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Double-majoring in social anxiety and procrastination with a minor in sleep deprivation


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There are two strangers in the only group picture we took during spring break but they were nice so it's cool I guess. @alexvan98 @Monda
Leftover breakfast cereal for lunch 🍍 she's broken but she's fun 🍍 my girl eats mayonnaise 🍍 from a jar while she's getting blazed
outfit rePeter
swipe left to see how ecstatic I am to hangout with Instagram aesthetics guru senpai expert @carolsuh . . . 📸PC: @gab_sutandar & @andyoh1998
Thank you @mellissashhh for being sad with me.
In case you haven't seen it on my other social media platforms: I picked up James in APO. now that you all know I can delete these pics it's great
If you didn't take pictures did you even eat?
we're just having fun
nothing worsens and nothing grows
don't get me wrong I wear sunglasses to hide from people not sunlight. wth I love sunlight
I got caught peeing at a corner