforts of my cohost @tasha.f.k WE WILL HAVE VOTER REGISTRATION AVAILABLE AT THE EVENT. 
Turning looks and serving American tea will be an absolute pleasure with you all this evening!
🎶 “I’m not the boy I used to be, I’m here I’m #queer get used to me....” 🎶 
Got caught in my natural habitat at the last “Get Schooled Tuesday’s” at @stonewallsmtx because....IT’S MOVING TO THURSDAYS. 
On a serious note, It’s just a two day difference but I started coming at a really pivotal moment three years ago. So many people have come and gone on their own paths since then and there was another “generation” before me that have served as placeholders of personality before I ever showed up. 
I’d like to think that I’ve contributed to the atmosphere and that special place that occupies a place’s memory. Either way this is just another new chapter with a revolving cast of awesome people. 📷 by @camillerinkphoto #Pride #gay
Last week I had the honor of being recognized for the Association of Hispanic Journalists at Texas State- but more importantly I had the opportunity to thank the most influential professors of my college career.  They were all gathered to support us students right before we walk across the stage today and have served as  an endless point of inspiration, guidance, and selflessness throughout this entire process. Thank you to each and every teacher, mentor, and friend that I’ve made through this journey- and Thank you Texas State- for making it feel great to be a Bobcat 😸
You CAN sit with us 💋
I told y’all Violent Femme was fun! Now I have pics by @eliowinter to prove it 📷💕 Getting to see these beauties perform 💃 and hanging out with them afterwards felt like a wish come true. It was amazing to be around so many LEGENDS and I can’t wait to see how our paths continue to unfold 🏞🌠🌟 ✨