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July 2019 in 1 Second a Day. Another great month captured :) #1SE #1secondeveryday
Had a lovely birthday party yesterday to celebrate my recent 40th Birthday! So lovely to have so many people there to share it with xxx What a great family I have xxx #fitterat40 #birthdayparty #40thbirthday
June 2019 in 1 Second Everyday! It’s been a month of change (changing jobs!). It’s been a month of challenges (Great North Swim on Windermere). It’s been a month of music performances (including Mahler’s Rückert Lieder, a Gala and Edward German’s Merrie England). And it’s the month I turned 40! I’m loving this project! Thanks to @eve.bolan for getting me started doing this! #1se #1secondeveryday #june2019 #mylife #madcatlady #mezzosoprano
Today I’m 40 years old! I’ve never felt happier, fitter, healthier or more hopeful for the future. Ready for my best decade yet! Bring it on! #newdecadewhodis #fitterat40 #lifeisgood #blessed
Had a lovely time singing at Gloucester Festival yesterday. @gloucester_music_festival at the @llanthonysecunda #mezzosoprano #operasingersofinstagram
Helen 2016 vs Helen 2019 - we are not the same person!
Helen 2016 was someone who had fought many battles, mentally, and was tired, unhealthy and unfit. I ate and drank too much to compensate for any negative emotion in my life. I thought self care meant wrapping myself in cotton wool and avoiding confronting problems. I did everything to excess. Helen 2019 - Learnt to appreciate her body, to fuel it but not to over eat. I exercise because I know it’s what my body needs even if my brain doesn’t always want to. I let myself feel negative emotions without needing to drown them out with drink or food. I have never been happier, healthier or fitter. I seek balance not excess and emotionally that has been vital for my mental health. I try to find the joy in every moment rather than always looking to the future for the promise of fulfilment. I’m 40 later this month but I feel younger than when I turned 30 and had the weight of the world on my shoulders. If you don’t like where you have ended up at any point in your life, you can change! It doesn’t even have to be hard! I’ve actually enjoyed this journey. I want everyone to know what is possible! X have faith, have hope, take action!
6 months ago my brother Andrew said, do you fancy doing the great north swim 🏊‍♂️... I said yes but really had no idea whether I would be fit enough to swim 2 miles but I knew I’d made so many changes that it was something I needed to try! Well we just finished and I loved it! It was such a joy to be able to swim in the most beautiful lake. I had never done an oper water swim until last month and now I can honestly say I will be doing this from now on! I’ve even tentatively agreed to the idea that a triathlon might be next on my list of challenges! Thanks @the_shozatolah for believing in me ahead of time 😂. Thanks to @a1amb_tri for the coaching. This was definitely the start of something great! #fitterat40 #joy #greatnorthswim2019 and thanks to @hvhfitness for being in the right place fitness wise to even attempt a challenge like this!
It’s rather beautiful around here #standish #lancashire #sundaywalks #wigan
Progress check in... #fitnessjourney #gymlife #hvhstandish #ukfitness
Here is my Month of May in 1 Second a Day #1SE #May #2019 #Newyork #UK #cats #fitness #openwater
Had a lovely walk up The Old Man of Coniston after yesterday’s wedding #sundaywalks #lakedistrict #coniston #oldmanofconiston
Today I went for my first open water swim with, the very expert, @a1amb_tri there to coach me through it! I’m definitely a convert! Now looking forward to getting some good technique going! #openwaterswim #ecclestondelph #wigan #fitnesschallenges #fitnessgoals #swim ps... I know my wetsuit is on backwards in this shot but I tried it on at work in my 15 min break and needed to know I could get out of it again without having to ask for help hahaha!