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Een leuker leven met minder plastic ✨ Ons boek 'Het Zero Waste Project' is nu verkrijgbaar! 🌿
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After a perfect birthday weekend I'm back to business again. Answering emails and getting some work done. And today is also the start of the Zelfliefde Campagne by @nadjavanosch_! πŸ˜™ ✨ She will give you free tips on loving yourself and asked us to share this (free) campaign with you guys. I decided to do that because self love can be in all the little things. Like taking a fika break with a cup of tea or coffee in the middle of the day or sleeping in a little (I did that this morning). I also wanted to highlight that self-love is really applicable on the zero waste lifestyle. Yes, sometimes you don't manage to be 100% package free. But that's okay. As long as you feel confortable with the choices you make, you're making progress in your own way. Change can be slow, but it's always worth it! Don't be so hard on yourself! πŸ€— More info about the campaign in Nadjas profile #plasticvrij #plasticfree #noplastic #zerowasteliving #sustainabilityissexy #sustainable #zerowaste #duurzaam #cleanocean #selflove #zelfliefdecampagne
Birthday flags (reusable yasss) for my 25th birthday! πŸ€— 🍰 πŸ˜™ ✨ 🍾 πŸ₯‚ Having THE BEST weekend with family, boardgames, fooood and nature. Can't wait for all the amazing plans that we have in stock for this year!
We're in paradise, so BRB! 😍✨ Interior goaaaals
Most of the things we do happen "silently". Next to inspiring our followers in making sustainable and zero waste choices and showing how cool it is to live a zero waste lifestyle, we also try to inspire and influence companies and our government. We don't share all of it but we certainly make sure your voice is heard by the people who are important! πŸ€— This is me on a huge screen in the Provinciehuis Utrecht. It's still a bit awkward to share stuff like this because I always feel as if I'm bragging or something haha.did you know that in the first years of our blog we never shared info or a picture about ourselves? We didn't think it was relevant and also weren't super keen on media attention. However, we noticed that we got more and more questions from people about who we are and what our life looks like. When we shared more personal stuff we got a huge increase in people asking concrete questions and sharing tips and ideas. I guess it makes it more approachable. So that's why I - although I don't always want to - dress up, put some makeup on my face, kind of try to tame my hair and talk to journalists, policy makers, students and what not. If it helps in spreading the message I'm in to giving up a bit of my privacy and comfort zone. And well ... Seeing yourself on a huge screen with crazy curly bangs (because I literally ran from one appointment to another and had no time to comb my hair) sometimes is kinda hilarious. Thanks for snapping this pic Michiel! #plasticvrij #movement #spreadthemessage #spreadtheword
One of the best discoveries in the zero waste transition: popcorn! πŸ€— I used to buy those plastic bags or microwave bags but just buying loose corn is just as effective, cheaper and #zerowaste! Have you tried making your own popcorn 🍿 yet? You can add different herbs, spices and flavors which makes it super easy to have some variety #plasticvrij #plasticfree #noplastic #zerowasteliving #sustainabilityissexy #sustainable #zerowaste #duurzaam #popcorn
Did you know most candles contain paraffin and/or palm oil? πŸ•― Both ingredients are not really zero waste friendly or sustainable...
That's why I only buy sustainable candles. And what I like most is a gently scented candle. My absolute favorites are the ones above: the left one I got in Paris and smells like freshly chopped grass and the one on the right is from @woocares. I did an internship at that social enterprise (years ago) and got hooked. They are made from beeswax, poured in upcycled beer, vodka and wine bottles and smell uh-ma-zing. Do you buy sustainable candles? And... What's your favorite brand? 😊 πŸ€— #candles #sustainablechoice #plasticvrij #plasticfree #noplastic #zerowasteliving #sustainabilityissexy #sustainable #zerowaste #duurzaam #cleanocean #candle
I put shampoo bars that need to be tested here in the bathroom so that I remember to test them. Unfortunately this one did nothing for my hair. It turned out greasy and dry... It works for Joeri though, so that shows that every type of hair is different. Also, I looove the packaging on this one. It's all paper and makes a perfect low waste gift πŸ“¦ #shampoobar #plasticvrij #plasticfree #noplastic #zerowasteliving #sustainabilityissexy #sustainable #zerowaste #duurzaam #cleanocean
The days are so cold and rainy! I had this #coconutbowl #breakfast last weekend and it was so nice and comforting. And even though I love comfy sweaters, warm oats and all things winter this never ending fall is not that interesting any more. So let it snow 🌨 or let the sun out please! πŸ€— Bowl is from @susty.amsterdam πŸ˜™ ✨ #plasticvrij #plasticfree #noplastic #zerowasteliving #sustainabilityissexy #sustainable #zerowaste #duurzaam #cleanocean #oats #oatmeal #breakie #breakfast #nowaste
It's circular economy week in the Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±! That means my calendar is jam packed with events. Let's see where I can spread the zero waste lifestyle this week! Of course I take this buddy with me πŸ“™
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Gotta love those Shrek smoothies! Add a bit of spinach and all of a sudden it looks healthy! πŸ€— #plasticvrij #plasticfree #noplastic #zerowasteliving #sustainabilityissexy #sustainable #zerowaste #duurzaam #cleanocean #bulk #bulkisbeautiful #masonjar #mason #ballmason #ball #smoothie
Yesterday evening I had an awesome dinner with like-minded plastic folks. It was really awesome to chat with everyone and share plans. Also, Roger from @thebamboobrushsociety handed out his amazing toothbrushes and this morning it reminded me that I still have to try this natural toothpaste from @oceonics_nl.
Did you switch your toothbrush yet? I use bamboo for several years now and it's just perfect. After removing the hairs you can toss it in a compost bin or reuse it as a plant stick for instance. And, in contrast to plastic brushes, this little fellow won't do any harm when it enters our oceans. There's no great solution for electronic toothbrushes yet that I know of. You have some bioplastic ones but they won't get recycled.
Well, thanks for last night @bytheoceanweunite, @ecomondonl, @thegreatbubblebarrier, @plasticsoupsurfer, @coralgardening, #doemeeverlosdezee, @preciousplasticnl @preciousplasticdenhaag and all the others I'm forgetting/can't tag
One of my goals this year is to zoom out from zero waste sometimes. Therefore I'm experimenting with new hobbies. So I bought this book #CreativeFlow and I am redrawing the illustrations by @sannyvanloon. I totally suck at it but it's nice to just enjoy the process and try not to think about the Plastic problem for a second. However, I found myself drawing fish 🐠 and plastic several times already haha πŸ˜‚. For inspiration check @carladrawz ❀️#hobbies #hobby #drawing