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HBST is a spray tanning, sugaring, and skincare studio with locations in Huntington Beach and Fullerton.

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Thanks to my glam squad for getting me ready for my big anniversary party last night! I prepped by doing 5 microcurrent body treatments on my abs to flatten by belly for this tight dress with our new  @neurotris sx4500 machine. I also got 2 microcurrent facials last week from @lvortiz29 as well as a spray tan which looks amazing. Hair by @throughthemakeupmirror and hair by @beni_b_hair, which both held up all day and night! Even beauty practitioners have to rely on other beauty biz colleagues to get their glam on! Thanks guys!
Happy 4th! Stay shaded out there! 💥 **Tips for spending the day at the beach**
~Apply a thick layer of sunscreen to your entire face and body so you can see coverage everywhere before you rub it in so you can ensure even coverage ~Move all swimsuits straps and apply sunscreen underneath and far under neckline and thigh lines because your suit shifts and will expose skin that you may have missed ~Wear a hat to protect your scalp and give extra shade to your face and or apply sunscreen to any bald spots or thinning hair or parts in your hair ~Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and the thin delicate skin around them. This skin ages the fastest! ~Reapply sunscreen every hour or immediately after getting wet. ~Take breaks from direct sunlight by seeking shade on and off throughout the day. ~If you start to feel inflammation or burning or see redness in your skin put on clothing to cover the area or get out of the sun immediately. ~Treat a sunburn with ice and aloe and vitamin c topically immediately
I’ll have abs in no time! A little lunchtime ab treatment. Neurotris microcurrent body sculpting coming very very soon!
Frankenstein experiment or full body toning treatment? Full body microcurrent coming soon!
We had a great study group last night watching Dr. Peter Pugliese’s whiteboard lectures and reading aloud from his books. So much to know, so much to learn. The end result, healthy beautiful skin! My favorite part of the first paragraph states, “healthy skin is important,as humans assess each other based on skin appearance before any other attribute.” I agree!
I feel like I have it all when it comes to home skincare, yet I find a way to bring home new products almost weekly. Hey, somebody’s gotta be looking out for all our peeps. #producttester #skincareaholic
Come get this delicious seasonal facial it is FABULOUS and only for a limited time!
Prepping this skin for my very first application of Environ ACE body oil and ooooo oooooo I cannot wait! Need this body to match this face!
When you feel sooooo sick, like you’re about to go into a coma so you can escape it, all you can do to make yourself feel better is a cooling seaweed mask to revive yourself. #skincaremakeseverythingbetter
There is no better feeling than waking up, looking in the mirror and feeling fantastic about the way your skin feels and looks, because you know you slayed your skin routine last night, and every night. Take time for yourself! Invest in your beauty!
Wedding prep!!! @jazzyjaz25 #healthybeautifulskin #brighteningfacial
How you’ll find me most nights before bed. And lately my skin has been feeling tighter. Tighter in a good way. LED, the best, most clinically proven results from any hand held skin device in my opinion.