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Here's my #LM5 album tracklist poster... in full color!! My favorite track, as far as how I illustrated it, has to be "Monster In Me" but I also like the way "Woman Like Me", "Told You So" and "Wasabi" turned out!

It would be soo awesome if @littlemix could see this. I see a lot of fans draw them & their outfits (and they are fantastic 😍), but not many posters with their album track names. Help me tag them below if you think they would like this poster! 💖👑
Here it is!! My LM5 album tracklist poster 🖤🎤 Featuring hand lettered tracks from the deluxe edition of the new @littlemix album. Originally illustrated in blue ballpoint pen 🖊💙 Pretty cool that this happens to be the 5th tracklist poster I've created. Goes along nicely with the #LM5 theme. Swipe to see details in both b&w and blue ➡️ Full color version coming soon!!
LM5 is such a great album! Congrats to @littlemix on their 2 #Brits nominations. They are the only women nominated in the Best British Group category 💖 💅🏻👑 and I want them to win sooo bad!! Plus, stay tuned to my next post for a #LittleMix surprise 🖋🖤🎤
#Caturday 🐱💕🐾
I tested out the Marvy art director pens and they were awesome! This sketch is inspired by a dress design created by @valdrinsahitiofficial only I modified the colors to one of my favorite gradients 💖💜💙 If you love detail, sparkles, outstanding fashion check out his page. The dresses are amazing!

I also had a little fun with different layouts. The pattern at the end is my favorite. Swipe to check it out! 💖💜💙
We're in the process of cleaning out our office space at work.

There was stuff in the storage room cabinets dating back to the 1980s! We don't have much storage in the new building so if it didn't have an ID code or tag on it we were told to toss it 😲 These were just 2 of the gems I found: A barely used Talens/Rembrandt soft pastel set of 60 colors 😍 (a new set costs $100 in store) and a Marvy art director pen (marker) set of 60 colors - only two were missing 😱 I could only find this pen set for sale on a Portuguese and also a Japanese website. Even when it was translated I still couldn't find out the year it was from.

The soft pastels were made in Holland and the original color guide inside the box is still in tact and says it was printed February 14th, 1988.

The Marvy marker set is in a tin box that features the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh titled "Les Alyscamps" which was originally painted in 1888 in Arles, France.

I can't believe I found these and also that they let me have them. So cool! 🤗
This is my last drawing for 2018! I handlettered 50 of my top played songs in 2018 according to @spotify 🖤 This was all drawn with a @paper_mate ballpoint pen on cardboard 🖋

I have tagged a few of the artists, but if you want to listen to the full playlist (of 100 songs) click on the #Spotify link in my bio 🖤

My #TopNine2018 🎉Thanks for all the support! I have one more surprise to end the year! Stay tuned for my next post later today 👀✏
My favorite albums of 2018:
🖤 Dan + Shay by @danandshay
🖤 Apollo by @theshadowboxers
🖤 LM5 by @littlemix
🖤 Youngblood by @5sos
🖤 Sweetener by @arianagrande
Get your cray•on 😜🤘🖍
Have a holly jolly Christmas 🎄❤