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We're about to take the stage at @scootinn in celebration of earth day. Tune into @sunradiotx 100.1FM at 6pm to listen live!
We're so excited to be playing @hotluckfest supporting @robertellismusic at @whitehorseatx on Sat 5/20!! Tickets available now at www.hotluckfest.com
Come see us add "fleshed-out sound and wit" to a stacked bill tonight at @blackheartbar! We're on first at 10pm followed by @notinthefaceusa & @elsa_cross!!
We couldn't possibly be more stoked about this. Thanks for letting us help you celebrate 5 years, @blackheartbar!!!!
Our own @coryreinisch is back at it again tonight for his Monday night residency at @blackheartbar!! He and his occasional band of misfits make up the Flying Chimichanga Brothers and they'll be filling the 9-10pm slot every Monday night for the foreseeable future so you've got plenty of opportunities to check em out! We'll see ya out there. #flyingchimichangabrothers #coryreinisch #atxmusic #austin #raineystreet #atxfree
We've played a lot of shows this weekend but we're balancing it well. Also, our @annahfisette is cool af. #wizardry
We're up next on the @blackfret stage out here at #artcityaustin! Come on by! @pectx
Our very own @coryreinisch bringing the house down last night with his cover of "A Shot in the Arm" at the songwriter tribute to WILCO. Thanks to @gdub5000 for putting it together. Such a great night! 📹 by @jojolemon
Before Garner hangs up the guitar and begins his inevitable career in politics, we're gonna try and play as many shows with him as we can. We'll be at Stay Gold on Friday night. Right now, I can tell you his platform is Lone Stars and American Spirits, but he's still gathering his ideals. Come lobby your support. @staygoldaustin @garnersloan
Still got time dudes. We out here. @theabgb @boohermusic
The ABGB is owned and operated by some of the damn finest people in our town and we love the joint, their pizza, and their beers. Super stoked to be playing again with our homies in Booher! You guys get on out this Saturday and let's have us a good old time! @theabgb @boohermusic
Welp, that was fun. Thanks to everyone who came and watched a show with us this week. We had a great festival, heard some amazing music, made some new friends, and hope you did too. Now go take a nap you buncha overgrown children.