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Swap meet adventures were cut short thanks to an annoying migraine but the Halloween Gods were on my side in the nick of time. 🖤🧡The loot: this ghosty jack hallowTEApot, 2 votive holders and of course I couldn’t leave without the bucket I shared in my previous post.  The best part? The grand total was only $4!  Swipe if you wanna see the votive holders 🕯 👻🎃
Let the swap meet adventures begin.
Flashing back to a rare chilly middle of the week date night with @creepy_garden yesterday. 🖤 I’m usually self-conscious about any kind of hat but with this beret from @emandsprout - I felt like a Halloween fashionista. 🎃 💃🏼
It’s Valentine’s Day insanity at work but I’m over here like... 🎃🖤
I am loving this rain!  Besides giving me all the feels, I get to wear some of my favorite winter accessories - have to enjoy it while it lasts. 🌧 
PS Thank you @norwegianhalloween for the beanie!  My hair especially thanks you.🖤🎃
I’ve been hoarding this ‘BOOtiful Night’ collection from @americancrafts for quite some time and now that I started memory keeping again I finally have a place to actually use it. 🖤 Last night I started working on my 2018 album and sigh, take me back to the pumpkin patch please! 🎃👻
Besides dealing with 🤮, little by little I've been decluttering & rearranging our haunted apartment.  I’ve got this spooky vision of a Halloween garden brewing in my head that I cannot wait to bring to life! 🍃🎃
…And the witch is IN. 🎃 
BLAGH, I had my ass handed to me yet again by another round of CVS 🤮but last week I *finally* found a GI doctor that’s going to help me manage this.  For once, I feel like there is hope to getting back my life back on track.  Last time I spoke about this on here SO MANY of you reached out to me with similar experiences.  I highly suggest you check out cvsaonline.org for information in your area.  You can email them and they’ll send you a list of GI doctors who know about CVS and will help. 🖤
I looooove Halloween ephemera. 👻 I had ephemera bundles scattered ALL over the place so I finally sat down and sorted through it all - which I not only find to be therapeutic, but inspiring! 🎃 One thing I want to focus on this year is memory keeping and I was wondering... Do any of you dabble in Project Life or pocket journaling? 📸 🖤
Yes, it’s Monday and I totally did a Lydia Deetz dance on the way in to work this morning.  We've been eyeball deep in Halloween projects - and today it's officially done and my part is in the books.  Yes, my head sprouted all the grey hairs 👵🏻 but this was the biggest project I've pulled off & it feels good walking in knowing I not only delivered, but KILLED it.  So happy to have this accomplishment at work, but more happy to get my life back!  So yeah... HIYEEEE! 🎃👋
🎃 Current Friday feels! 🎃 
Work has been I.N.S.A.N.E. this week - One of the things I do at my job is help develop new items & after years of nagging, my job is FINALLY getting in the spooky spirit with a Halloween line. 👻 New items require a lot of my work on my end so this week has been been uh... intense.  I am SO READY to relax, enjoy the rain and catch up on IG this weekend. 🌧 🥰 Happy Friday, ghouls!! #fbf
Sigh, fighting the urge to stay home today. 🖤🔮