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Got home at midnight last night after work. Found this card from my son on my pillow. 
GM+HB = 💕💕💕💕
Hear me roar. 
@rueskitchen is giving me so much witchy wisdom in between scenes at work. An Italian pilgrimage seems in order! Magic is everywhere! ☕️☕️☕️🔮🔮🔮
"Dad"-ing it up through the streets of New Orleans this weekend. "Don't make me pull this car over!"
Thanks for keeping @monikared5 and me in line, old man! @robertearlbuckley
Our protector, our best friend, our co-conspirator, our champion, our handsome king of the family.....Gus, George and I adore you @jeffreydeanmorgan 
Thank you for picking me. 
Thank you for delivering our two wonderful children. 
Thank you for being a risk taker and leaving all you knew behind to give our kids this pastoral, beautiful childhood. 
Thank you for being the donkey/cow/puppy whisperer. 
Thank you for working harder than anyone else I know. 
Thank you for being the kind of man who buys his late friend's candy store so it lives on after him. 
Thank you for loving me and for standing beside me, and setting a healthy example for our children. 
When I met you, it was a no brainer that starting a family with you was exactly what I was meant to do with my life. You are the father I always hoped I'd find for my children. 
Happy Father's Day Jeffrey. 
I love you. 💕
It's not a Christmas movie family get together without a good party drink! @dllewis82 is our producer extraordinaire and we're totally digging on @familybusinessbeerco thanks to my love @danneelackles512 !!!!!!!
Thank you @lifetimemovies !!! You know I love Christmas! Having a ball filming. @antwontanner2214 @danneelackles512 @robertearlbuckley are way too much fun! Xoxo 
My sweet son picked me peonies and the first strawberries of the season!! His daddy taught him well. @jeffreydeanmorgan 
Love my Morgan boys.
Even the little one loves @bigslickkc !!! Benefitting @childrensmercy , we basically spend the weekend pretending we're kids back at summer camp. Our family is honored to be here! Check out the online auction at bigslickkc.org
New kicks make me feel ambitious......like one day I just may run. But prolly not. Most likely just gonna walk. With authority.  #prancercise #haterunning #goldsneakers #newbalance
Find ❤️💕❤️💕 everywhere.
Duck eggs vs. Chicken eggs vs. Guinea eggs. 
We love our birds!
Thanks to my favorite farmers , Gus and @jeffreydeanmorgan for collecting these and cleaning the duck pond!! 🐔🦆🐣