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Finally, ice cream for just 280-360 calories per PINT that actually tastes great! #halotop


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The aftermath of the caraMEL vs CARmul debate.
Cinnamon Roll insisted we get its “good side”.
So this is how coconut got toasted.
No one said anything about getting our pints out of the clouds.
High fashion is really getting out of control.
Ready to make your friends jelly? In the spirit of #NationalIceCreamDay, we're giving you a chance for an exclusive sneak peek to try our Gold Edition Peanut Butter & Jelly, which we are releasing for a very limited time only in August (more details to come soon...). LIKE this post and tag 3 friends to enter all of you for a chance to win 5 Peanut Butter & Jelly pints + a limited edition PB&J shirt shipped to your door! 100 Winners will be announced on 7/20. US only. Congratulations to our winners and their pals: @lmiller7576
Thank you everyone for participating! 🤗
We actually can’t get up. A little help please?
Instead of telling you what time it is, we’re going to let this picture do all of our talking. And while we’re “not telling” you, we’re going to let you do some assuming about an upcoming giveaway. We’ll leave it at this: stay tuned and don’t miss out 😉
@tditty2 doing her best impression of the pint tower.
An X-ray of our brain revealed we only think about ice cream.
Our new modern art installation is open to interpretation.
Living in a fantasy world where today isn’t a work day, so please don’t burst our bubble.