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Social media can be really phony and smoke + mirrors. Here's my ugly, no filter truth. I'm sitting here in bed going through the endless pictures of Wilmington NC that my friends and family are posting in the wake of the hurricane, and I'm devastated. Been crying off and on all day. 
Some of my loved ones stayed. Some left. It was a lose/lose situation. If you left, you have no idea what has happened with your home. If you managed to escape total flooding, there could be a leak in the room or a window or a door that is seeping in water. If you stayed, you're facing a shortage of supplies, no fuel, sewage in the water, tornados, downed power lines, sink holes, destroyed roads -virtually nothing is safe. 
The deaths are agonizing. The heartbreak of the first responders who have to keep going is.....there just aren't words. It's all unrelenting and unbearably sad. 
I feel helpless. And so if Wilmington NC has ever meant something to you...if youve ever been entertained by its beauty as the backdrop to Matlock or Muppets in Space or Lolita or Blue Velvet or any of these other countless gems (http://www.wilmingtonfilm.com/feature-film/) please consider donating to support the film crews, the business owners, the local communities, the landscape that has captured so many of our hearts. 
Teaming with @randomactsorg (who puts money directly into the community without any middlemen) the women of OTH invite you to join the #capefearlesschallenge 
We can't fix the whole wide world. But if a few donations or the purchasing of tshirts can help one devastated family, ten families, a hundred families....it all adds up. 
Thank you. Sincerely. Xo
Link to fundraiser in bio.
I love you, North Carolina! Stay strong! We're coming for you. Xxxxx
#wilmingtonnc #wrightsvillebeach #hurricaneflorence
Sweet sweet Wilmington, I miss you. I love you. I can't wait to see you again. So please, evacuate. 
The years we spent shooting OTH were life-changing. This storm is unlike any of the others we faced while there. Nature has a way of showing us how small we are, but to me, all of you in NC are big and important. Take care of yourselves. Get out of the storm's way. Go go go go go. 
I'm praying for you. Xoxoxo
We have a few new kids who have moved into the residential treatment center at @astorservices ! So I'm hitting up @target to pick up some bedding for the kiddos. Got another renovation coming up soon! Hey @target , what's a girl gotta do to get a corporate sponsorship for an incredible cause???
I was too filthy to take pics today. Thanks for these @jeffreydeanmorgan ! We spent the summer in NC, so now we're playing catchup in the garden. Rotating flowers/veggies. Trying on new plants. Getting dirty for fun.  Saying hi to bugs. 
I don't know anything about fashion. But I do know that I like how I feel in a fine layer of soil.
I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him. 
Thank you to @weiserbooks for my copy of @amyblackthornauthor 's newest book of Botanical Magic! Now if I could just combine the sea salt of NC with my gardens in NY.....should make for an interesting Autumn. Looking forward to reading!!
I'm not sure I was meant to find this. 
It is a tale of defeat.....☠️
My heart.
Am I a dork for wearing a shirt with @jeffreydeanmorgan face on it?? Sorry, not sorry! Daddy is here to represent during naptime! And when @sophiabush challenges me to join in on the #theawesomechallenge , I jump on that asap. Use their hashtag and @rocketsofawesome will donate back to school clothes to @baby2baby for a kid in need!!! Tag three friends.  Join me @jeffreydeanmorgan @danneelackles512 @bigbaldhead
It was time for a change.
8 year olds are my favorite artists. Thanks Belle! Xxxx