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Making Rochester the healthiest city in America
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Birds' houses.
Eggs, Chrorizo & Grits.
Healthy Edge Meals by Marty's 
Breakfast that gets you out of bed before the alarm goes off.
Message me to get yours.
Roast Chicken with rice and root vegetables by Marty's on Park now available through Healthy Edge Meals.  Message me for details.
Fresh Flavor, made Locally.
No mercy.
Support your Public Library.
Deep roots, strong trunk, sturdy branches reaching toward the sky above the sight line.
If you like this tree, you'll like my page.
Chris lost 100 pounds, Ward keeps bees and sells honey, Aaron is just an all-around good guy...and I'm John H, and we just made a kick-ass radio show.
Tune in Sunday at 9:00am for Healthy Edge Radio on FOX Sports 1280AM Rochester.
Going to bed now...but dreaming of breakfast already.
Fried Eggs with Healthy Edge Chicken Rub from Stuart's Spices
A fond farewell to Summer.
Do I have to take a bath?
#onelovepetadoption #healthyedge