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Join our fight to break the stigma around sexual health, and make #SRHR services more accessible!

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Doctors are people you should be able to rely on in seeking the right information for your health. If they aren窶冲 as forthcoming, know your rights as a patient and speak up. #realstoriesrealexperiences #stigmastories
In a world that is dominated by men, we as women have a duty to not give up. We need to raise our voice and stay resilient 汳ェ沛ス You are not alone, we窶决e in this together 笶、ク #WiseWednesday #MayaAngelou
We are proud to announce our collaboration with Project Titli, a student led initiative from Enactus IIT Delhi. Project Titli aims to improve women窶冱 menstrual hygiene in the urban slums of Delhi. A survey they conducted in 2016 found the town of Kapashera had the highest proportion of women who are not educated in menstrual hygiene management. Consequently, they have designed a sanitary cloth napkin tailored to this community and that is manufactured by the women of Kapashera. We visited the community over the weekend in order to investigate the reasons that stop these women from making the shift from cloth to sanitary pads. It was an enlightening experience and we look forward to our collaborative efforts in the future. 泗条沛ス #HealthOverStigma
Ladies put your health first by getting a HPV vaccine 笨交沛ス#FunFactFriday #HealthOverStigma
Why are individuals still perpetuating the notion that a man is superior than a woman? We need to end the stigma. #realstoriesrealexperiences #stigmastories #healthoverstigma
Wise words from the Queen B on this fine Wednesday 汨択汾 #WiseWomenWednesday #FemaleEmpowerment
Last night we held a Vagina Dialogue session in collaboration with Pravah volunteers. This served as an amazing cross cultural discussion where we were able to share stories associated with stigma. In particular, we examined the similarities and differences that exist for period product advertisements between Australia and India. 汞ウ汞ソ汞ョ汞ウ#PuttingHealthOverStigma #TheVaginaDialogues
#WiseWomenWednesday - No longer should these practices be happening. We need to start inspiring girls and women their true value. We should shape them into leaders that can make a difference 汨ッ窶坂凰ク条沍
We shouldn窶冲 be ashamed about something that is so natural for a woman. Spark a conversation with your sister, your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your friends! Reduce the stigma and don窶冲 allow these beliefs to be perpetuated. We are women, and we should be proud to be who we are 泗交沛ス笨ィ #RealExperiences #HealthOverStigma
窶露gnorance is bliss窶 as they say...but is it really? Don窶冲 let the stigma prevent you from getting a Pap Smear test and alter the course of your life. Put your #HealthOverStigma #FunFactFriday
Don窶冲 be afraid to share your experiences as a woman. Fight the stigma. 汳ェ沛ス#ThoughtfulThursday #HealthOverStigma
Link in bio! Help spread the word with your sisterhood in Pakistan 沍 and share our survey! #healthoverstigmainpakistan