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This is how at least half of them (including your president) think of us, which is why I would never punch a clock again nor expect any type of assistance from any of them. I promised myself that I would get out here and make myself successful no matter what it took. That’s why I can’t stand all these niggas out here living for Instagram when they really ain’t hitting on 💩 in real life. If Social media went away then who would you be? All ya doing is setting us back by fooling these kids who don’t kno any better than to believe what they seeing on IG.  Google Jason Nichols if ya don’t believe this video and voice message is real and if this don’t make ya wanna get out here and be somebody then maybe she is right about “You.” #HonestMoneyRichKing 😡
3rd Shift.........
S L U M  L O R D ✌🏿ON THE WAY! My nigga @kcamp say this one the day ones 🤘🏿 #RareSound
Last night of my lil vacation.........
I can whip a beat up anywhere...........
Burnout contest #CruisingTheCoast2017
Buddy got that “Eddie Winslow” coming out the top of that MF
The calm before the storm........#CruisingTheCoast2017 #DamnHurricaneNate😡