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Almost there...
He thinks his sister is the funniest person on the planet. She had him in hysterics.
Twinkle twinkle little star (science version)
Kiddo's whole school went through a big space unit and were showing off all the cool stuff they learned. #thefinalfrontier
#latenight #bonfire
In eastern Washington, along interstate 90 these displays light up farm fields for probably 10 miles every Christmas.
I actually look forward to driving though this stretch every year.
Wish I'd gotten shots of all of them.
Went to the doctor about a really croopy cough he's had. Turns out to be nothing big. They gave him crayons while we waited and couldn't have been happier.
After the #harvest.
After the fruit has been picked, it's time to reset for next year.
#Daybreak through the grass
Hot cocoa... Don't mind if I do.
When they can't pump your office's septic tank #tilmonday.
Prince Phillip and Maleficent
#halloween #costume #dressup #trickortreat
At Target, this lady got a basket, but instead of picking up a basket, she just grabbed the whole rack with one basket in it and started dragging it around the store.