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Vegetable and herb seeds, grown and selected by us in Australia for Australian conditions. High quality garden tools.


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These are some of the last tomato babies to be potted up with the great expectation of becoming this year’s seed tomatoes.
What are your favourite tomatoes to grow?
San Marzano are the ultimate saucing tomato; rich flavour, few seeds, lots of firm flesh. Don’t let that fool you into thinking they are not also delicious fresh in salads, sandwiches or cooked on pizza or roasted. In fact, they are a great ‘all rounder’ with their saucing quality an added bonus to deal with their prolific production. San Marzano are a bush tomato which is great for those with tight spaces or that want to do minimal trellising. Seeds available online at @heirloom_harvest #tomato #seeds #sanmarzano
A northern Italian heirloom, this Romanesco Broccoli lives up to its hype! You could be tricked by it’s name, as it looks and tastes more like a cauliflower.
It’s spiraling, apple-green heads that form in a Fibonacci pattern are a treat to look at and deliciously creamy to eat.
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Anyone who has grown zucchini knows the meaning of the word abundance; these summer staples just keep on giving.
Our Dark Green Zucchini’s ensure that abundance is both delicious and beautiful.  The glossy dark green skin is a stark contrast to their creamy white interior and the big and bright flame coloured flowers are a summer delicacy stuffed and battered.
Top Tip - Sow zucchini seeds direct in the garden as their tender roots do not like to be transplanted. 
If you must start in containers then use a biodegradable pot that can be transplanted straight into the ground, so not to disturb the roots.
Although happy sprawling across the ground, if you’re short on space they are equally happy growing vertically on a trellis.
Continually pick the zucchinis while tender and young. Blink and those babies will be as big as your arm, losing some of their versatility in the kitchen.
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Our Giant Carentan Leeks are coming along nicely. Equally delicious as baby leeks as big as your pinky, or left to grow as big as your wrist. They are also a beautiful addition to the veggie patch with their striking angular foliage adding something different in the curvy wurvy world of veggies. Top tip - to get nice long white (blanched) stems, grow the seedlings in containers until ~25 cm tall, then poke a hole wide enough to drop the seedling in and ~15cm deep, drop the seedling in and water. Do not fill in the hole, it will fill in itself over time as you water. Seeds available online now. #leek #gardeningaustralia #seeds
Tomatillos! Wow what a unique flavour. The best we can describe it is a mixture of tomatoes, lime and rockmelon, but that does’t do them justice. Traditionally used in salsa verde and other Mexican dishes, we also use them fresh in salads or roasted, they are so versatile. Grow them like you would a tomato, during summer and with support to hold them up, they are vigorous growers. Seeds available on our website. #knowyourseeds #tomatillo #tomatillos
Drying ‘Golden Button Squash’ seeds. We grow, clean, sort and package all our own seeds. It’s a lot of work but also so rewarding seeing the process through full cycle. It also means we know each of our varieties intimately. Do you know where your seeds come from? #knowyourseeds #seedsaving #seeds
Coriander (or cilantro) is one of those “love it or hate it” plants. It can be a bit tricky to grow mainly because of its tendency to ‘bolt’. So here are our tips for growing great coriander. 1 - Choose seed that has been selected for slow bolting (ours for example 😉), 2 - plant seed directly in garden (transplant shock is a major cause of bolting in coriander), 3 - plant in a cool location or during cooler months (heat increases bolting), 4 - mulch and maintain moisture (drying out or inconsistent watering causes bolting), 5 - use it or loose it ( coriander is a quick maturing plant, even doing everything above it will still bolt eventually, enjoy it while it is young and tender), 6 - plant successions every few weeks (so you will always have succulent young leaves ready to use) Happy growing!
Introducing the Nejiri hoe, one of our new Japanese gardening tools. Hard to see from this video but this thing is razor sharp and slices the weeds rather than chopping or pulling like some other tools. Because of this it takes much less effort and stress on your body.
Little Gem lettuce. A delicious and beautiful little cos style lettuce. It’s sweet and succulent little heads are popular with chefs. They are also perfect for gardeners with limited space. Illustrations by @eat_it__paint_it
Hello MOUSE MELONS! Looking forward to sharing the seeds with you all in time for your spring planting!
Think mini cucumbers with a slight lemon twist.
Super exciting announcement! We have teamed up with @eat_it__paint_it to create amazing water colour illustrations of our seed varieties. This one is Purple Sprouting Broccoli. This variety produces multiple small bright purple heads that mature in succession, meaning it spreads out your broccoli harvest. Also, they look amazing!