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Haley Rutherford | Nashville, TN
Graphic Designer • Illustrator • Music Lover
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Feeling Gooooood 💙🎧🎸
Lyric art for "One Good Reason" by @hunterhayes 💜🌌 Love this song!
This song is on 🔥 right now!! #Senorita by @shawnmendes & @camila_cabello 💃🌹
WORD 🙏🏻💚🧡💖 Quote via @3rdeye_chakra
This song is sick!! LYING by @prettymuch feat. @liltjay 💖🍉💚 I'm getting neon watermelon vibes from this 💖🍉💚
Sing like nobody is watching!🎙🎶🎤 Hand drawn with various colored ballpoint pens and white gel pen on chipboard ✍
Cosmic Love by @jadenovah is a great song! 🌌🖤
Yep, just some casual @sarabareilles #AmidstTheChaos album tattoos (fake of course, but still pretty cool) 🖤✍ Brought to you by Photoshop 😎
Golden Hour 🌙🌅💛
Bubba Squirrel 🐿 Here's the epic story behind this one... A friend at my work has what we like to call squirrel moments. You know when you're about to do something important and then... SQUIRREL! you get distracted onto something else 😯

Well this person also had a little bit of an allergic reaction to some shrimp/shellfish a few weeks ago and ended up with a pretty fat bottom lip. It didn't take long before the nickname Bubba Squirrel was born!

I couldn't resist so I made this little squirrel logo with some hand lettering and a few color variations for a vintage sticker design. Swipe to check it all out! 🐿
Here's a little sketch I created for the song BOUNCE BACK by @littlemix 🖤✍
❤ I will forgive, but it's harder to forget 💙 This was drawn in red & blue ballpoint pen on cardstock paper and then I cut it out like a sticker. Growing up I loved to draw and letters were definitely a favorite. I remember being in 3rd grade art class and we were learning how to draw 3D letters. I realized I already knew how. I don't recall anyone ever teaching me so I must have seen it on TV or in a magazine and practiced drawing the style. Somewhere in storage I still have some of my elementary school nametags I lettered (and heavily decorated 😉🖍) Guess I've always loved handlettering. If you see me sketching it's probably of phrases, words, lyrics, quotes...✍