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Twelve years of marriage. With me, not the guy in the picture. 😤
Might not get “that Sony headphone” like Miles Morales, but there you are. Your very first headphone. You can now listen to that Post Malone song while drawing Spider Gwen (with Judy Hopps’ carrot pen) and hugging Doraemon all day long. Enjoy the day, cherish your life, my precious. #Birthday #BirthdayGirl
Happy birthday, my dear jolly angel, the light of my life and fire of my loins. I wish you will be what you wish. Tanti auguri! #Birthday #BirthdayGirl
And it’s a daytime dilemma.
Our last stop before departing home. Dosing caffeine and having fun.
Never ending posting of my favorite couple. The Bandung Duo.
Terrified with her own catch. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Coffee lucky today.
Turisti locali.
Girl on a train.
Bravo. Oscar. Yankee.
Happy new year, champs! We’re going into town this time around. Let’s spend the night like craaazy.