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Fighting for the sexual and reproductive health rights for unmarried women! 🗣

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Power is wonderful when we know how to use it and when to use it... Like Adyasha, our SRHR defender puts forward her encouraging words -
We have fire within us,  we have power within us...
which we can use to change the world someday 
And believe that yes, we can make a difference 
#healthoverstigma #powertospeak #powertobelieve #powertochange 
It is very easy to tag our choice as 'stigma' and conveniently avoid any discussion on that!it is time to put a stop on these and to begin talking about it... As Ishita, our SRHR defender puts it right, 
Our sexual health is as important as any other aspect of our life
Let us begin talking about it
As talking about it will help us move a step forward to empower ourselves!
#healthoverstigma #putastoponstigmatising #ourchoices #equalrights #sexualhealth #sexualitydialogues #letusbegin
So just as Vedika- our SRHR defender believes in, 
Let us not even allow any violence over us cloaked in the 'daily life phenomena'
Let us allow ourselves to speak out loud,  to move about freely, to stay up late at night,  to wear whatever we wish to,  to talk about our sexuality, our desires, our pleasures, to claim every space, every boundaries and every agency that we have!
Let us allow ourselves to move forward and never stop! 
#healthoverstigma #letusbegin #letusallow 
#talkingsexuality #claimingspaces #equalcitizens #continuetoallow
Meet Yana,  our SRHR defender from LSR...
As she says, 
Freedom is not something that I have to ask for, I have my freedom just as any other citizen at this county...
Freedom is common sense and let us deal with it! 
#healthoverstigma #sexualhealth #sexualitydialogues #mychoice #sexualhealthmatters #freedom #freedomofsexuality 
Welcoming in our batch of SRHR Defenders from LSR NSS! Thanks to our venue partners @91springboard so excited to have these inspiring women on board to put our #HealthOverStigma
Exactly, exploring your sexuality is something we shouldn’t be ashamed about. Wise words from our fourth SRHR Defender! #healthoverstigma
Last Friday we had an interactive session of The Vagina Dialogues (TVD) with the volunteers and staff of Kat-Katha! They're doing some amazing work to provide a better life to the sex workers of GB road, the red light area of Delhi. We are excited to engage with diverse communities and tap into different aspects of sexual health! If the sexual health and rights of unmarried women matter to you and you would like to host a TVD of your own, get in touch with us at
You can learn more about what a TVD is here -->
Some #WednesdayWisdom from one of our young and inspiring SRHR Defenders!
Could not be more true. Another young lady joining us on our journey 🙌🏽 #healthoverstigma
Preach 🙌🏽 #saynotosexualviolence
We have a new batch of SRHR Defenders joining our campaign! Here’s one of them! ✨ #HealthOverStigma
5 interesting period facts every gal should know 💃🏽 #menstruationmatters #healthoverstigma