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Last Fortnite video I swear! 😂 #Fortnite #dhGames
Some crazy air combat in #Fortnite! 😂 I managed to take down one plane lol #dhGames
How can you not love #Fortnite?! Some crazy shit I did just now. 😂 Nasib kau aku habis ammo lol #dhGames
I expected much from the trailer but this movie is so underwhelming! I fell asleep a couple of times. lol Lack of character development and poor storytelling.

Verdict: 6/10

#dhMovies #MortalEngines
Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse is just so PERFECT. The story, the animation, the music, the homage to Raimi's Spider-Man. I laughed so hard, and I cried (Stan's cameo 😭). I really think Sony should make more of these Spider-Man animated movies and just let @marvelstudios handle the live-action version. And one more thing, do stay til the very end. 😉

Verdict: 10/10

#dhMovies #dhToys #SpiderMan #SpidermanIntoTheSpiderVerse
My 2018 in gaming, one taught me love (Spider-Man), one taught me patience (Celeste), one taught me pain (RDR2). I am all ready for 2019. Thank U, next! 🎮 #dhGames #Celeste #SpiderMan #RDR2
If you are suffering from anxiety and depression, the mind can be a dark and brutal place. Celeste is an amazing game so far, it is freaking HARD, but AMAZING. The main character Madeline is suffering from anxiety disorder and depression, every obstacle and every struggle in the game is a manifestation of her mind as she tries to climb on top of Celeste Mountain. For the first time ever I can personally relate to a video game character. A game that truly deserve 10/10. #dhGames #Celeste #Masocore #NintendoSwitch
So it's been a year huh? But the pain still feels like yesterday. #Alfatihah
📷: @runfararun (Marah karang si @khaliq_idris inda kana credit. 😂)