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You don't drink your morning beverage from the squat position?
What are you, a neanderthal??
Starting week 5 of battle testing 'The Blueprint' AND 'Sun's Out. Guns Out.' programs.
I've helped thousands of people lose bodyfat and chisel muscle with easy to follow programs over the past 20 years...but it's always good to test, tweak and improve the product.
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15.3% bodyfat, down from 15.9 one week ago.
Get focused.
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If you're following our Healthy Edge LIVE video series on the Healthy Edge Media Facebook page, you saw my review of Advocare Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake. I gave it an 8.5. I expressed that I didnt have high hopes for the Chocolate, as I haven't found many brands who do chocolate right...but again, Advocare exceeded expectations and delivered a solid 8 on my scale of flavor, mixability, quality ingredients and cost. It is not my recommendation that you use this product as a foundation piece for your nutrition gameplan, but if you are in a place where convenience and quickness are a must...this is a suitable solution.
Check out my new website at
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Can't shed that stubborn bodyfat?
Try some good gut health from the inside out.
There's no party like a Party in the Park.
I'm on week 3 of the 'Sun's Out, Guns Out' program at World Gym Rochester.
$29 gets you a 6 week bicep/tricep program, tank top and unlimited tanning.
Message me at for deets.
Use our 'Custom' option to build keto-friendly meals like this one.
250 Calories
20 grams of protein
7 grams of carbohydrates 
17 grams of fat
2.5 grams of fiber
Not a winner this time...but I did my Lucky 7 stretching & calisthenics routine 7 days outta I got that goin' for me.
#lifestoughgetfit #newyorkstatelottery 
Suns out. Guns out.
Add at least an inch to your arms.
Routine, tanning and tank, just $29. for yours.
Hitting Irondequoit Bay for some glorious SUP.
#islesup #hydroflask #healthyedgehydrationchallenge
I cannot stress the importance of planning your nutrition to ensure you always have access to healthy, real, fresh food complete with convenient and effective preparation, transportation and storage strategies incorporated. 
Sound complicated?
Three words:
Healthy. Edge. Meals.
In short, order today, I'll deliver Monday and never get tripped up with your nutrition again.