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A wild Toronto poltergeist appears and used the take photos attack! It's super effective.
Exploring what you won't.
(Foodstuffs 👉 @nofaceeats)

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Barbed haywire.
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08.21.17 14:26h: 🌖😎🌞🔭 When all you got to show for is a cardboard projection of the Most Observed, Photographed, Talked-about, Instagrammed and Hyped Up Total Solar Eclipse Ever! 2017™ (aka. "The Great American Solar Eclipse of the Century®" as it is known in Takeadump era 'Merica), why not take pics of people pointing and staring at the sun, the sun, Mr. Golden Sun?
#toronto #streetphotography #solareclipse #eclipse2017 #eclipse #summer
#the6ix #hypebeast #theimaged #agameoftones #passionpassport #folkgood #socality #adventure #instamagazine_ #archidaily#trance #realestate #beautifuldestinations #pursuepretty#design #way2ill #moodygrams #illgrammers #earthpix #peoplescreatives #global_hotshotz #exploreeverything #fatalframes
08.20.17 17:02h: Halo-halo, this is some scenes and sights from the 2017 Taste of Manila street festival, over at the Filipino part of Toronto (Bathurst at Wilson Avenue). The Asian street market vibe from the area's strip malls is crazy.
#asundaycarpic: Eclipse of your freshwater fantasies.
#artifactswithcoffee: Because someone asked about @nofaceeats the Kaonashi finger puppet figurine, here ya go: I picked it up whilst overseas last summer when I came across a store called Donguri Republic. They pretty much sell official merch for the various Studio Ghibli titles (Spirited Away, Ponyo, My Neighbour Totoro, etc.). Most of their locations are naturally in Japan, but they have a couple in HK and another I found in Taipei. It never occurred to me to do something with the figure until I returned home, when, cuz you know, No Face likes to eat a lot, why not make a side Instagram foodie account? It'd be a tongue in cheek take on Toronto's obsessive food scene and the ridiculously carefully curated representations of food within the Insta foodie community. I am on the lookout for more and slightly bigger No-Face figures though, particularly ones that shows its true mouth. 😋
Big city, small world. • 📍 200 East Wellesley building. St. James Town, Toronto
Helium hangover.
Pikachu outbreak.
Eight months later after everything closed for good, and all we got to show for with the Honest Ed's/Mirvish Village site is a block sized graffiti covered blight. It's a fucking disgusting shame, definitely not the way to end a storied legacy of the store, and this is unacceptable.

We can look forward to the future possibilities of the site, but this is what the people of Toronto have to look at in the present. I do not understand this at all (even though technically I am involved in the industry), why developers let buildings (whether or not they are being saved) sit in abandoned purgatory for months and years even until that day you know you are ready to do something to the site. It does no favours to the community. Makes you wonder if we'd be better off having all the stores here stay open for as long as possible, or anything else that would at least make the site less attractive to the vandals that descended on the buildings as quickly as they did when it closed, and at least Markham Street would not feel depressingly apocalyptic like a fenced in dead Detroit block for who knows how long. This is ultimately on y'all @westbankcorp.
Much older than your wildest dreams.
This shot came about somehow when maneuvering my camera while exploring inside an abandoned barn. I much like the effect.
RAIN OR SHINE. • Ya know, we are always told reading keeps our minds open for a lifetime of learning. And yet I live directly north of a country that for whatever reason decided a while ago to stop reading and hate on intelligence. Now they're paying for their decline, evident in everything from low math scores, to how pathetically gullible people are to fake news and nonsense, to Charlottesville riots last weekend. You can never ever "make America great again" when so much of your population are proud and dangerous retards led by a "president" who panders the hate and ignorance they feed on. What a fucking international disgrace (*mega-sigh*). Believe in whatever the fuck you want (seems to be the theme of this era of make-believe truths), but you're only running over your so-called beloved nation and dragging it down when you make others suffer for it. Your stupidity and your nationalism should eat shit and go extinct.

The problem with being a "visual minority"—be it Black, Asian, Latino, or even Turtle Island First Nations indigenous—in tighty righty whitey western society is no one ever from the day you arrived here by birth or immigration, that you may have to put up with a lot more societal bullshit just because of how you look, and you will never be fully accepted in society as it stands today. This is a problem that should not have to exist in the first place, and that it continues to exist today, even in Canada (as much as we like to say it is eradicated) proves we are so still far behind from defeating what is so woefully ingrained in this civilization. Such negative values is not something people are naturally born with, and I will not defend, stand for nor propagate such crap, especially since they impact me as much as it does my neighbours. (I honestly try to keep ranting here to a minimum, and don't really like to, but when something grinds my gears and something need to be said about it to the world... It is not the job of people to belong to society; it is the job of society to make everyone feel welcomed.)