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It's a frosty Macromirrorjuana Monday! 📸: @slabslayers
Link in our Stories! 🎁 It's beginning to feel a lot like Kushmas. And there's still time to find a green gift.
We've got something for everyone; whether they're daily smokers, casual tokers, or even family members & friendships who DON'T smoke but would appreciate some CBD in their lives. (Even if they don't know it yet.

This seasons Holiday #GiftGuide comes packed with sales, holiday coupon codes for some items & more! ☃️🍭 Take a peek at hightimes.com
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📸: Cover by Justin Cannabis.
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Chucks OG - wanna taste?
📸: @the_diamond_duchess 🌲: Grown by @altitude_organic_mass
Bet you didn't know you could vape through a bong with the dry herb box mod #LinxGaia vaporizer which made our holiday gift guide this year. 💨 To celebrate, we're giving you a FREE water pipe adapter when you buy a @LinxVapor Gaia from LinxVapor.com from 12/10-12/13. 🎁 All you gotta do is add the adapter with the Gaia together in the same cart when checking out and the code is applied automatically!
Link in our Stories. #ICYMI Big tobacco is making moves.. 🚭  Tobacco powerhouse Altria (parent company of the Philip Morris/ Marlboro cigarette brand) invested $1.8 billion in Canadian cannabis company Cronos Group, the companies announced in a press release on Friday. Altria will acquire a 45% ownership stake in Cronos. Shares in Cronos Group shot up more than 30% and Altria rose 2% in early trading on Friday morning after news of the deal was made public.

With sales of cigarettes declining steadily tobacco companies are looking for new markets to invest in.

Full story at hightimes.com
by @a.j.herrington
Long Valley Royal Kush for Sungrown Sunday. 📸: @liontreefarms
"Our different phenos of Long Valley Royal Kush, shining bright just before the chop. ✂️✂️ last year she tested at 8.5% terpenes on the flower!" 🌞🌲
Handling a nice slab o' shatter.
📸: Processed by @headies_only
Wedding Cake 🎂 (nug run). Happy Shatterday!
Link in our Stories! Behold: This is @Cannabolish. A natural, safe, effective way to smoke flower discreetly on your own terms. But what separates Cannabolish from other, store-bought odor-eliminators?

Quite a lot!

Unlike many products it actually eliminates the odor for good, without just masking the smell with an aromatic fake fragrance. 👏 It accomplishes this using a proprietary plant-based, biodegradable blend that fights terpenes with terpenes. Safe for pets, safe for people.

Get all the facts and learn about this portable, affordable, and exceptional odor eliminator at hightimes.com 👃🌲🎁 #cannabolish
🐕 Running into the weekend like.. 📸: @egars_world at @alterfarms
FBF to the High Times MJ Biz Bash that went down in Vegas earlier this month. 😎💨 Presented by our buds overs at @advancednutrientsofficial.

Huge shout-out to our Premier Sponsors. 👏
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🎶: @2chainz
Link in our Stories. ⤴️ How does one recover from complete devastation? Julia Jacobson and Samiel Ludwig of @asterfarms say it’s all about gratitude, community support, and looking for the silver lining.
Please check out the whole story. It starts with the fire - which took their family home / the Aster Farms office, their large garden with 500+ plants and more. Then details how they managed to move forward and start rebuilding - thanks to help from the community, who donated everything from plants, to fertilizer and more.
Harry, a friendly half-bobcat, half-tabby that had lived on the property with the Cornells for several years, is also missing. 🐈 😞 He looks like a survivor and we hope he's okay.
The article also explains what Aster Farms did to help plan for the future - including what they did to make the farm fire defensible.
Hit up hightimes.com to read @asterfarms story + ways you can help. Article by @jbrylah.
Many cannabis farms large and small have been affected by the wildfires, and the cannabis community came together to offer support of all kinds. 🙏 If you're one of these farms, don't hesitate to reach out to the community and ask for help.