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I have just learned today that we've said goodbye to one of the great minds of our time. A genius, a dreamer, a warrior, a pioneer, an inspiration, someone of great humour, an example for us all to look towards and imitate. A truly great man. My heart is heavy. Thank you, Professor Stephen Hawking, for all that you have done and for all that you have shown us.
Another little event in my life that I've kept under my hat for a bit. After I passed my test I gifted myself 158 horses, alllll contained in this here steel horse! For those of you out there who may panic and say that it's too big a bike, worry not. There are 3 riding modes...all the way from I'm ready, I can handle this to Beyonce's Jelly. It's been locked away for a bit due to the wintery-ness that we've been experiencing in the UK but i will take full advantage of the sunshine when it comes back!
When you learn that you died 2 days ago....
So, about two weeks ago I snuck out and did this just in time before our heavy weather hit here in the UK. Just wanted to thank Chris Spinks, Mark Campbell, John Bond and Christian Duffell from Metropolis Motorcycles for the training and helping me pass my test! 
Also a big thank you to Triumph for the riding gear and the use of this fantastic Street Scrambler! 
....to go wild.

Kal working on his side control! 
Finally back to the academy! Ive missed this enormous giant of a man! If any of you are considering starting working out or picking up a martial art. You really have to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! It's a game changer and very very enjoyable.
Dear Reader

Due to the lateness of the hour Henry is now actually in bed, it is a school night after all. Being his moustache however, I require no sleep (or food). So I have taken it upon myself to address you, my lovers and my haters to announce this exciting event! The first trailer is here, my glorious debut! Bathe in my bristly glow! Marvel at my contours and yes, be allured you who are facially able, for our time has come. From the pages of history we shall charge forth and rule the world once more and I shall be your king! Also, I hope the Superbowl is exciting. As I have no eyes, I cannot know what state it's in right now but I do hope it's entertaining! Link in bio. 
Philosophy: When tomorrow is behind you. Discuss.

No wait...that's not right.... Tomorrow! You shall finally get your first glimpse of what it's all been about and it's very very worth it.

Also, there is a rather exciting American football match going on in Minneapolis. 2 birds, one stone and a frosty moustache.

Here's a look at our first poster for Mission: Impossible Fallout

You get two Tom Cruises for the price of one poster you lucky things!
Tonight on The Graham Norton Show! You'll get to hear behind the scenes stories, swoon over Mr Cruise and his admirable ways, laugh with Simon Pegg, enjoy the witty and gorgeous Rebecca Ferguson and listen to the incredibly talented Paloma Faith! Oh and also guest starring the Tash of Steel....