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Disebalik tabir raya pertama. Ngalih ku.
Raya pertama sudah sawan. #ninibagibanyakminumoren
Syawal yang pertama. #cousins
Laman Seni 7
Movie marathon. ✔️ .
The Incredibles 2: It was INCREDIBLE! The sequel we all deserve. Baby Jack Jack steals every scene in the movie! 😂

Verdict: 9/10

Ocean's Eight: I am a HUGE FAN of the original trilogy (and every other heist movie). Watched it hundreds of times lol Eight was fun and fresh, although it lacks the suspense of the previous ones. Some familiar face from the original movie made a cameo in this one! I totally did not expect that lol .
Verdict: 8/10

#dhMovies #TheIncredibles #TheIncredibles2 #OceansEight #Oceans8
The worst type of laugh: Laughing without noise coming out and you sit there clapping like a retarded seal. 😂
Beach you're beautiful. 🏖️
Caesar is home. 🐒 #apestogetherstrong #planetoftheapes
Cave dweller for a day. #batucaves
Triple surprise attack! 🎉 Well played @khaliq_idris @aqiel_maidin 😂
THEY'RE THE BEST! ❤️ #dhVids #dh_Vlog
Selama ku hidup inda pernah orang panggil aku "Hidayat". Kurang asam but thanks @khaliq_idris 😒 HAHAH! 😂