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So proud of myself for accomplishing another higher level of ATV adventure - 3.5 hours in total! Up the mountain and down the rocky roads. Unlocked!
Gather up!
📷: @limsylvester
We love you always Pebbles @floppypebbles! Always a good boy and always bringing joy to us since you were a tiny furry birdy 5 years ago. You were so strong and brave despite being very ill. Always a fearless bun! Continue being a happy funny boy and run around with your bunny friends! See you again cutest Blesaroo~ 💙💜❤
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Very long never post. Hello! Life's good. Cheers!
The OG.
📷: @limsylvester
Haven't been active on social media but just wanna exclaim to all that my favourite furry boy @floppypebbles is 5 YEARS OLD!! FIVE!!! So happy he came to our family when he was just a tiny little bald bird and he is such an obedient and cute little boy. Remember a few years back when I posted about him being sick & almost couldn't make it? But he is always a big fighter and fearless bun so all his years of sickness have never once defeated him. So proud of this bunny. Aunty loves you Pebbles! ❤❤❤
10 August 
The best thing my sister ever gave me hahaha. My little baby is ONE and I cannot be more excited to catch him when he learns how to walk and starts to run around everywhere. Can't wait for him to learn how to call Yiyi too! Gonna eat those cheeks very soon. Happiest birthday to my cutest boy, Joen! Yiyi loves you! 💜💜💜 Please see his growing up cuteness on my highlight BABY.
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Still can’t believe how far I have gotten with my love for MINI. Having seen this sight here reminds me of my very first encounter with a MINI - My brother-in-law introduced it to me 4 years ago and that was when I was entirely sold, and got myself my first MINI Cooper (left). Now, it is well obvious how much I’ve grown into MINI with my new MINI Clubman (right). With that, I started @minimafiasg, where I gathered people of the same passion for MINI and this club wouldn’t have made possible without all the MINI members’ love and support. My girlfriend (now fiancée) was not a fan of MINI back then, but after seeing how interesting a MINI can get, she’s now working hard to own a MINI of her own! 😅 To be honest, I really can’t see myself owning another car other than a MINI. Give me a beep if you see me on the road! 👋🏻😎
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So many things to do, so little of me.