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Cats outta the bag! I sent my cute dude @jeffreydeanmorgan the email with the proof of this magazine cover that is coming out Feb 1st, and he liked it so much he posted it on Twitter! Hahaha. One of the many reasons living with JD is so fun. He’s hands down the best cheerleader on the planet!
When the fabulous @kimandstevebarnes at #flywashington said they wanted to do a story on all the work we were trying to do at my alma mater Park View High in Sterling, Virginia I was totally game. And wildly flattered. This past summer, Park View was not able to field a varsity football team for the first time in decades. A once power house program had all but dissolved. Upon investigating why, we discovered that involvement in extracurricular activities was down across the board. Settled in Loudoun County - the wealthiest county in the nation according to Forbes - Park View is a Title 1 school. That means about half the population is low income. I dropped in on a pep rally at the beginning of the school year and was blown away by the enthusiasm and spirit shown by these kids. They weren’t blowing off extracurriculars cause they were apathetic! They didn’t have the LUXURY of getting involved. Practice clothes, shoes, food, equipment, fees for physicals, fees for camps, fees to compete, fees fees fees. For sports, arts and academics. And on top of that, the county makes them pay to park at the school, so if an activity runs past the activity bus pickup time, you can’t participate. I personally stayed at school till 9 each night doing student govt, cheerleading and drama. 
So we formed @pvhs_project_patriot , an alumni group dedicated to advocating for these kids and bringing them the same opportunities we were afforded. We’re just beginning so we are grateful for all the support from the community. 
Worth is not based on wealth. And these bright, talented, amazing kids are the proof of that. Go Patriots!! PS - my lady love since high school @sbaughman7582 took the photos for this spread. Ain’t she great???
My sweet brother Conrad made one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents this year. There are four of us kids- Conrad, Billy John and myself - and my folks. So from the same block of maple wood he carved 5 spoons. And from the same block of Brazilian cherrywood he carved 5 spatulas. This way, even though we are all far apart, when we cook dinner each night, we are together. 
I cherish these things. 
Love you Conradical. 
Daddy went out to do chores this morning and brought us presents from Diane the emu!!!!!
Dr Seuss is real life now with these green eggs!
Every. Toy. Makes. Noise. #sleepisoverrated
So George came to our @astorservices meeting today! Hence the bottle and crumpled flyer. 
But check this out... we are looking for businesses to come aboard as sponsors, so I wanted to share this info with you. It lists all the awesome perks that come with teaming up with us! Let us be the nonprofit you get your tax write off with! Not a business owner? Please share with your bosses. It takes a village as they say. Won’t you be our neighbors??
Thanks so much for your support. @jeffreydeanmorgan and I consider ourselves very lucky to be affiliated with such a generous, good hearted fan base. Xoxoxoxo
Yay Uncle @charles_wessler !!!!!!! @jeffreydeanmorgan and I are so excited for your @goldenglobes win for @greenbookmovie !!!! So excited that we BOTH had to take pictures of you on our TV like a couple of grandmas. 
Also, our kids turned the subtitles on and we can’t get em off. 
Congrats buddy!
Come cozy up in front of the fire with @jeffreydeanmorgan and me! It’s a helluva show full of crowd participation and surprises. And every dollar goes towards @astorservices !
This is JDM’s wheelhouse. A microphone, my sincere belief in ghosts to make fun of, and virtually no rules!!!
Did I mention this theater has a real ghost??
See ya there!
Today I wanna celebrate all our friends who helped us with our efforts at @astorservices this past year. As @barackobama said the other day, “find something you want to change in your community and take the first step toward changing it.”
For us, that challenge rang loud and clear as we have been doing just that for the last few years. Volunteerism exists outside the confines of political parties or economics. It is a great common ground. As we head into the new year, I want to sincerely thank all of you who lent a hand. Our next event - GhostStories III - is taking place February 9th at UPAC in Kingston NY. If you haven’t grabbed tickets yet, do it! And know that the money you spend is going directly to help the children at Astor. On top of being good karma, it’s a helluva good show! As a teaser and a thank you, check my bio for a link to a video from last year’s event. Our actor buddies from near and far pitch in. So a big shout out to #andrewlincoln , @realmichellehurd @austinnichols @willie.garson @chadmichaelmurray @robertearlbuckley @martinstarr @sistosistosisto @claynecrawford @bryangreenberg @keeshasharp @kevinprahm @tim_dekay @garretdillahunt @joylenz @bigbaldhead @kellylynchofficial 
You all are fabulous and generous and I love you. 
It’s Christmas break folks. So no way in hell I’m doing hair or makeup. Thankfully @popsugar saw through the haze and recognized 75% of me. However, they had brilliant suggestions on who I should morph into. Frances, Elijah and Ruth, I’m coming for that haircut!
My son picked this gift out for me himself! Clearly #mothergothel is my favorite @disney character so I’m excited to read this book by Serena Valentino .
Mother knows best!
Waking up to chaos this morning was the best gift. Zero naps and we’re all still going strong. 
Thanks for giving me these two, @jeffreydeanmorgan 
I’m a happy lady. 
Merry Christmas folks!
Plotting for 2019.