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Few of my creations during this last 15 days. The bigger number, the older. Still developing my style, how do you like it so far?
For two weeks, I have doodled 20 drawings. Mine - as evidenced in @blackredyellow.graphics - are evolving, seeking for perfection. A style that I can settle and relate.
It was all begin when I asked my daughter to start to create something when using gadget. I realize that it also applied to myself. I have started creating graphic art for a while, but practicing and consistency were never there.
I found @sktchyapp between my idleness during Eid holiday, and start practicing. Published it regardless the result at two-week streak (#OneDayOneDrawing). Very fortunate to find all those inspirations (people who shared their photos as study or model).
It was going to basic once again, learning shading, highlight, finding the perfect tone, and sharpening my three color (black, red, yellow) sense. And there’s the result. I feel improving by doing daily basis rather than previously where I am creating only when I feel like I wanted to.
Do you think I am making improvement? Which style do you prefer?
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For no reason, seeing this picture makes me remember the scene in @disneyaladdin film.
You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead.
Bal tuksirun al-hayat ad-dunya. Wal al-akhirati khairun wa abqa.
Somehow you prefer the (material) life today, while the latter is better and inevitable.
When you’re taking too much picture and no one is taking yours.
Spot one Javanese between these Sundanese peeps.
I am updating my occasional #VGPAP drawing at @blackredyellow.graphics - my new account dedicated to this hobby.
Follow the account and use hashtag #DrawMeVGPAP - if I am inspired by your picture submission, I will do it for free.
If you’re @sktchyapp user, also do follow my account under the same username with this IG (helmantaofani).
Goodbye serenity.
#Eid holiday always send the right meaning of life for me. It is about the roots that turned into branches and eventually fruitful.
#EidMubarak #Family #Joy
The Handsome Family. 🎵
Capturing the festivity of #EidMubarak at my hometown. Our version of syncretic cultural-religious tradition on Eid eve.