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It’s our roots, it’s our beginning and it’s our future.
There are less than 24 hours until the launch of the new Legacy collection on Monday 10th December at 7pm GMT.
It's important not to forget where you started - tap the link in our bio to go behind the design of the Legacy collection.
📸: @obi_vincent + @stevecook
The climb might be hard... but the view is worth it 💪
📹: @demibagby
A Legacy is built. 
The Gymshark classic you’ll live in, and lift in.
The new Legacy collection launches in 3 days on Monday 10th December at 7pm GMT. 
Take a peep over on our Pinterest (Gymshark) to see the entire collection – link in bio.
📸: @davidlaid
Settle for nothing less than Flawless ✨
Featuring contouring patterns and enhanced breathability, the Flawless Knit collection puts performance first. 
Tap the link in our bio to shop the collection - available in four must-have colours.
📸: @paulakraemer + @byevelina_
What will you leave behind? 
Build your Legacy with the new Legacy collection.
Dropping Monday 10th December at 7pm GMT. 
Tap the link in our bio to find out more.
📹: @davidlaid, @lex_fitness, @yuckylavado + @mattogus
🔊: @thedorianyates
Do something today that your future self will thank you for 💪
@Gymsharktrain has all the workout inspiration and motivation you need - leave those excuses behind.
📹: @cbum
Build your Legacy. 
Watch the full video on the 5th December at 7pm GMT.
Beast mode 💪
Workin' through a big Sunday session with @stevencao_, @zacperna and @uzoma_obilor.
Are you resting or smashing out a session today?
Come together 💪
The whole squad is ready to smash a weekend workout. 
Give a shoutout to your crew.
📸: @juliusise, @byevelina_, @paulakraemer + @stevekrisofficial 
When you want to give up... that's when you should keep going 💪
Rowin' into the weekend with @zacperna. 
Are you on a Push or Pull session today?
Two visionaries are better than one 💪
Throwin' it back to Gymshark Melbourne, our first Australian pop-up.
Where do you want the FAM to head next? Let us know below... 👇
Who'd win in an arm wrestle - @stevecook or @davidlaid? 💪