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HIGHLIGHT 9th Anniversary Cupsleeve Event.

Thank you my sista @zieyla88_mad gigih pi Greyhound Cafe di KL snapkan gambar + video. Meriahnyaaa di sana. Di KK nda sempat mau buat mini gallery semua. 😭😭 Esok masih ada untuk Lights di KK mau redeem your cupsleeve. Buy any drinks di Nunpat to entitled one cupsleeve for one design. Minta dengan staff di kaunter kalau dorang lupa bagi.

Kalau feedback bagus, utk Birthday Project manatau tiba2 ada kezutaan Hihlight mau datang KK buat surprise.. ehhh *dalam mimpi ja la mai*
😅😭 Thank you for your support guys. 💕💕 #MYHiLI9HT
This year, its totally different after all the hardship paid off. OT5 is not complete after Doojoon enlist in August.

And this year, the leader is not with us, but you guys promised us a very memorable gift so that we cant forget that Highlight were still here. ❤️ 29 October a digital single will be released. 24 and 25 November a concert will be held (probably the last concert of OT4 before Yoseob enlist next year and continue with the rest of member). 😔

Lets make the two month++ before 2018 ended as the best event ever.

9 years of loving Beast/Highlight is such a loyal thing for me to do as a fangirl. Even my relationship never long last compare to that years. hahahahaa 🙄😅 To all lights who had been through together with the boys since they were known as beast, I know we had faced so many things and challenges, the ups and downs together 😭.. I hope we can stay together until the boys finish their military soon to celebrate the 11th year later. ❤️❤️ HAPPY 9TH ANNIVERSARY 💙❤️💛💚💜
Remember, to walk only on flowery path and we'll see each other again at that place.. #그곳에서_기다릴게_하이라이트
#라이트 #사랑해
[OFFICIAL] 181012 Around US Entertainment Naver Site Uploads with Yoon Dujun #윤두준

via B2STEra

@beeeestdjdjdj 😍😍😍
[OFFICIAL] 181012 Around US Entertainment Naver Site Uploads with Yoon Dujun #윤두준

via B2STEra

@beeeestdjdjdj 😍😍😍
I love them. My OT5 💕😭 * I guess Junhyung is not present due to his schedule*
Salam takziah buat seluruh warga bomba kerana kehilangan ahli yang berdedikasi hingga ajal menjemput mereka. 
Terkorban ketika dalam tugasan untuk menyelamatkan mangsa lemas. Moga syurga tempat untuk kalian semua. 
Not your favorite storyteller.
나는 너희들을 그리워하지 않는다.
아니, 거짓말이야.

너 정말 그리워요 
My healing journey.

I don't know if you guys ever heard or see about this kind of product. But this cream really helps to heal my problematic skin due to allergic at both my hands & legs before. My dad used to bought 2-3 bottles for me back in 2014 when I started to have a bad skin disease at that time. 
And of course before that (while it still in bad state) I applied antiseptic and minyak gamat but this cream fastening my healing process like so fast. 👍

Dont ask.me.why.not.going.to.clinic

Cuz i really hate going there ☹️ just in case my condition worsening and i cant take it anymore (at the end im going as well because my bad tonsil) and yes i do ask doctor about my hand and the answers is 'let see in a week if this still happen come and see us again' after blablablaa and they just give me ubat luka a.k.a ubat kuning to applied to my skin together with my antiseptic cream. She did ask before if i applied with other cream. But thank you doctor for the time and medicine for tonsil it heals too. 
Almost a month with this kind of skin disease (refer to pictures how bad it was), i cant really cook, wash or do something properly with my left hands. Just use one hand only to do things and especially to design on my laptop, my life is miserable 😩😩😩😩 Thanks to my sis help me to buy this and Alhamdulillah, its getting better and better now. * sorry for the inappropriate content just in case you're reading this while having your lunch or meals 😵 *

#myhandsisallbetternow #nomorebloodsandwounds
Hi awak @mineseob93
Dah balik keje ke tu? 😁

Ingat nak jadi orang last yg wish, tapi mmg xdapat ar kan. Esok2 mesti ada je yg wish ko belated nanti. Sorry tau for the past few years aku xdapat nak sambut birthday ko sama2 in person (walaupun aku nak 😔). Pape pun aku doakan ko berjaya dgn apa je yg ko buat, yg ko usahakan, moga Allah permudahkan semuanya. 🙏

Lets make our dream that we wished at fountain KLCC to  become true in 2020. Oppa2 masuk army kita ada masa lagi nak saving gi jumpa dorang bila dah keluar (mcm bongek je kan ayat) 😂😂 Hari ni puas la ek makan kek. Aku nmpk tau kat Twitter siap junhyung wish lg. Hahaaa 
Enjoy your precious day okay. Last but not least, Happy Birthday my always curly girl, Nurul Sharmine. 🙆🙆🙆🙆 05092018
From Light to Light
😭😭 #ladiescode #imfinethankyou