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She made them One of A Kind - for she hoped that they would encounter - The One. ❤️ from 🇸🇬to anywhere YOU are. Your Sisters, @hadassahlau @talithalau


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Wearing @hlee223 ‘s gorgeous piece that she made at the workshop yesterday cause to show it off on my white top! 😃 Everyone was so creative in their own way and made beautiful necklaces. So proud of them! 💪🏻❤️🙌🏻👏🏻
It was SO nice to hang out with these fun Ladies yesterday! One of the things I miss most about being in NYC is being able to meet our Hadasity Darlings as often as I did when you guys would come over to hang out at my house for tea and jewelry. ❤️Thank you for being with us yesterday girls! 💋 and thank you @shopwonderlandsg  @kellyhosanna and @smallgiantmel for having us. Always blessed that you paved the way for this to happen! 🙏🏻
Just landed in Singapore today and all your orders have mailed out tonight as well! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you dearies for always encouraging and blessing us with each and every one of your purchases. May the pieces and words both rest on your hearts in a very special way. 💋❤️🌟
When you live but like in a dream state manner, and deception clouds the light. When that last petal fell but you knew love right then, and it broke the darkness over your kingdom. When there’s beauty and there’s beast, there’s love. // A heart that beats//
Just one more day till I fly to Singapore and one more week till the #hadasityworkshop! Check out Insta Stories to get a preview of the brooches you’ll be able to choose from! And also, I can’t believe this cuff is still available! :) // Silver Lining// #statementcuff ❤️
Adding plenty of sneaks to tonight’s collection in insta stories! We have soooo many new necklaces this month we can’t wait to show them all to you tonight ! ❤️
It seemed so far away but we are here. Our biggest collection of the year, launching tonight 10pm. (1.12.17) Every single piece in this collection is the one and only. May this collection speak to you, and may the one that calls your name, be with you. ❤️ // Be With You// #statementnecklace
Aloha. The sand, the sea. The Waves upon Waves upon Waves - reminded her of the Grace upon Grace she’d received. // Grace Upon Grace// #statementnecklace (1.12.17)
Love like a lion - Be Brave On Sight, from fight to flight. //Love Is The Key// #classiccuff (1.12.17)
And from the ones I danced with that night, while painting in the sunset of water colour. ❤️ I love these. ( 1.12.17 10pm) #statementnecklace
Those flowers, she said. Don’t just wear them for the night, wear them for the day. Don’t be afraid to allow them to grow over the fences, or overcome your boundaries with beauty. Don’t just take them out for your special “I Do”, but lay them down even when you feel that “I Don’t”. Those flowers .... Did you see them? // Those Flowers// #statementnecklace (1.12.17)
There was once a Blue Donkey that just felt out of place. She didn’t look like any of the other donkeys and she had silver Hair that would reflect sunbeams and absorb moonbeams. Although her mother always saw it as a blessing -because she didn’t fit into their mental boxes of normal- others saw it as a curse. It was only till one stormy night, she saw a light come down from heaven that everything changed for her. The light striked love bolts down her spine and handprints appeared on her body. A voice accompanied these signs saying, “My Child, these are my //My Handprints, On You// ✋🏻❤️” #youarebeautifullyandwonderfullymade #iloveyou #statementnecklace (1.12.17)