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Heidi, 26, Brighton. Content sometimes NSFW. I like cats, clothes & cups of tea.
I also like to do the sing song.

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Tried on 20+ pairs of jeans today and the comfiest literally have my name on them.
Little guest for the next few days 💖😸
The best shirt.
Had the most fabulous Pride with these ladies 💖
It was lovely to see some of my burlesque ladies again last night 💖
Classy ladies at Wethers.
Appropriate shirt.
My workplace had a serious problem 🍬
Fun in the sun ☀️🍦
Thick thigh problems.
It's just taken me 3 hours to make this my ringtone trying to update iTunes etc. Screw you, Apple, why can't you make things simple like Android?
I currently can't see properly and the world is too bright without sunglasses, but I look like I'm tripping on acid and that's keeping me happy.