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Genuinely love this horse
Perfect day out with Laszlo, Hector (my horse) and Pablo (Laszlo's horse) today. A great way to say goodbye to Hungary.
Season 1 of The Witcher has finally come to an end. And although I'm pulling a face here it has been an incredible journey! The cast and crew worked tirelessly throughout, everyone pitched in and brought their A game to set and I couldn't be more proud of you all.
Speaking of my immediate team. Jacqui, Ailbhe and Leah are consummate professionals who worked extraordinary hours to bring the Witcher to life, they were non stop improving adjusting and evolving Geralt throughout. Thank you ladies for making this journey a good one. All of those 3 am wake ups were worth it!
Allow me to explain.....yesterday, while I was in hair and make up and Kal was in his usual place, sitting by the open door watching the world go by, a brave member of the house cat species, decided to venture close...totally unbeknownst to me. After hearing the initial explosion of noise as Kal launched himself from the trailer. I was up and out of my seat, doing my best not to send my surprised make up artist, Ailbhe, flying. My feet hit the ground outsider the make-up trailer to the chorus of various pleas for Kal to stop. What ensued was a chase to rival the likes of the Helicopter chase in Mission Impossible. Cat versus Dog, Dog versus every single obstacle the cat managed to place in-between it and my charging hound. Walls, fences, hay bails, pigs and people. Hot on their heels and trying to judge which direction they would go next so I could intercept Kal, I zigged when I should have zagged. Cat went left, I went right. Cat went into a barn and Kal followed. The next time I see Kal he has a mouthful of dirt, and a chest covered in mud. You'll be please to know that the cat made it free, but looked about 30 years older. Unfortunately my action dog, much like all the great action stars of our time, came out with an injury. A strained shoulder, which he is struggling to walk on. Last night I carried him to my room, which, while very cute looking, wasn't so practical. So today, I introduce Kal's newest ride, his royal chariot, I just hope he doesn't get too used to it.
While in Jersey for the Durrell Challenge I had the good fortune to drive an Audi. The event being all about conservation and protecting our planet, I decided it was time to start taking the next step in my own journey to being a better man for the planet and going electric when I can. This was a great opportunity to try out the new e-tron from Audi! I enjoyed the car, and after finally adjusting to driving around in near silence I couldn't help but imagine a city being almost peaceful if it had all electric vehicles. It's all about taking little steps I reckon, as long as we are all trying, bit by bit to be better for our planet, we might just save her yet. Whether it's animal conservation, using electric vehicles, enabling biodiversity or reducing and ultimately eliminating our use of single use plastics, we can do our part in bringing our planet earth back into balance again.
Opening few steps of the Durrell Challenge with two of my brothers.
Crossed the line with my family, friends and this fella! He's been doing loads for conservation awareness and ran the whole thing in his gorilla suit!! @JerseyGorilla
Here it is Ladies and Gents, my official investor partnership with......(drumroll)

No1 Rosemary Water

But what is it?! I hear you cry. Well, my dear friends, gather round and I shall tell you. The herb Rosemary was known, throughout ancient times, as a way of improving memory and cognitive function, amongst other things. The brains at No1 Botanicals have found a way to harness this ancient power by extracting every single compound contained within Rosemary to create this remarkable drink! Which, by the way, tastes fantastic. So if you're looking for a healthy, tasty, memorable water.....look no further. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Still or Sparkling, the choice is yours!

It also goes pretty darn well in a Vodka Martini, which is less supportive of memory in large doses, but is quite fun. As Kal is accurately displaying here, although he doesn't actually drink Martinis. 
When you take work home with you
Kal about to pitch me the deal of a lifetime for health insurance.
The calm before the storm....today I went hard. It felt good...and bad of course, but now that I'm done....mostly good.
Whenever, Wherever, However, I try to keep Kal by my side. We hope you enjoy the new Spring/Summer collection from Boss Eyewear