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HBST is a spray tanning, sugaring, and skincare studio with locations in Huntington Beach and Fullerton.

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Are you applying your eye cream properly? Here is a step by step on how I apply my eye cream. Apply a small amount to your fingertip. Apply to corners of each eye. Spread underneath both eyes toward the nose and up to between the eyebrows, massage in on any expression lines between the brows, and then spread outward on the brow bone underneath the eyebrows back to the corners of the eyes. Repeat circling around the eyes until all cream is absorbed. Look for eye creams containing anti aging ingredients like peptides and retinol. Do not skip eye cream, EVER!!!! This is the first place we will start to show signs of aging. Best results with morning and night use.
LED lights are a great addition to any facial. There are different colors for different skin concerns. Each light helps the skin to increase collagen and elastin production, inflammation, increase circulation, and help kill any acne bacteria in the skin.  The light also helps energize the cells and the body's natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. Ask us about adding the LED light into your next facial! #hbst #facials #healthyskin #ledlights #happyskin
Clients always ask us what supplements they can take to help rid breakouts. Here's a list of the top supplements you can take for healthier skin. Also you want to cut down on sugar as sugar spikes insulin levels that affect hormones leading to excessive oil production and inflammation, both key causes of  breakouts.
Since we are always telling you all that good skin starts within, i wanted to share this AWESOME find with you all!!! As author Carla Oates states "soft, radiant, and healthy skin starts with optimum nutritionand effective digestion. To be precise, it comes from the gut." Which is what we are all about!! This seriously seems like the beauty food bible. 
So many skin conditions and allergies can be manifested from the diet habits we may have developed over time, and can be effectively treated with some simple adjustments.  This book has 'Glowing Kitchen Tips' and a 'Beauty Nutrients Table' which explains recommended nutrients, why they are good for you, and where to find them. 
I was just so excited about this i couldnt resist sharing, so many answers to our questions, intel to healthy skin from the inside out, and AMAZING sounding recipes, count me in!!! Skin friendly food pics to come😃
#SkinTip Don't forget your nightly serums! Serums should be in every skincare routine day and night. We carry great products to help you target any skincare need from acne to wrinkles. 
Tip of the day ladies!!! For those of us who "forget" about their products, it's best to keep a VISUAL REMINDER right on our sinks. I KNOW (at least I hope) we all brush our teeth daily so for the important products we want to be using daily that we maybe aren't so in the habit of using like serums and eye creams, lash growth enhancers etc, let's put them right near our toothbrushes so when we go to brush our teeth we then can't forget the other products. Our counters and sinks may not be as tidy as our husbands but that's ok! Our beautiful faces will make up for it!
If you can't make it in for a facial but are in need of a little facial massage, follow these easy instructions for a do it yourself massage! Facial massage not only feels really good, but it can help depuff, relax, and help relieve sinus pressure! #facials #facialmassage #relaxation #depuffanddestress #athomefacialmassage
Facials aren't just for special occasions they're maintenance for your skin. We offer a wide range of facials from deep pore cleansing, acne treatment, hyper pigmentation facials, and anti aging treatments just to name a few. We have facials and chemical peels for every need and budget. Check out our website, link in the Bio. .
Now carrying lip sense. I would never wear lipstick to work because it comes off so fast but not anymore!!! Lip sense lasts allllll day long!
I saw this posted by @ascpskincare and thought it was perfect to share with our clients! Everyone loves to swim during the summertime. These five steps will help keep your skin looking and feeling hydrated and great even when you are in the chlorine! Make an appointment today for a facial and we can help you pick out the best products to help preserve your skin! #skincare #hbst #facials #takecareofyourskin #happyhealthyskin
Lose the razor bumps and ingrown hairs from shaving. Sugar hair removal is the way to go ladies! Gentle and great for all skin types. Come to our Fullerton or Huntington Beach locations and take advantage of our Yelp check in deal for new clients. Appointments available all week and weekend. 
Oh the things I will try in the name of skincare! Picked up this neck lifting Korean mask at the Vegas show this year. Pretty nifty! Been doing quite a bit more masking in general these days. Ya I'm masking at midnight on a week night. Why? Because the house is quiet and I get a little home spa me time! Mask ladies, at least twice a week. In need of some masking help? We have plenty to choose from. Come check out our retail mask selection and let us help you pick out some amazing masks you'll love!