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She made them One of A Kind - for she hoped that they would encounter - The One. ❤️ from 🇸🇬to anywhere YOU are. Your Sisters, @hadassahlau @talithalau


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Been working and building on a collection since coming back from singapore that I am so excited to show you soon 💓
When will I ever get married, have a kid, get a promotion, move out, move back, kick that habit, learn that new thing, change, be...? //In Good Time// my dear, I’m good time he said. Trust in ME with ALL your heart instead of relying on your own understanding. In everything, recognize that I AM .... I AM your ——- and I will make your paths straight and smooth and remove those obstacles that block your way. ❤️#proverbs356
Just landed in Singapore safely and all your orders will be packed and ready to go on Tuesday dears! Almost all the earrings and necklaces have sold and we are really just floored by your support and thankful for you! ❤️ Happy Sunday and May things //Sway Your Way// today! :) 😘
Thank you all for your encouraging words for this collection, and especially encouraging purchases ! Nothing is more of a blessing to an artist than when the art is actually brought home to someone! This collection I really took the time to intricately weave the statement earrings and abstractly put them together, side by side. I’m so happy you loved them! //Soothing Sounds//
You guys are our dreamsong! Thank you for being patient with the delay in the launch today and for sticking with the page! 🙏🏻❤️ Can’t believe this gorgeous // DreamSong// is still available! 😍
And when I hit a win, I knew that it was not luck, but your favour . ❤️🙏🏻 // Your Favour// 2nd Feb 10pm
I know you. I heard you the first time you called my name. From then on, you were saved in my dropbox forever - never to be deleted. ❤️ // Saved Forever//
Your hellos have been a sweet sound to my ears, I’m delighted when we meet! //Delighted When We Meet// ❤️🎀 2 feb 10pm
Completely in love with these new Teapot Multiway Tassel Necklaces!!! Secretly hoping one of them doesn’t sell so that I can keep one since there are only 6 in total! ❤️ check out Insta Stories for the other designs and how to wear these ! Will be uploading more sneaks there too! (2nd Feb 10pm) is #comingsoon !!! 😱🎊
Out of the overflow of your heart, you will be able to love, because I have first loved you. // Overflow Love // ❤️ 2nd Feb 10pm
//Coming Through// Steady your heart’s horses. I hold the reins. I’m coming through. #statementearrings  2feb10pm
Pour your sorrows out to me and watch me pour out all my Joy into and into you. // All Poured Out // 2nd Feb 10pm ❤️ #statementnecklace