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HBST is a spray tanning, sugaring, and skincare studio with locations in Huntington Beach and Fullerton.

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Post sun care is sooooooo important, secondary to sun protection, but also sooooooo important nonetheless. These products containing aloe, calendula, vitamin c, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and coconut oil are my go to for complete face and body rehab after glorious days in the harsh elements of sun and sea. Love your life and your skin all at the same time! #skincareforvacationing
I never, NEVER go anywhere without my @sanitas_skincare solar block. #funinthesun #propersunprotection #reapply
Not changing, just enhancing😁 #microblading
My facial parties have made it all the way to India! Take your skincare with you wherever you go!
Tip of the day! I recommend always keeping a tube of sunscreen in your car. That way in case you forget to put it on, or you think, "I'm not going out today", or something unexpected comes up you have it ready to go. This is the most important aspect of your skincare routine and the only preventative aging and damaging skincare product that exists. It is imperative that every person wears sun protection daily. If not then everything else you're doing, treatments, routines, is all useless. Invest in a sunscreen you like so you don't mind putting it on every day. If you need help finding one we have many great options. Hit us up! #sunscreenalldayeveryday
Taking our clients back in time today with #microcurrentfacials💆 this beaut has only had 2 treatments and we have taken years off and brought her skin back to life... and she still has 8 of her 10 left!!!!! I can not wait to see her end result. I hope you are all as excited as we are to stay tight and bright FOREVER😍😍😍 #skincare#fitskinisin#hbskincare#facials#microcurrent#skintherapist#esthetician
We all need self care. I'm injured and can't work to my normal potential currently so I'm filling my time with self care. And it feels pretty good! Clay bed treatment. Yes thank you very much. And yes, that's a menstrual breakout on my chin. We all get them from time and time and we all get insecure about them! 👉🏻👈🏻
Doing my skincare in a big comfy robe (thank you @pugliese.michael) makes me happy. I turn my bathroom into my spa at least a few times a week. We don't always have the time or money to go to spas as much as we want or need to. If you love skincare and making yourself feel good treat yourself to a few good skincare products and a nice robe and care for yourself as much as you want to! #homespatreatment
I personally love Halloween so when I saw this I had to post it!! Make your appointment for a facial so we can help you look and feel your best! We still have appointments open for this weekend! #hbst #facials #healthyskin #dontbeazombie #halloweenhumor
She keeps looking younger and younger with every microcurrent treatment. This is 4/10. I think she looks 10 years younger. #microcurrentfacialshuntingtonbeach
You want to invite me over for a girls night because I bring a stash like this to give us home facials! Get together with your friends and have a facial night! #homefacials #girlsnight
Masking while meal prepping! Sometimes you have to work your skincare into your life along side other things you're already doing. My skin was feeling  a little dry so decided to throw on the emminence acai firming mask while I make my lunches for the week and watch my dvr shows. 3 birds, 1 stone. Think you don't have time for masking? I bet you can put one on while doing other tasks at least a couple of times a week. #skincareforbusyladies