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Half a goon and half a god. Dates, Videos & my Album “Really?”: Host of @CATPPodcast & "Write Em Up"

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#raptors #wethenorth #wethenorthday
All you can smell now is Axe Body Spray and honking at cyclists.
How is this any of your business @duolingo ?
Yeah, this.
“if you don’t buy a ticket, you won’t win the raffle.”
For people in Windsor who don’t like basketball, I have something for you.
Chi, io?  Sto solo parlando con il mio amico @marconegri9
About to do a show and saw this in the parking lot. This guy is going to LOOOOOOOVE my act.
This town gets it. #raptors
Ahhh, Italy.
Get ready, animals.
This happens now!