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Finally, low-calorie ice cream (280-360 calories per PINT) that actually tastes great! Halo Top is high-protein and low-sugar!


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Peanut Butter Cup won窶冲 stop talking about that one time it did something.
Does it count as a third cup of coffee if it窶冱 in a pint?
This spoon is really into PDA.
We call this pose "upward pint"
WebMD told us we should probably get this hand thing checked out. We'll get around to it.
In case you were wondering, some assembly required.
When words just won窶冲 suffice.
You may not be able to choose between pancakes and waffles, but you know where you stand on mimosas.
Is it just us or has this pint been hitting the gym?
沒ク: @hungrygirl325
Looks like someone stole these pints窶 ride.
沒ク: @wedoweekends
This is your brain on ice cream (accepting all tips on how to clean marble btw).
Big spoon, little spoon, or solo spoon? Who cares窶背e just need an actual spoon before this melts! Celebrate this #Vday with a free pint and free delivery by using code PINTMATES from @Postmates Fresh.
Open the Fresh Collection in the @Postmates app for a free Halo Top pint and free delivery (SF, LA, NYC only)!