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Watercolor artist inspired by nature, books, and lovely thoughts. 🦋 Licensed artist represented by @wainsworldlicensing 🌸


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Sometimes you are just so happy to accomplish your goal you don’t even care it’s two in the morning. I might be tired tomorrow, but feeling proud of myself is so worth it! .
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Little birds are being painted! Hello, Blue Jay! What are your favorite birds?
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Here is a time lapse of my poppy painting. If you enjoy watching these, let me know and I will make more for you! .
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Poppies are stealing my heart lately. Today I’m sniffling and sneezing...I thought I could escape my family’s cold but I was wrong. Has anyone else caught it? .
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“Reader in the Field” 🌿Dedicated to all my fellow Readers 📚 The whimsical clouds were so much fun to paint! What good books are you reading lately? I’m reading Amy Snow and loving it. 💚 prints available in my shop! .
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Friends, I am doing this. I am drawing. I am dreaming, planning, and getting it done!! Mind you, these hour nap increments are disheartening. I struggle to accomplish ANYTHING with an 8 month old baby that is with me all day. When I taught, I left. Now that I create, I stay. And it is so hard. I listen to podcasts while I nurse, watch classes while I do dishes, and literally dream of painting in my sleep. Have you been here? 
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Our little Clementine is 6 months old! We get to spend her 6 month with our family in Massachusetts. I know I’ll get lots of inspiration for painting here! 🍓 #babiesinbonnets
Today I am packaging up a special order and I was so excited to use my new envelope seals and address labels from Colorful Images! They just came out with my new line called Spring Fling and they are soooo pretty!  bit.ly/2J2mhMU  #heatherleechan #paintedplanetlicensing #wainsworldlicensing #customstationery #watercolorflowers
I am excited to announce a new partnership with @wainsworldlicensing ! Liz Wain is my new agent and I can’t wait to see what we create together. 
The last few years with @paintedplanetlicensing have been such a blessing. Jan, my agent, placed me under her wing and taught me about art licensing. My gratitude for what she gave me can never be put into words. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Jan, @leahncochran , and @alyssalynnchristian. Jan has decided to start a new chapter, one with a well deserved title called Retirement!! Here’s to the wonderful past with Painted Planet and an adventurous future with Wain’s World! 
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I am going to combine prompts 2 and 3 for #marchmeetthemaker to tell you about where I work and how I started. 
When I was a little girl my mom was always creating. She had mastered every form of art and encouraged me to create with her. I grew up with every art supply you could imagine! Have you ever noticed that your handwriting resembles your parent’s? Well mine looks like my mom’s and oddly enough when we draw it almost looks like the same hand did it. What really differs is what we paint and the colors we choose. I didn’t take a lot of art classes because I learned everything from her. 
My late husband and I had just had our second baby, Clara. She was a feisty one and started out life as a Mommy’s girl (later changing to a Daddy’s girl). She would cry and refuse to eat the whole day while I went to work as a substitute teacher. Matt had always encouraged my painting and occasionally I would set up a spot on the kitchen table and paint on canvas. My paintings were given away as presents or hung up in our home. He repeatedly encouraged me to sell them, but it seemed absurd to me. Who would buy my paintings? 
My mom suggested I try watercolors, her new re-obsession. She explained that it was fun and easy to clean up. Perfect with two little ones. So I tried it…and fell in love. Knowing watercolors would be much easier to ship than canvas art I finally decided to open an Etsy shop. It sat there quietly for months, but after a feature in their newsletter, sales started to come in.

That was the beginning. From there I learned as I went and I am STILL learning. I started painting on my kitchen table. Now I take up my whole front living room with my desk sitting beneath a large window, looking out at my hummingbird feeder, hanging plants, and dangling crystals. There’s no real way to end this without getting sappy. So I’ll just tell you that everything that has happened has led me to this point and I get excited when I think about what’s to come.
March is National Craft Month and I thought it would be fun to participate in #marchmeetthemaker  created by @joannehawker . Perhaps you would like to join me? ☘️ I’ve been a bit Instagram shy this past year as my life took some radical and amazing turns, most of which is chronicled on my blog (link in profile). 🌻I love to paint with watercolors. There is a magic to them that is hard to describe. I sell prints and originals in my Etsy shop, license art with my wonderful agent (i.e., work with companies to produce my art on products like cards, fabric, stationery, and wall art you find in stores), and also published a book with Klutz called Watercolor Crush. 🎨 As for the little details, I’m a mommy to three, engaged to the sweetest man, and live in Southern California. I eat cookies with my coffee every morning, love to wear skirts and overalls, and I adore anything with Doris Day. 💗
I am sincerely humbled that you are here. I still pinch myself when I think about how I get to create art. Each step of this journey has been exciting and I find myself doing things I once only dreamed of.
She’s here! 
Clementine Ivey
1-8-18 at 10:55am
8 lb 1 oz, 21”

And just like I imagined, her story is sweet and dramatic. 
She was polite and made sure her brother and sister were dropped off at school before the heavy contractions started. We headed straight for the hospital and we were almost turned away because I hadn’t progressed enough to be admitted. I warned that my last baby had come an hour and a half after we got to the hospital, but I was reminded my body might have reset itself in the seven years that had passed. In the end I was being wheeled as fast as they could push me from maternity triage to the delivery room with nurses shouting, “Call the doctor!” Adam and my mom stood on either side of me letting me squeeze their hands so hard I’m surprised I didn’t break them. Our doctor swooped in just in time to deliver her. 
And then there she was with brown hair and big, dark eyes. Ten fingers and ten toes. A bruise on her nose that looked like a blueberry (so very fitting because that is what we have called her since she was the size of one). Adam and I were mesmerized by her. We fell in love with this gift. 
She is perfect. 
She is a blessing that I never imagined. 
She is a little rainbow of love and a reminder that endings can bring beginnings.