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Dreaming of summer on this snowy day! Can't wait to kick everything back into gear!
Year round farming = real community food security 

Happy trails Susan! Thanks for almost two years of being a true ally to our AmeriCorps volunteers, the "shining star" of West Virginia AmeriCorps administrators, and a total joy to have on our team. We wish you the best in your next endeavors -- don't forget to visit!
We're looking to bring a few passionate folks on board to help us fulfill our mission of building thriving communities through local food! Visit us at growov.org to see listings and job descriptions!
Having loads of fun at Harvest Festival day 1!! 🎃🌽🍂
Readying for a rainy Harvest Fest. Don’t forget to carpool (mud-free parking is quite limited)
🎃 The pumpkins are ready for you! 🎃 *Also! Reminder to CARPOOL to the Harvest Festival tomorrow*
Let’s keep everyone mud-free and safe!
Hay playground, ready for the Harvest Fest this weekend! 
We’re prepping for the rain by cozying up the fest around the fire and the barns. No hayride, no ponies (blame the weather!), bring a poncho, and PLEASE CARPOOL! 
See you soon!
That’s our @hannahedrick, winner of the statewide transformational service award in Charleston! #volunteerwv #teachfarming
The time is here! Harvest CSA starts TODAY! Pick up at our office between 11am-6pm! 
If you haven't had a chance to sign up, don't worry! You can go to growov.org and join for the remaining 9 weeks at a reduced rate!
Greenhouses planted, plants established and ready for Wheeling winter. #winterfarming #organic #foodsecurity
Our Sarah Morgan delivering an address at the annual AmeriCorps Swearing-in Ceremony!