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"Don't Feel Like Christmas"
Get it.
You Guys!!!! I love swag!!! You're winning big points in the Morgan House @lifetimetv !!! Thank you!
#thechristmascontract #itsawonderfullifetime
Bestie. Get that beard back to NY! @zewunderkind 💕💕💕💕💕
Part II!
Our @astorservices Residential Renovation is COMPLETE!!!!
Two and a half years ago we started on this journey, and with the dedicated support of our crew
-McEathron Contracting
- Diblasi Painting
- Stanhope Electric
-Tim Decker plumbing
- @benjaminmoore - @williamslumberhomecenters  Our AMAZING and talented volunteers, and the overwhelming generosity so many of you showed by purchasing every single item on our registry, WE DID IT! 
Every child deserves magic and color and fun. They made me cry today when they came back to the unit. 
Feel good, folks. Ya done great. 
And now we celebrate!!!
GhostStories III is gonna be February 9!!!!!!!! Tickets are gonna be he best Xmas gift you could give!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Xoxoxo
I'm DYING!!! Having fun with my loves @danneelackles512 and @antwontanner2214 doing press for our @lifetimemovies Christmas Movie #TheChristmasContract. And then I meet THIS genius!!! Thank you @neildegrassetyson !
Feeling anxious about midterms? Here's some good stuff for you. Volunteerism. 
After a big day of paint on our Reno, I've driven down into the city to do a whole bunch of press tomorrow for the Christmas movie I did with my friends from OTH. No manicure for this guy. I've bitten all my nails off. Doing two units at @astorservices ??It's a lot! But I'm covered in all the colors that will make up a child's experience while living at Astor and that makes me happy. 
Our volunteers are magic. Regardless of what happens tonight, there is good. There is kindness. There is light. And there are folks who are willing to buy comfort items for children they will never meet, or use their vacation days to come do manual labor for a week.
Thank you all for supporting our cause and our kids and for being volunteers. You change the world. 
Sending love. Xxx
Anyone remember this throwback?? Day one of our Astor Reno in the books. Our team is AMAZING!!!
McEathron Contracting and Diblasi Painting kicked all kinds of butt today. And our volunteers?!?! So grateful for their talents and energy and kindness. 
Get some rest kids! Go vote and we'll be back at it tomorrow! Xoxo
@astorservices @sunkistcitrus @benjaminmoore @williamslumberhomecenters @jeffreydeanmorgan
I woke up to an entire flood of these emails! I'm just........absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude!!! Last night before bed I told my son "When the news wears me out and everything feels ugly and mean, this Astor stuff? THIS is the good in the world."
YOU are the good in the world! Caring for strangers is the very core of what it means to be a good human. So moved by your generosity and selflessness. 
In ten, fifteen years, these kids at @astorservices will be adults. And they will look back and know that total strangers sent love and hope and kindness their way. And it will shape who they grow into. 
#gonnagocrynow #thankyou
!!!Astor Renovation Registry is back open!!! (Link in bio)
I can't ever just do anything the easy way. So in the midst of our latest renovation, the other moms and I were like "Theres NO way we can leave that last unit undone as we go into the holiday season!"
I dont know how we are gonna do it. But hell or highwater we are going to try our very best to make the last of our units cheery and bright as we head into winter. 
Huge shoutout to our friends at @williamslumberhomecenters for all their help! To the super generous @benjaminmoore for transforming our spaces with such ease. 
We have a BIG #ghoststories announcement coming your way!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!
#benjaminmooreaura #williamslumber #familiesforastor
It seemed like every mother in town was dressed as a witch last night. MY friends certainly were. We paid no heed to all the mom shaming comments that made fun of adults who dressed up. (If there's anything I can't stand, it's when people act too cool to participate. Dress up dammit! No kid ever said "I love how stoic my mother was!)
We all joked that Halloween is the one night of the year when we could show who we really are. Witches. Keepers of rituals. Healers. Storytellers. Nature lovers. Gossips. Believers in magic. 
Today I'm back to being boring ol me. But last night? I was my best self. This is what I look like on the inside. 
Love to all my witchy sisters. And shoutout to @rueskitchen for the fabulous additions to my kitchen sink alter. You're wonderful!
Pass all that magic down ladies. Not just on Halloween. Let's keep it up all year. Xoxoxo