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How stunning is this wedding set-up by my wedding planning friend @cvanarnam?! Love the blush/peachy tones.
"2.4 million UK couples already living together argue over clutter up to 154 times a year" (Source: Ikea valentine’s survey)
I bet it's even higher in the US! That's almost every other day. Ick! If you relate all too well to this quote, give us a call and we'll help create some calm.
I'll always greet you with a smile on my face and excitement in my voice. Even if that means via phone call from my new location in NC when you're in NH. Then one of my six organizers in NH can greet you in person with that excitement and smile! We're a positive crowd who will make the organizing process fun and life-changing. You'll wish you had found us sooner, at least that's what our clients have said time and time again! 😉
Photo credit: @rayaonassignment
​"​Sandi has lifted a burden that has made my life way more organized and a joy to go down to my office to enjoy the view to the outdoors and especially indoors. She made what seemed would be a dreadful process actually fun with her cheerfulness, wonderful ideas, and questions that made me think about the space in ways I had never done before. The transformation eliminated the stress I used to feel every time I had to go to the office and now it’s one of the most serene rooms in the house. She is definitely 100% ★★★★★!" ​Steve P. 
Read more happy testimonials like this on our website!
Having a bed with built-in storage can be a great way to utilize often unused space- under your bed! Our guest room has two drawers and we keep guest towels in one and guest sheets/blankets in the other. We also have enough room under that bed for both Chris and I to have an under-bed bin with our memory items in them.
Did you know that part of our all-inclusive pricing is designing layouts and organizing solutions? Ok, I'm no hand-drawing artist, but I can make a nice little visual in Canva. That counts for something right?! Then I make it look fabulous IRL so.... let's do this thang!
Lay out your kitchen in a way that MAKES SENSE. Even if that means pulling everything out and starting fresh. Put your dishes in the most convenient place from your dishwasher. In this photo I'm in my last home in NH and the dishwasher is directly below me. Makes for easy put away! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
What cabinets are your "prime real estate"? Do you have the items you use the most in those cabinets?
Photo credit: @rayaonassignment
Let's adult and make a budget! Sound boring? It won't be and you'll LOVE having the control and freedom a budget can give you. Not convinced? Give me a call for your FREE phone consultation!
Mysterious, cozy, intimate. Some words that come to mind when I see this room. I think there would be some intense philosophical conversations that could go on in this living room! lol 
Love the neutrals with a hint of purple.
What a cute idea to add contact paper to the back of a bookshelf. Definitely makes it more lux and classy. Love this photo from a fellow organizer @luxsimplicityproorganizing.
Excited about the #therapyiscool tote I just got! (I was a little nervous to post about this but that just proves how much I need to post it and how the stigma is real). I believe that therapy is a gift we should all give ourselves and can all benefit from. It doesn’t mean there is something “wrong” with us or that we’re “crazy.” It means we’re brave enough, proactive enough, and love ourselves enough to nurture our mental health. Let’s stop the therapy stigma and start speaking positively about it. It really is cool! 💕💕💕 Here’s some more info from their website hashtagtherapyiscool (yes you spell out hashtag for their website! 😉) “1 in 5 Americans are affected by mental health conditions. Yet the stigma associated with mental illness prevents many people from seeking the help and treatment that they need. 
When you purchase the official #therapyiscool tote, you are proudly joining the campaign to end mental health stigma, as well as supporting mental health organizations across the nation.

Proceeds from the purchase of this tote will go to mental health organizations that directly offer treatment services to a broad cross-section of those in need. Each month, a donation will be made to a different mental health organization to expand their efforts in making mental health services more accessible. 
Together, we can raise awareness and combat mental health stigma, thus allowing future generations to more freely seek and find the treatment options they need.”
This pic is from a lovely floral designer I met at @tuesdaystogetherraleigh when she shared about self-care. If you need any floral help in the future check her out, she's fantastic! 📸@meristemfloral