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Joe seldom takes pics but today he did. 😍
When your co-star happens to be one of your besties @justinbaldoni and fellow unicorn.
#MovementMondays Gabby Rivera is an 
American writer and “self-proclaimed nerdburger,” Gabby Rivera grew up in the Bronx and is of Puerto Rican descent.  Her critically acclaimed debut novel Juliet Takes a Breath follows a queer puertorriqueña who leaves the Bronx bustle for a summer in Portland, Oregon, where she interns for her fave feminist author Harlow Brisbane. It was listed by Mic as one of the 25 essential books to read for women’s history month and it was called the “dopest LGBTQA YA book ever” by Latina Magazine. Due to her rising success, Rivera will be the first queer Latina to voice a Marvel Comic character - America Chavez.  America is a Latina, queer, superpowered and super-popular character who made a name for herself in the pages of super-team titles “Young Avengers” and “The Ultimates.” According to Rivera’s interview with The Washington Post, “The series “is definitely going to tackle America’s ancestry and ethnicity. But it won’t be as neat as some folks might want it to be. For me, being Latina is really damn complicated, especially when it comes to tracing my roots,” Rivera said. “America’s going to wonder where she really came from and who her people are. She’s going to explore what it means to be brown across the dimensions. And like many people who’ve had to leave home at a young age, she’s dealing with that feeling of disconnect, the you’re a foreigner here and out of place when you go ‘home’ type of feeling.” Rivera also exclaimed, “I get to see groups of little brown girls and their moms all done up
in their America Chavez cosplay gear. And the stories that we tell through ‘America’ will be part of their pop culture experience,” Rivera said. “And, hell yeah, there’s pressure, but also I love it and it’s making me a better writer. It’s a blessing.” Gabby Rivera, today we celebrate you! @quirkyrican
Mermaid life. @vulture #vulturefestival 
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Jane and Michael. #vulturefestival
This is what Fourth Season of #janethevirgin happiness looks like #cwupfronts 
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Ain't life Supernatural. #cwupfronts
With the homie @ryanseacrest congrats on the new gig! Catch me on #KellyAndRyan today!
Makeup: @carissaferreri
Hair: @kikihaircutter
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Prom Pic with Brad Pitt. No biggie. Catch us tonight on @colbertlateshow 😳
#MovementMondays Yara Sayeh Shahidi is a 17-year-old American actress, model, and social activist of Iranian-American and African-American descent Yara is best known for her current role as Zoey on ABC's critically-acclaimed sitcom Black-ish who promotes women's empowerment and encourages young people to engage in politics.  Yara told Teen Vogue that Zoey is more than just a TV character — "she is my activism through art." She explained that the media is often one's first interaction with a member of a cultural group, and can often perpetuate stereotypes. However, shows like Grey's Anatomy and Black-ish are fighting back, showing what diversity looks like when it represents "true human nature." Yara spends her “spare” time giving talks on diversity, meeting with UN Women, hosting support groups for young women, and uses her social media channels to speak freely about gender and equality issues. Yara is outspoken: “I'm black and I'm Iranian, and so it’s difficult to deal with the policy changes that Trump and his administration are doing because it impacts my family on a very personal level,” Shahidi told Vanity Fair at the N.A.A.C.P. Image Awards.“Black-ish has given me a platform that I've never had before, and I’m trying to speak out as much as I can about the injustices that I am seeing and reading about,” she said. “I’m only 17, but I feel being socially active is very important. Every voice must be heard.” Yara plans to attend college in the fall and got into every school she applied for; her applications include a recommendation letter from Michelle Obama! 
Love you so much Yara and so incredibly inspired by you! #MovementMondays
You make my heart smile @joe_locicero #blessed Human connection is more important than money, power or fame. Everything is sweeter with you Joe. The stress isn't as hard, the fear isn't as great and I know I can take it all on with you lifting me up.
How I end all my meetings! Thank you @Facebook @instagram for the disco BALLS!