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Every single piece, Hand-wired by us sisters @hadassahlau + talithalau, for you ❤ 🇸🇬 {John 3:16}


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Your smile glows with wonder, and I think, penny for your thoughts? You Reflect Me, my dear ❤️// You Reflect Me // #statementnecklace #hadasitysep17
Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on, everyone needs someone to rely on ❤️ //Reliable Shoulder// #baublecuff #hadasitysep17 #prisonersofhope
Born Again, rebirth, second child. I can't quite think of the right name for it but it feels almost like a resurrection (but made brand new). That's how I feel about Hadasity this year 2017 and with this new collection. A brand new start. There's time again for walking down the streets alone, time to experiment, mental and creative space. Time to wander and time to wonder. Time to realize there is too little of it to let the wrong voices stop you from trusting and believing- in yourself, in others, in the world, in God. Time to heal and time to be loved and love as you are - #hadasitysep17 #prisonersofhope
My daughter, I'm speaking, can you hear my gentle voice in your heart? // Open Hearts // #statementearrings #hadasitysep17
// Get Back Up Again// 💪🏻🙌🏻from the #prisonersofhope #baublecuffs Series that I love!❤️❤️❤️ #hadasitysep17
Kept this pair for my collection but can't wait to show you all the rest of the new #statementearrings 😍😍😍 One Pair, different sides 😱😃. Have worn these so many times already! Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday! ❤️❤️❤️ #hadasitysep17
Prisoners of Hope ❤️ #baublecuff #newcollection #hadasitysep17
Went on a lunch date today and kept this one ❤️ Working on a whole new #baublecuff collection that I love! They create such a statement but yet are so light, comfortable and affordable 😆 (It Rhymes! ) #newcollection #hadasitysep17
LOVE this piece I just made for @j.oeyng 'wedding. She wanted something to match her blush pink dress, that she could wear after the wedding, and didn't mind chains, fabric, and mixed silver/gold wire. She chose this brooch awhile back and I'm so happy that it all came together . Thank you for letting me do this for you dear! ❤️❤️❤️(see insta stories for the work in progress pics of how I made this piece. ) #customhadasity #statementnecklace
//New Every Morning// the Steadfast love, it never ends ❤️ #statementearrings #shopnow
Bones of where ribbons take me, needle to thread she comes together, one vulnerable moment at a time. // #statementnecklace #workinprogress
More than the air I breathe, //More than a song // I sing, more than anything, I need you more ❤️ #statementearrings #ineedyoumore #bethelmusic