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A wild Toronto poltergeist appear and used the take photos attack! It's super effective.
Exploring what you missed.
(Foodstuffs+beers 👉 @nofaceeats)

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It's not berry cold out now, eh?
If a tree fell down and social media randomizer algorithms kept it from appearing on your feed, does it make a sound?
Year of the dog.
If you are not going to speak for yourself, someone else will do it for you. (While I'm at it, what the fuck has thoughts and prayers ever accomplished or solved in the history of time?)
Power overwhelming.
Allergic to valentine's day.
💡 Hello, this is just some stuff from the 2018 edition of @tolightfest.
Tide pod challenge (like seriously, people?)
The unloved are in love. The pixelated love you collect ain't love.
Power was fucky in the east end for much of yesterday afternoon, which had not affected metro trains, but made for a cool moody dark ambiance.
In the bleak midwinter.
Whatever happened to the person I used to be, or the person I thought I was going to be? Feel like you can no longer be the person you could have been?