Kathi || 23 y/o student
Food, flowers and the occasional selfie. 🌵🍉🌻💅🏻
📍 Vienna, AT
👻 snapchat: hey.katinka

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📸: @chrystlcorn
Todays lunch. ALL the coriander, please. 👌🏻
Fleamarket treasures. #neubaugassenflohmarkt
Good lighting and a semi-good hair day. Happy Thursday 👌🏻
Autumn brunching on a thursday morning. Favourite time of the year ☕️🍂
Could definitely go for another cup right now. ☕️ #Budapest
Casually looking for anything that's actually in stock 💃🏻 #ikea
📸: @chrystlcorn
Summer essentials for the 35'C heat.
Monday treats. 🍦
Treated myself to a homemade cup of matcha latte this morning 🌱
A city in millenial pink.
Forever taking pictures of pretty floors. #ihavethisthingwithfloors