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Quick dinner before the practical mock class tests start again! 
Training hard in Heguru Japan HQ!
PAD (Potential Abilities Development) course completed!

Our teachers had an enriching time learning more right brain memory techniques and experiencing hypnosis, Hado Reading and cosmic meditation! 
The PAD course was personally conducted by Heguru Japan founders Mrs Ruiko Henmi and Mr Hirorada Henmi.

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Great dinner with Heguru Japan founder Mr Hirotada Henmi!
Our biggest team in Heguru Japan Headquarters so far!

Our Principal Paige had been to Heguru Japan HQ multiple times in the past 5 years to obtain various and the highest level instructor certification. 
This time, she is leading our big team of 17 teachers from SingPost Centre, Sengkang, Waterway Point, Tampines and Oasis Terraces to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge.

We look forward to the personal coaching and certification by the inspiring and great Heguru Japan founder Mrs Ruiko Henmi! 
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We have another 7 teachers who were in Heguru Japan Headquarters since last week to attend the instructor course.

They are from our centres in Tampines, Oasis Terraces, Waterway Point and SingPost Centre.

We have a total of 17 teachers in Heguru Japan right now! 
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It is term break for the next 2 weeks because many of our teachers are heading back to Heguru Japan Headquarters to attend a higher-standard level 2 instructor course to upgrade their teaching skills and technical knowledge! 
They are setting off tonight after an entire day of conducting classes.

Good luck to all of them in passing the rigorous course!

1. Teacher Pei Yi (Sengkang Centre)
2. Teacher Carrie (Sengkang Centre)
3. Teacher Suzanne (SingPost Centre)
4. Teacher Rowena (SingPost Centre)
5. Teacher Rebecca (SingPost Centre)
6. Teacher Joellene (Waterway Point Centre)
7. Teacher Jie Ling (Waterway Point Centre)
8. Teacher Jocelyn (Waterway Point Centre)
9. Teacher Stefhanie (Tampines Centre)
10. Teacher Pei Wen (Tampines Centre)

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<< Parents Info Sessions >> Sorry for the long wait!

Heguru Education's parents information sessions are back this weekend.

15 Sep (Sat) Our Tampines Hub 3.30pm

16 Sep (Sun) Oasis Terraces 2.00pm  3.30pm

Attend to understand more about our courses for 6 months to 9 years old and how your child can benefit.

Enjoy October new enrolment promotion!

<< School of the Year 2018 - Right Brain Development >> We dedicate this wonderful award to all our passionate, nurturing and committed teachers who put in their heart and soul every lesson for the children.

What a great Teachers' Day gift.

Thank you @littlemagsg for recognising Heguru Education as the best!

SingPost Centre | Sengkang | Waterway Point | Tampines | Oasis Terraces

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<< New September 2018 Term >> Registration for new September 2018 term has started!
Vacancies for children aged 6 months to 9 years old are fast running out.

Enquire with our centres in SingPost Centre, Sengkang, Waterway Point, Tampines and our latest outlet in Oasis Terraces Punggol to find out more.

Give your child the best head start with award-winning Heguru Education!

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While last week may be our National Day term break for the children, our teachers wasted no time in practising and training hard!
We want to continuously upgrade our skills and better ourselves to conduct the best brain enrichment lessons for the benefit of our students!

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<< Heguru Education Long Service Awards >> Heguru Education was started from scratch 5 years ago by a core team of exceptional pioneer teachers, when we were unheard of then.

Sharing the same vision of creating an education that fully harnesses the unlimited potential of children, this core team of pioneer teachers worked together with grit and passion to bring us to where we are today, along with the many teachers who joined after them.

From humble beginnings in Eunos, we expanded twice to OneKM and now, SingPost Centre. 4 schools in Sengkang, Waterway Point, Tampines and Oasis Terraces were also set up. 
Principal Paige, Principal Rhian and Principal Shi Xian,

Thank you for your unwavering commitment and belief in the past 5 years!

Thank you for developing the potential and abilities of the many children under your guidance over the years.

Thank you for leading the schools and inspiring the teachers.

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Bustling Sunday at Heguru Education @ Oasis Terraces, on our second day of classes.

Both children and parents had a wonderful time attending lessons.

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