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Founder of BURST Oral Care. Helping dental hygienists have a voice in the world of oral care


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The BURST toothbrush is taking over the town. This is our latest sample of our rose gold brush which will be coming to the market in a few months. If you are a dental professional and are interested in joining the team as an ambassador ( you can make over $10k a year easily ) then reach out and I’ll help you get your own brush to try #burstoralcare
Ladies and gentlemen... introducing to you, the BURST brush #worldclass
Flossing ain’t my game! #brushburst
Anyone spot a little BURST logo? #burstambassador
Are you ready for BURSTcon? @brittany_burst is... #oralhealth
Personal service from the team at BURST. #brushburst
Behind the scenes footage of our latest campaign!! Wahoo #brushburst
Our main man Elijah Desmond of Smiles at Sea repping his BURST T-Shirt proudly #brushburst
Another happy BURST Professional. Who else wants to join us on this journey ? #brushburst
The worlds best brush ! #rdhuor
Rose gold toothbrush anyone ? #burstoralcare
Quick break from the world of toothbrushes but don't worry ... plaque never sleeps and neither do I #burstoralcare