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Don't taste the white chocolate, they said. BE the white chocolate. And thus, I became.
See this and more in the latest edition of The Rake magazine.
Before you run out and discover the wonders contained therein however, I'd like to thank the most eloquent Editor of the magazine and writer of the article, Tom Chamberlin.
The pourer of white chocolate herself (read: stylist), Jo Grzeszczuk.
The very talented photographer, Kalle Gustafsson.
And also a special thanks to Mark's club in London for the second to none setting.
Dear All,

Here it is! The final Trailer for Justice League! Woohoo! You'll find the full trailer in my bio.

Im not one to wish time away, but I am very keen for November 17th to hurry up so all of us (in our many variedness) get to show you our movie! As a comic book movie fan myself, I'm just chomping at the bit to sit in a cinema and watch it with a full audience!! #JusticeLeague
Sometimes I like to escape from thinking about work, and all the goings on of life. Reading books is one of the ways that I achieve this! This is what I'm on right now after just finishing the first book in the series "The Way of Kings". It's a really good series! If you're into sci-fi / fantasy stuff like moi then this is a must read. If you're not then believe me it's a great escape from the travails of daily life, a great way to wind down in bed and actually contains some solid life lessons! Win, win....win.

Edit: Got the tag wrong! How rude. Sorry Mr Sanderson....corrected it now.
My heart goes out to the all the victims and also to the families of the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. A shocking event. Seeing how people banded together to help those in need was heartening. Thank you to local law enforcement, first responders and those who remained brave and did all you could.
Hello All, today is National Fitness Day here in the UK. So Kal and I have decided to extend our usual walk and make more of a meal of it! Starting fitness can be one of the hardest things to do, believe me I know, I've had to start and restart so many times over the years and that's where my problem has been. Once you start.... just keep going. It doesn't need to be a workout of the gods everyday just a little something, much like the walk Kal and I are on today. I know everyone says, "you'll feel better" and "it'll change your life" which are easy words when you're the fit one right? Annoyingly, they are exactly right. But this time its coming from someone who used to be called Fat Cavill and indeed sometimes revisits those glory days after too many beers, pizzas and curries.

I know those first steps aren't the most comfortable, or the easiest but they are the most rewarding especially if you take them at your own pace. Alot of us struggle to find the time to get our workouts in, but if you make the time, I promise that you will genuinely benefit from it in all walks of life. Especially while walking bears. Make it your choice and you will achieve it. Do it for you!
Yes, I realise this looks like I just sat down in the captain's chair of the Starship Enterprise and they engaged warp speed before I was ready but in truth, I just finished watching some Nomis footage with Director David Raymond. This stunning theatre is the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill and I never knew it was so nice! (My loss) 
The footage however, I had a high expectation for and it was indeed very creepy and really rather good stuff. Watch this space.
Happy Birthday Roger!! It's an honour to be your student and a pleasure to be your friend.
In honour of national comic book Day I went down to Forbidden Planet in London and grabbed me some reading material!! Any recommendations for when I go back?

As an aside, I do believe my Clark disguise is 100% on point because only 2 eagle eyed young chaps spotted me (you know who you are) and the gentleman who helped me with my purchases at the counter, very casually said "looking forward to the next one" as I walked away! Very smooth sir, very smooth.

So basically, Clark Kent should have a handle bar moustache in the next movie. It seems to make sense to me.

"Happy" Batman Day!!
Im rushing around today but wanted to make sure everyone knew about this! Thanks for caring folks!
Credit to @wwf_uk : Jamuna, a rehabilitated rhino in India, has been spotted out with her calf. A lovely sight to share on World Rhino Day 
Soooo this just came out . I've just got mine, did you get yours?