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Found these budding business moguls on a walk with Kal today. Such charm and manners! Working hard on the upsell too...

If you are still here...let me show you behind the scenes on Justice League! Stunt team magic bringing Supes to life, John Williams and Hans Zimmer raising him to those lofty heights.....and then there's me, who channelling a little bit of Spiderman with my hands....
Working on the Super Buns! Whiiiiiiich if you vote for me in the Teen Choice Awards (link in bio) and I end up winning then you may or may not see them in a tight blue outfit much sooner! But totally probably. As an aside, please ignore the fact that I'm also 6 months pregnant with a baby made up entirely of cookies and pizza.
Some stiff competition in my Teen choice awards category and I wish those Gentlemen very good luck! So get online and vote with your hearts....but vote for me. 
PS @TheRock. Just following your lead big guy. I see your Hobbs Beef Piston Power Thrusts and I raise you a Super Booty Burner with Paws 🐕
Thank you so much for my Teen choice awards nomination! I am incredibly excited, as you can tell from this 100% natural and entirely not set up photo. I am definitely not home alone and I definitely did not spend 20mins trying to balance my phone on a couple of boxes so I could achieve this totally natural photo.
For National Superman Day (which is today!) I wanted to post a page from what is, hands down, my favourite Superman book, Superman: For Tomorrow. Drawn by the inimitable Jim Lee, penned by Brian Azzarello, inked by Scott Williams and colored by Alex Sinclair. Absolutely fantastic work by those men and work that I am very thankful for.
This, for me, is Superman.
Jeeves, prepare my cannon. I hear destiny calling....
Here be a picture of me looking muchos proud of myself! But why? I hear you ask.
Well, dear Follower, this was immediately after the Durrell Challenge back in Jersey. Yes! 13k of hills and good times round the island on a perfect day for a run with a number of other badasses who had the same idea as me! Seriously proud of all of you who made their way to Jersey for the run and to experience the zoo itself! I'm also very proud of anyone who raised some money to donate towards the efforts at Durrell, adopted an animal, or even just spread the word. You guys are legends! Thank you.
The other reason im looking so chuffed is because Bentley lent me that car for the weekend so I could ride around in style when I wasnt running around in short shorts!
And lastly, those may be the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn....ever
You can leash me, but you can never keep me down. 
There's more....
This morning I woke up and did not feel like doing my morning cardio at all. Like at all at all. Buuuuut, I had my coffee and did it anyway. This expression should be saying "not so bad after all and I feel good now" or it's just a terrible De Niro impression....the choice is yours.
Point being! Get out there and give it a go. It doesn't have to be fast, just give it 20mins at a slow talking pace (I just talk to myself), it actually feels kinda good.
What was that you ask? The meaning of life, and the place of love in its pattern while wearing a thick knit sweater and BOSS eyewear? Well, I can't say I know the answer to that....I'm just trying really hard to look like I do.

I can tell you however, that I'm the new global ambassador for BOSS eyewear. Indubitably so.

The BOSS team has worked very hard on this campaign, so a huge thank you to them. I hope you guys enjoy the fruits of their labour! Come back to see more and to watch me try and use other words that I barely know the meaning of... @BOSS
Thank you to the fallen. You have allowed us to be us. Tonight, we drink to you. Always, we will remember you.