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Comic. Podcaster. Photographer of cats and dumb signs, people, events.

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Sto guardando il Frosinone Calcio a Toronto. Possiamo farcela!
Hey @metroontario if this is what your deli people are doing to prosciutto, hire Italians. They would never let this happen.
Cheers, Wolfpack.
“Umm...maybe *don’t* look behind the couch for a bit?”
Love me some hot morning radio action. Thanks @humblehowardcomedy and @freddiepee55 @humbleandfredradio
Thank you for supporting me in my Journey.
How do you explain “hours of operation” to a lab?
Neither will my parents. I will go on my journey without you. Screw you, cubes.
Cool! #jimmypardo is working at Duolingo now!
@thewordburglar release. Werd.
Jesus, the air show is lame this year.