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The beautiful Blue Lotus. 💮 (Snow Lotus X Blueberry). Indica dominant hybrid.
🌱: Bred by @bodhiseeds
📷: #JustinCannabis #bluelotus
We Introduce To You The Very First Salubrious Cannabis Culture And Lifestyle Brand. @SUPERBADBRAND 🌿 Giving You The Exclusive And Better Quality Cannabis On The Market ☄️This Is Not Your Average Cannabis🔥🔥🔥#HowBadAreYou To Give It A Try? 😈
#BrandOfTheCulture #Exclusive #Quality #Indica #Sativa #Hybrid #THC #Cannabis #CannabisCommunity #Sponsored ✔
Link in our IG Stories! 🌈🌳Turn lows into highs with these tasty, potent and beautiful strains. hightimes.com #weshouldsmoke #colorsofcannabis
Hello. 😍
📷: @she.smokes.joints "Same joint, different lighting"
Think you could out-smoke @willienelsonofficial and @snoopdogg? 🤣 #fbf
Dab buffet. 🍽💨 What flavors are you gettin' down on tonight? 🎥: @slabbin_savage_710 #flavortown
Mental health. Let’s talk about it.
@macmiller @anthonybourdain and so many others have lost their lives due to mental health issues this year.
What if Cannabis could be a solution? Research shows CBD can help alleviate mental health symptoms. ((Article in Story))
We know Cannabis has helped thousands of people fight all sorts of ailments. We need to continue to support this type of research and these conversations in order to continue to help people.
We are proud to be The Original Voice of Cannabis™️ and to talk freely about these issues but we could never do it without YOU, our community. Join us, be a voice with us, make history with us.❤️👌🏾🍃 #LegalizeIt #SuicidePrevention #HighTimesCares #daily420 #420
FEATURING: @siya @macygrayday @troubleman31 @paulpierce @montel_williams 🎥 @hero.la
It's officially the last day of Summer, but that doesn't mean it's gotta feel like it!

From powerful yet discreet concentrate vaporizers like the #HypnosZero and the #Ares, to flavor forward convection heating flower vaporizers like the #Gaia, @linxvapor's got something for everyone.

First time customers can take an instant 10% off at checkout using code NEWLINX10 at LinxVapor.com 🙌
Harvest is nearly upon us! 🍁 And we're celebrating this wonderful time with the return of the High Times Harvest Cup. 🎟: Early bird tickets are on sale starting... NOW! Secure yours socalfestival.net
#hightimes #socal #cannabiscup #harvestcup #croptober #harvestfestival
Towering trees. 🌳🐕
📷: @jeffersonstatefarms
Grape Walker Kush auto 🍇 lookin' chunky. 📷: Grown @qbgrower
🌱: Bred @mephisto.genetics #autoflower
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