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Today was another day that I'm thankful for! 😭❀ So thankful for everything but especially thankful and grateful for I got to hear a snippet of Beautiful live once again! This time was a little bit longer than yesterday. My heart felt so full! 😭😍 In case you're wondering why I keep mentioning Beautiful, it's because I have never heard or saw fancams of Sweet Sorrow singing Beautiful. Beautiful and I Love You are my top two favourite songs from Sweet Sorrow 😊

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I don't want to get sappy for no reason. But today was a bliss with Sweet Sorrow ❀

So thankful for I got to hear a snippet of Beautiful live. Thank you for singing along the background song, Sweet Sorrow 😍😭 #μŠ€μœ—μ†Œλ‘œμš° #SweetSorrow #μΈν˜Έμ§„ #κΉ€μ˜μš° #μ†‘μš°μ§„
The only reason why I'm willing to go to South Korea in summer! 😍😭 #μŠ€μœ—μ†Œλ‘œμš° #SweetSorrow #μΈν˜Έμ§„ #κΉ€μ˜μš° #μ†‘μš°μ§„
May Allah ease 😊
Only read 2 stories out of 7. I'll read rest of them later, probably πŸ˜‰

Book 3 of X number of books.
Because I'm obsessed like that πŸ˜†
One of fairly new menu at Sopoong, I believe? So yummy! 😍 Nyum! πŸ˜‹ Nyum! πŸ˜‹
Book 2 of X number of books 😊
Chose this book to kickstart my reading spree 😊

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I have yet to reacclimatize with Malaysia weather and oh boy, did I sweat Niagara Falls walking around KL and this place πŸ˜‚
Finally dapat juga tangkap gambar KLCC waktu malam πŸ˜‚

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Not a big fan of concrete jungle πŸ˜…

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