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This is why we live here. 
#snowday  #stilllife #farmscene
Daddy is home. 
Makes me happy to see pictures of @jeffreydeanmorgan with folks at @walkrstalkrcon , but we miss him when he's gone. Thanks for sending him back in one piece. He's our rock. 
#redeye #familycuddles #gooddad
My super talented friend @lizabetheva just sent me the loveliest baby quilt, cape and bibs.....and the best part is SHE MADE THEM! I swear I thought she picked them up in a cute shop back home in Leesburg, so I cried when I saw all the time and love she put into these creations. I'm grateful for all the amazing "makers" in my life. You make the world so much more authentic and special. 
Her Etsy site doesn't have anything listed at the moment, but follow her or bug her for a commission if you want a truly fabulous gift!
Love you lady. Xo
Sewing curtains. #anneofgreengablesfabric #singersewing
Honey and me....waiting on our boys.
Snow chores! Feeding the creatures and shoveling the front walk. The barn cat is cozy, Princess - my favorite donkey - is a snow bunny. The cows are fat and happy. The alpaca have their coats on. It's a good time of year at the farm!
#hudsonvalley #winterwonderland #farmgirl
"It doesn't show signs of stopping,
And I brought some corn for popping.
The lights are turned way down low,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"
#snowday #farmlandscape #homesweethome
The news can be so depressing. So here's a reminder that there is absolute good in the world! My favorite teachers from high school, Mr. And Mrs. Johnson just sent this gorgeous quilt Mrs. J made for baby girl Morgan! I cannot say thank you enough! Gus still has the blanket they made him! And it's wonderful to know that our world doesn't have to be made up of chaos. Rather, random acts of kindness can shape our days. Mr and Mrs J - I love you both so much. 20 years and counting! Shouting thank you from the rooftops. Xoxoxoxo
Jack Frost hit the farm. 
I'm officially not changing out of sweatpants for the next 3 months.
Let's get cozy, huh?
From our home to yours, sending love and gratitude and all the fixins!
@jeffreydeanmorgan #gigiandgrambo #thanksgiving
窶ェLast night @jeffreydeanmorgan and I hosted our @AstorServices fundraiser, #GhostStories2. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for all involved, especially #PaulRudd who joined us! Big shout outs to our friends #Andy Lincoln @itsmichellehurd @AustinNichols @willie.garson @chadmurray15 @robertearlbuckley @MartinStarr  @JeremySisto @ClayneCrawford @bryangreenberg @keeshasharp @kevinprahm @TimDeKay @garretdillahunt @joylenz @wwwbigbaldhead @kellylynchofficial for helping us tell the tragic love story of The Highwayman. Video forthcoming! You all are amazing. Love you!!!窶ャ