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The packaging is beautiful! I'm obsessed @haskhairph 💗💗💗
To my source of inspiration, my joker for the corniest "dad" jokes ever, my OG artist, my "banker"/accountant hehe (for spoiling me), my daddy-ger, my mentor, my "dadudes" and my super dad. I appreciate everything..since the time you taught me how to walk for the first time until today that you still continue to teach me important life lessons. I may be a young adult now and a fresh graduate from college but I will always be your little girl. I may not say it often but I want to let you know that I love you. Watching @selectaphilippines 's Father's Day video: http://bit.ly/ILY-ALL really reflects our dad-daughter relationship. I love you and Happy Father's Day daddy 💗💗💗#SarapMagbonding
You know how irritating it is to have dry hair?? I experience that a lot! @haskhairph Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner is sulfate free. These products does not strip away natural oils from your scalp and hair. It is also great for colored hair. I personally enjoy its citrusy smell while having smooth and healthy hair after every use. I don't need to worry since I naturally have oily hair and it is very helpful because I style my hair frequently for events. Try and enjoy its benefits too 💗
#haskhairph #colortreatedhairwithArganoil #Sulfatefree
All for Him 💗☝🏻
I wanted to wear something elegant and memorable for my graduation. Thank you @sndrodelapena for making the vision possible! Exquisite piece of work! 💗
It was all worth it in the end. To God be the glory! It's not farewell, it's see you later UST! Salamat sa 9 years (HS-College) I love you 3000!
BATCH 2019 
📸 @jpdacanay #buhayustarki
Ripples on concrete
Di po ako nagnanakaw...namimili po ako 😆
Sausages made from different types of fish and their eggs. It tastes really good.
Having to go to events and other gatherings, I make sure to always look my best. I learned that making an effort to fix myself is a sign of respect. That's why I invest on anything that helps me look and feel my best every day. I got to try the Essential Starter Kit by @derm.ingsolutions and it works wonders. .
In the kit we have: ⚜️ Daily Facial Foam Cleanser - great to use for removing excess makeup on your face.
⚜️Facial Biotreatment Essence - I have never tried an Essence before but I found that this product helps remove dead skin cells on the face. I suggest using this before applying makeup so that you would have a smooth base. ⚜️Sunblock with Cell Renewal - Constant exposure to UV rays damages our skin. This lightweight sunblock and day cream will help prevent that from happening. I suggest applying this before make up too. Btw, it is also moisturizing.
⚜️ Purifying Complex - This is a moisturizing Night Cream that you can leave on throughout the night. It whitens, purifies and moisturizes skin.
⚜️ Moisturizing Facial Cream - A very versatile product and also my favorite item of this kit. I tried this before I went to sleep and also as a base before my makeup. So that answers how versatile it is, as both a night and day cream. My skin feels so soft and supple every use. Pinch me if you want haha. .
P.S. with the creams, don't forget to moisturize your neck too!
Overall, this is the most basic skin care line that you will ever need. You can also bring it anywhere because they are travel-size. Hope I gave you enough insights of this kit by @derm.ingsolutions 💗 #Derm.ing Solutions #rejuvenating, #skincareregimen #antiaging #glowing
There will always be things I cannot change. So, I decided to move on.
Last Night's gala: Arkiball 2019. My last ball as an Architecture student. Did you know my gown is a two piece set. I had the top for 2 years already and I just bought the skirt to complete the look. Top and skirt are beautiful pieces from @skycastleco 💗
📸 Inah Tausa 💗