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Heidi, 27, Brighton. Content sometimes NSFW. I like cats, clothes & cups of tea.
I also like to do the sing song and hang upside down.

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Oh hey hooman, nothing to see here. Just a plant with an eyeball.
My pretty little fur baby 💖
Last session at @hightopcircus for a little while. Really enjoyed myself over the last few months and found a new love 💖🤸🏼‍♀️
Winning at vegan food today. Experienced @terreaterrebrighton for the first time for @jemma.french’s birthday and the food was incredible. Then made some vegan chocolate orange brownies with @lukuspix. YASS 🌱
When nobody else turns up to class so you get a private lesson. Feeling proud of how much I’ve achieved over the last few months 💪🏻
Sorry for the noise of the fans.
When you love circus so much you book on to two different courses. Yesterday I tried out some variations of back balance and today my body hates me.
OMG 😭💖
Great to see my teachers do their thing tonight at @therevolverrevue  Such an amazing line up of performers this evening!
Got my hair did 💁🏼‍♀️ Determined to do more of what makes me uncomfortable so that’s more side profile, mole included.
I’ve enjoyed my last two weeks doing hoop classes at @inversionpolefitness, thank you @thepoledancergingie. Hope you’ve equally enjoyed watching my struggles in class as a short limbed person 😂 Here’s a collection of serious faces.
10 days delayed...but I can’t believe I’ve been with this one for 2 years now. 
My equally weird partner in crime.
I wouldn’t want to share my life with anyone else 💖
Scrolling through Instagram full of people with ‘perfect’ faces is a pretty bad idea yet I do it every day and then hate myself afterwards and end up on surgery pages. I very much dislike my side profile and my fivehead, but I’m trying to make myself accept what I class as my flaws rather than wanting to change them.

Also, it’s been 6 months since I’ve posted my mug rather than the usual aerial spam!