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영원히 💕
💕💕💕💕 #highlight #하이라이트 #outro
Yeayy.. my #outro album has safely arrived.. excited to unboxing my parcel 😂😂😂😂 thank you @highlight_my for your hard work.. 수고했어요 👏👏👏 Nak trade pc yoseop dgn junhyung..ada yang nak ke? 😭
Syukur alhamdulillah selesai sudah majlis walimatulurus Ekin & Azim. Selamat pengantin baru kakakku.. akhirnya bertemu jodoh jua, sebab lama betul membujang, menunggu si kaka ani kan diliat naik pelamin 😅😅😅 semoga kekal bersama sampai ke akhir hayat.. Untuk semua yg terlibat, yg sudi dtg ke majlis, yg jadi org penting, yg tolong merewang dll. Terima kasih banyak2..moga dibalas kebaikan dgn kebaikan. Aamiin 🤲🙏 #walimatulurus #Ekin&Azim #07122018 #08122018 #belumhilangngalihlagiehhh
Hi favorite month. We meet again
에쁘다 :') [하사누] 하이라이트(HIGHLIGHT) OUTRO Concert 하사누 Teaser (4K)

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Highlight of mine. 🤗

Beautiful things to see today. 
2018 🇰🇷 first snow fall like crazy. 😍

Stay extra warm for fam that going to OUTRO concert today. Be careful and hve fun. © to owner 
#첫눈 #서울 #24112018  #outro #highlight
Sometimes I wonder, what thing has changed from the past 10-15 years ago?

A lot.

How I wish I can turned back to the time where I could fix any flaws that occurs, avoid any mistakes and protect my heart from sadness that lingers at night. 
But I guess, there is good for it. Me, you, we, and us as a human being. Making mistakes is part of our lesson life. It lead us to be better or become worse.

And I don't know what will happen in future..
Either Beast or Highlight, they still got that jam. The vibes is there. 12:30 + Ribbon beat mixed and with the EDM sound make me realize for a second. yes. This is who they really are. The color of their real music as Beast before was still there. This song even the choreo dance, beats, styles all eye catching to me. bias-wrecker semuanyaaaa
💕💕 After being HIGHLIGHT the color is more bright and colorful, but at the end these boys come up with their concepts and songs just like their old days where LOVED fits them perfectly since they spend so many years back then as emo-sad boys with Beast.💔 But I love both color..indeed love for them grow bigger and bigger. It feels like coming home where after long days spend outside, at the end of the day all you wanted is to back to your home and rest peacefully.

9 years being 비스트/하이라이트 fangirl is the most loyal relationship i ever had. 👏👏👏😉😉😉 p/s: sorry for long rant. Sis emosi kejap sbb last album dah ni sblm semua member masing2 buat military sevices. Lama lagi nak tunggu dua tahun 5/5 complete balik 😩😩 #HIGHLIGHT #LOVED #사랑했나봐 
Why sound so goood? ㅠㅠㅠ

I'm all away.. Lemme enjoy my fangirl side for a moment.

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Because my tummy need some attention at this hour. why not? 😂