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Join our fight to break the stigma around sexual health, and make #SRHR services more accessible!

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The leaders of the Health Over Stigma held a Facebook Live with @lovemattersindia to discuss pleasure, sexual health, stigma and much more. Head on over to Love Matters fb page @lovematters.india to watch it!
There is a stigma around premarital sex and female sexuality in India, but we ignore its real-life consequences that risk unmarried women’s lives. Sign our petition to ensure woman have access to Sexual Health Rights. Link in Bio #HealthOverStigma
There are 3.6 million unsafe abortions in India every year and 10 women die from an unsafe abortion every single day. Let's reduce these figures through open conversation around sexual health! #HealthOverStigma
Alina advocates #HealthOverStigma and so should you! Sign the petition in our bio to ensure that gynaecologist's respect the sexual health rights of women in India!
Social change needs people power to motivate others to act. So let's work together to encourage #HealthOverStigma 
Become a volunteer in our #SRHR campaign by emailing
Lipstick Under My Burkha is releasing this weekend! Indian women rarely get to see themselves represented on screen in an authentic manner and a movie that shows our desires and pleasure is rare AF! 
We invite you to come along with us to Select City Walk Mall on Sunday the 23rd from 3pm to watch this film. After the show we will be gathering at a nearby location to host a short 30 minute discussion on the movie and why it was deemed offensive!

Join our event on Facebook Lipstick Under My Burkha: Community Meet Up! 😄
#HealthOverStigma #Haiyya #lipstickundermyburkha
Meet Shiza, an inspirational #SRHR #Defender leading the change for single women in India to have access to safe sexual health services through #HealthOverStigma
Women deserve to be able to discuss sexual pleasure and satisfaction openly and without judgement. We shouldn’t be ashamed to put out needs first! #HealthOverStigma
Want to learn more great facts like these? Come along to one of our 'Vagina Dialogues' and engage with other like minded women! 
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Meet our #SRHR #Defender Gunjan! She's driving change for single women in India to have access to safe sexual health services.  DM if you want to be a part of our campaign! #HealthOverStigma
A huge thank you to all of the people who are supporting us in our campaign to protect the Sexual Health Rights of women in India! We have hit 20,000 signatures and it is only continuing to grow. 
Click the link in the bio to sign up now! #HealthOverStigma
Join these young women in the campaign to ensure that every woman, regardless of whether they’re married or not, whether they’re sexually active or not, has access to safe medical services. #HealthOverStigma
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