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A wild Toronto poltergeist appear and used the take photos attack! It's super effective.
Exploring what you missed.
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COME IN AND GET LOST: As sad a sight this may be for many, as someone working in the building industry, seeing just how insane the hodgepodge amalgamation of buildings Honest Ed's is, is fascinating to me as the demo progresses. Look at that house section mushed in there! Now you really know why the floors are crooked.
Don't tell me who to follow, tell me why.
(After an annoying incident where I had to help a confused foreigner find the Reference Library from Bloor station, I seriously think Toronto need to label their subway exits like they do in HK and Taipei: with a letter or numbering system.)
The questions no one is asking reveals more than the lack of answers people have for them.
We are all we need. - {#StreetlightSaturday/#residensity}
#tbt the insane urbanism and street life of Hong Kong, summah 2016. • Still have wanderlust withdrawals from my first ever international trip, which isn't helped by the fact I haven't yet seen many other places in HK. Yes, including the Quarry Bay apartments, made famous to death by Instagram, not grimy triad gangster movies.
#cultofdrake 6IX EYES. 👀😆 • Croft Street is probably the only laneway in Toronto that comes close to something like a Japanese style alley. (Well, there's also Craven Road in the east end...) Imagine if this is lined with small shops and restaurants and such...
A staffed parking lot attendant booth is becoming a rare urban species in a world of do-it-yourself automated tech.
(More often than not these days, change and progress is portrayed as a relentless social force to yield to without any question. Recycled rhetoric like "change is inevitable" and "the only constant is change" isn't so much cliches of the current zeitgeist, as it is the impression that change is a cult to mindlessly worship.)
Brain fart: with all this annoying "like a boss" statements being liberally thrown around, makes me wonder has anyone ever tried to "shit like a BOSS"?
Hello, this is giving birth to a new #residensity. (It's rare these days to find a new high-rise in Toronto being brick clad, never mind a 50-storey skinny slab tower's worth of it. Most developers here prefer their cheap and easy, plug-in and hope-it-does-not-leak-but-probably-will, glass window wall envelope systems.)
A 1909 Toronto directory lists 265 Broadview (the boarded up left half of this building) as hosting a Chinese laundry. Its most recent use is that of subdivided apartments. A 2018 directory though could potentially note this property as the new location of a popular Leslieville brunch spot known more than anything else for its annoyingly perennial lineups every weekend of the year.
(Indeed there needs to be something to be said briefly about a certain long G-word that gets treated often as an urbanist swear-word. Gentrification isn't so much about fancy lifestyle indulgences or outsider newcomers or property values—though it certainly can be thought of as a modern 21st century urban form of colonialism, or even as "reverse white flight" as one friend puts it—as it is about the theme of change. Change which of course ultimately comes from people, people who make individual decisions that influence said change, people who must ask themselves if the changes that are unfolding are beneficial and inclusive to all, especially to the existing community, or is it occuring as a force being shoved down the throats of many, especially those who cannot afford—economically and/or culturally—to be a part of the tsunami ride.)
🎵 And we'll all float on okay / And we'll all float on anyway. 🎵
12.03.17: Hello, this is The Big Smoke, or a very Silent Hill-esque foggy Sunday. 🌁 (Dude, where's my city??)