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Meet Sense with Voice, the insightful sleep system that helps you improve your sleep and wake up feeling great.


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Get s'more sleep.
Whether setting an alarm before bed or checking your Sleep Score in the morning, Sense’s new Night Mode helps you go easy on your eyes.

It's available on iOS today and will be coming to Android next week.
"For me this year, getting better sleep means having the energy I need to keep up with countless projects and lots of travel." ―@melissamale #sleepbetterlivebetter
"Here's to ditching bad habits and getting better sleep." ―@jordanaclaudia
On average, people who sleep 8 hours a night eat 300 fewer calories during the day than those sleeping only 4-5 hours a night. #sleepfacts #WorldSleepDay
"I'm hoping that getting more sleep will help me demolish my goals for the new year!" —@leeannebenjamin
Photo by @diografic who says “You can’t think well if you don’t sleep well and eat well.” What goals do you hope to achieve by sleeping better? #sleepbetterlivebetter
"As I’ve recommitted to healthier habits, it’s important for me to be able to get a good night’s sleep and take on whatever each day has in store for me." ―@mattbg

What have you committed to in 2017 that will be more easily achieved by sleeping better? #sleepbetterlivebetter
Happy Valentine's Day. Let Sense with Voice help set the mood: Say "Okay Sense, play something romantic." Chocolate and roses are on you.
"Wake up every day feeling great and ready to start the day." We couldn't have said it better, @artsyagnes.

How have you made improvements to your life by sleeping better? #sleepbetterlivebetter
Oh, what fun it is to say “Okay Sense, Happy Holidays” to Sense with Voice. We promise it’ll make your spirit bright.
Discover the magic in a good night’s sleep.