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16-year-old public speaker 📢
animal rights🐮
climate justice 🌎
plastic pollution🥤
youth empowerment👊
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Thank you so much Desana Middle School for being so welcoming and letting me speak to all of the students (around 1,000 of them!!)🤯 I spoke in front of some of their teachers over the summer and they were so inspired and eager to incorporate it into the school💗So their theme this year is, “The impact of many is greater than one” and they are all wearing matching shirts with their theme on it. Can’t wait to see what Desana does this year to make a change 🌟
I’m honored to be a co-chair with @johnrseydel in partnership with Chattahoochee Riverkeeper @crkeeper 🌊to organizing the first-ever Water Warriors Summit to pledge our commitment to the next generation of river stewards 🔱 
All high school, college and university age students, as well as recent graduates and young professionals are invited to share, learn and activate around environmental stewardship and protection with a particular focus on water resources💧and plastic pollution🥤in the Chattahoochee River basin.

Summit programs will include water science, advocacy, arts, and media. Program presenters will include youth leaders (including me ☺️), young professionals, and environmental science and protection professionals.

You can find out more information about the 2 day conference and how to register at https://chattahoochee.org/waterwarriors/ 
Hope to see you all there!
It blows my mind that I have been #vegan for over a year 🌱😲WHAAAt

This journey of love and compassion has been able to connect me with myself, the animals I love, and so many new friends I get to call my family💗

I am so glad to be a part of this movement and educate others about it too. If you have ANY questions, please feel free to ask away because I would love to answer them ⤵️
This Moana is headed back home from her adventures in London 🇬🇧
Today, around 75 activists came together in London to protest the captivity of the orca whale, Lolita, in Oxford St, Regent St, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus 💥📢 There were over 17 marches to free Lolita all over the world, and this one in London really caught the attention of everyone. 
This is not entertainment, it’s enslavement, stop the demand for animal exploitation. Miami Seaquarium, it’s time to set her free 💙
I had the best time working with @lush 🧼🛁 and getting to see how they make all of their products and see how sustainable they are 🍃 
The have a whole center where they recycle their containers, bottle caps, and the molds they use for their products♻️They have a whole line of “naked” products that don’t have any plastic packaging, and provide reusable container to put them in🚫🧴 I learned so much about the products and all the details they put into everything, like the detergents used for the towels in their spas🧺and making sure all their ingredients are fresh and sustainable 🌍🌱 The people we met were so welcoming and kind 🥰 Thank you @lush_jonnie for being so incredible and making us feel a part of the Lush family.
We took a day trip to the Retreat Animal Rescue and I fell in love with the animals, the atmosphere, and the people 💗

These animals, these lucky few, were taken from all over and include all kinds of animals from all situations, tormented, abused, sick, injured and unwanted

Many of these animals barely avoided slaughterhouses. I sat on the grounded and cuddled a chicken, and it broke my heart 💔that people don’t connect these loving creatures to the food on their plates🐔🍽
#This calf is 3 weeks old 🐮 He was planned to be shot and killed because he is a male calf and serves no purpose to dairy farms, but the Retreat Animal sanctuary took him into their loving hands 🤲💞 I fell in love with him the minute I saw him. 
Filming has come to a close with @milliondollarvegan but I’ve had the best time exploring the city and getting to know the other kids and crew. Thank you @earthlinged for sitting and talking with us and being such a huge inspiration. @joey_carbstrong for doing such great work and stopping by to see us at the studio. These kids are all so incredible and continue to inspire me.
I’ve been having the best time with my Animal Hero Kids family in London. Eating marmalade (which was disgusting), running into bikes in the street, eating a TOOON of food, talking to a creepy dude on the street, and getting locked out of our hotel room making videos in the lobby.
In the store Sugarboo, they have a bowl full of different quotes. Before my trip to Vancouver I read through them and whoever came to mind, I gifted that quote to them. Danni immediately came to mind for this quote. She has been my mentor, my friend, my rock, my soul sister. Thank you for all that you do for me @danniwashington 
I also gave quotes to @erinschrode @kidsspeakforparks and @sasha.hussain Thank you all for being so meaningful to me and helping me shape into the person I am today
Since I’m in London for @milliondollarvegan I got to surprise my grandparents with a visit 🇬🇧
We are both so excited to be working with @milliondollarvegan and getting to be with our @animalherokids family 🌱💗 “Where are we going?” You might ask. 
You’ll find out soon 😏
#milliondollarvegan #wherearethetestasnow?