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Another week to be extremely thankful of 🎇 Huge thanks to @nkhairworks for doing a great job in achieving the hair color I requested. I've always loved and want my hair to be in burgundy shade. So I think they did a great job. ❤🙇 I'm in love with my hair color now gosh
I've been trying to contain my excitement for a bunch of photos. Finally I can release them 🎊🎇💞
📷 : @mollyholo
[ BŁE$$EÐ ]
📷 : @janessatng 
Friday coming in less than 24hours 🎊
Part 4 Japan Vlog is released on @mousetraptv, this time at Harajuku. Watch it to catch a glimpse of Japan with MTV 🙌
👟 : @skecherssg #skecherssg
📷 : @jeycea_ 
Dance video link back on my bio heh
🎇 // 📷 : @p_eijin
[ all smiles ]
Craving for salmon at this hour...
It's M O N D A Y already. 
Time waits for no one as usual. Jiayous everybody. 🎇
" In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total... " I'm just kidding, that's just nonsense.

Just wanna be surrounded by good vibes 🎇 Second vid of the Japan Vlog Series is up on @mousetraptv , watch it now and "experience" Japan with us,  follow to stay up to date with new vids 🎊 📷 : @ontaechan