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A wild eastside Toronto poltergeist appears and used the take photos attack! It's super effective.
Seeing what you don't.
(Foodstuffs 👉 @nofaceeats)

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(It's very noteworthy how this society pushes leadership and people to be leaders in everything, yet displays little leadership in the enduring social problems and pressing global issues we face and continue to face, especially amongst the "leaders" that run, influence and profit from this world.)
A WORLD OF FARTS: If you have driven on the Hamilton section of the QEW, you may have seen this giant globe. It's part of the city's water works property on Woodward Ave, and its true propose is actually a tank for storing methane extracted from the water filtration process.
Solstice vibes. 🌅
📍 Brant Street Pier. Burlington, Ontario
SHADY KINDA. • Hello, this is a triptych dinner journey at 📍 @GreyGardens199, Kensington Market, Toronto.
Mr. Sparkle.
Serious question: What the flickering fuck is up with this fidget spinner fad??
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. • It's rare for me to be able to capture sunrises for the same reason it can be hard to get up very early. (Also, I enjoy misleading naive downtowners, hipster westenders and the occasional Instagrammer I catch taking #TheShotEveryoneTakes of this bridge into believing it was built as a gateway to Scarborough. Not that many of them know where in their city that is, lol. Historically speaking though, Highway 2 did pass through here, Queen East from here eastward was originally called Kingston Road, and that route still does take you to Scarborough, so ha! #.torontohistorytrivia)
Neighbourhoods don't walk themselves.
I think in terms of the rising Lake waters flooding the Toronto mainland this spring, Rouge Beach has it worst.
WAY WAY FARSIDE TORONTO: the lonely frontier. (We all know where the east end begins, but where does it ends?)
Layers of Birch Cliff, a Scarborough/east Toronto neighbourhood you probably didn't know about. [👉 scroll for more]