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Grilli family 🌹 #partytime #excellent #christmastastingafterworks
New week, who dis? 
Photoshoot day⚡️⚡️⚡️
This lovely director of a man is also part of our pack now. Talented, charming, and a one-of-a-kind people person. We share a history so we know what we are talking about when we say: can’t wait for the next job together, it will be legendary. (PS. Since this picture he has shaved his head. This needed to be mentioned.) @jappisavolainen ❤️
Happy International Men’s day to all you lovely gents out there - keep pushing! 
Director: Olli Rönkä
Dop: Kjell Lagerroos
Producer: Hanna Tuovio / Grillifilms
Creatives: Jan Sederlöf, Hermanni Kanerva / Bob the Robot
Production design: Markus Packalén
Editor: Timo Halonen
Sound design: Tube / Humina
Remember that underneath the grey hood of November lies this beautiful world of colour. Sun, see you in a few months ❤️ #nature #finland #beauty #location #colour #seashore
This beautiful shot was taken by our trainee @vitalypetuhov
Ihana aamu hässäkkä ❤️
#settielämää #filmmaking
F O G #crew #location #finland #nature
It’s a wrap
Ready for work, thanks to Jani! #walkietalkies in brand new cases! #serviceproduction #toserviceandbeyond #filmmaking
Recce. Imagination starts running wild in here. 
#recce #location
Who ever did this thank you for scaring me and Hanna to the very core. I personally suspect Olli Rönkä. -Ronja 👠