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Yay cut creases! I used the @morphebrushes @jaclynhill palette for this look.
Another shot of the purple cut crease from the last post. Using the @morphebrushes 35P palette and @annytude lashes in " dainty".
Unedited so you can see everything wrong with my eye look 🙃  lemme know if y'all want the details
Trying to makeup up for lost posts. Haven't posted in forever. I'm losing motivation to put up more content because I feel like my Instagram isn't going anywhere. It's very disheartening. I still do makeup and take pictures, I just feel like nothing will happen if I post them. But anyways. Here's a look I created with the @jaclynhill @morphebrushes palette. It's such a beautiful palette.
Hey what's up hello
Had a personal crisis and wasn't able to wear makeup for a bit, but I finally was able to create a look with the @morphebrushes @jaclynhill  palette and I am so in love. Oh my goodness.
Guess who finally got ahold of the @morphebrushes @jaclynhill  palette! I did! I'm so excited to play with this.
I edited this photo out in the sun where I could barely see my phone. So my editing quality is probably about a 3/10. Maybe. Either way though. I created this look using the ever so beautiful @morphebrushes 35C palette.
Totally diggin my new nails 😎
Guys, there's no edit on this photo. Look how flawless the @dermacol foundation makes my skin look. Oh my goodness. I wish this shade was light enough for my skin when I dont self tan :/
Lip combo using the @katvondbeauty liquid lipstick in Echo as a base with a shadow from the @morphebrushes 35B palette on top.
Oof look at those colors. Gah damn.