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|Based in Singapore, Tan Boon Liat Building|
|Offering you the finest classical & contemporary hand-knotted pieces|


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Every piece, a labour of love and precision handmade craftsmanship.
Only one way to turn a house into a Home. 
Swipe to see the transformation!
Story old as time...
Some say go loud or go home. We say go loud at home.
Our beautiful Afshan Shah Abbas piece welcoming the guests of Galle Face Hotel in Colombo 😍
Another couple embarking on a magic carpet ride... #farfraforever
Mesmerized 😍
An Indian contemporary silk pile on cotton piece, perfectly capturing Monday morning mania! 
Approx 3m by 2.4m
Send us a message for a custom-made design of your liking!
Tribal rug on a Jute under layer 😍 #mixandmatch #hassanscarpets
Probably not the best idea to have a timeless piece as a baby's play mat 🙈#hassanscarpets #mylittleAmir
Sometimes, all you have to do is look up, and you'll find all the inspiration you need.
Eid Mubarak to all our friends near and far!