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|Contemporary Luxury Rugs|
|Finest Persian Classics & Antique Woven Art|
|Custom Bespoke Rugs| |Based in Singapore|


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Sari Silk Rugs! #newarrivals
A good brushing gives this old Qum, a new shine! Hassan’s Carpet Care Clinic #carpetcare
Dreams do come blue... 💙
We’re excited to be a part of @theapartmenttv show this season. Catch us TONIGHT on SONY CHANNEL at 9 PM. Don’t forget to tune in! 😊
Beautiful Persian Sirjan ♥️
It’s going to be a colorful Thursday 😍 Have a good day everyone ☀️
A closer look! Perfect for those who want to achieve a modern setting 😊 #hassanscarpets
JUST IN - Our new Fresco Collection in stores 😊 #modern #hassanscarpets
This vintage Persian Kashan lays regally in our customer’s California home 😍 #hassanscarpets
We can't help but get excited whenever a love and passion for carpets is translated into various art forms. Inspired by the complex artwork of master weavers, @jasonseife's creations reflect and pay homage to their practice. He brings to life the intricate patterns of Persian carpets with a mixture of acrylic and ink. His work was part of #NoCommission Berlin. For generations, Hassan's Carpets has shared in this vision of sharing the timeless beauty of carpets with our customers and the wider community.
Love the touches of dusty pink on this Persian beauty! 💞 #hassanscarpets
View from the top! 😍 One of our antique Pakistani piece laying in our customer’s home in Calgary 🇨🇦 #hassanscarpets