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😎 Hey party people come see us at the @LifeisBeautiful festival today - Sunday in Vegas! We'll be hanging out with our buds from @advancednutrientsofficial and these fine companies in the HIGHTIMES Village. 🎉 Celebrating cannabis, educating and enjoying life!

Find us on on the 2nd floor on 7th & Ogden across the Art Motel. Must be 21+ to enter the village. #lifeisbeautifulfest #hightimes #lifeisbeautiful
Fire! 🔥 In 1981.
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Story: Nick Lindsey
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We've been in a serious #rickandmorty mood and these are too good not to share on this #WeedArtWednesday. 🌲🖌 What's your favorite out of these?

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Bring it. 💪 Story below.
Some countries (Israel may be the 1st) are planning to start shipping cannabis to the US—the stony kind. How the country plans to navigate international treaties is an open question..
And now, Sri Lanka wants to follow suit...
According to the New Delhi Times, Sri Lankan health authorities have authorized the country’s first-ever legal marijuana grow operation on a 100-acre farm. The farm will be able to produce 25 tons of cannabis a year, a harvest that will supply both a local “indigenous medicine industry” and exports to the United States.
So far, the country is confident that it will not only be able to import cannabis to the U.S., but that it will produce better weed. Here’s how the Times put it:
“The minister said that there was a high demand in U.S. for the quality weed which is used to manufacture tranquilizers and painkillers. The farm would be able to produce over 25 tonnes a year and the production would be under the military protection. The locally produced cannabis will be much better than that of prepared in the U.S.” 🙄
Full story at hightimes.com/news (link in bio) By Chris Roberts
USA! USA! 💥🤛 🇺🇸
🤤💘 Pinkleberry harvest
Via @greensourcegardens 👈
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Come see us this weekend at the @LifeIsBeautiful Festival! Shout-out to @advancednutrientsofficial our Presenting Sponsor.  Swipe to see the official exhibitors in the HIGHTIMES Village!

Find us on on the 2nd floor on 7th & Ogden across the Art Motel. Exhibitors, vendors, cannabis culture, education and more. You don't want to miss it!
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By Maureen Meehan
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Street Fight 3
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#2 @Michelangeroll
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Please don't do this with fish.
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Look at that jungle! 😍 Link in @growingexpsd's bio. Watch Ep. 8 of #GrowingExposed right now and take a tour of @sugarleaffarm's awesome grow facility! (bit.ly/growexp8 / hightimes.com/grow)