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Congrats @thewalkingdeadamc cast, crew and fans on 100 episodes! Such an enormous accomplishment. And thank you for all the Negan gifts. It sucks when dad is away, but helps that you guys love @jeffreydeanmorgan almost as much as Gus and I do. Can't wait to see what kind of hell is raised this season! Love you, @bigbaldhead and #andylincoln , but we're Team Negan all the way!!!
It leaves a mark. 
Can it just be Halloween already? I miss fun crazy, instead of scary crazy.
Support your public libraries!!!
This. Made. My. Day. 
Thank you @hilariesfeed for defending me against perverts. I'm laughing, but also very grateful. 
"When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad." Today's news is ugly and scary and I don't know how to explain it to myself, let alone my son. So I will be grateful that we have another day together. And that the world - when you strip politics and fighting and human error away - is at its core, a beautiful place. Spread love today and every day. And fight like hell for what is good in your world. 
#honorvegasvictims #hugyourkids
My lady love @danneelackles512 came to play! AND the Winchester boys reunited! Gus is totally ready to start hunting demons with his big brother @jensenackles 
Did my heart so good to see these guys. Love you forever D + J !!! #farmfun #oldfriends
It was too hot to weed the garden all summer. So I was a bum and waited. Today??? Got my spot in order!
(Also spied two VERY cozy grasshoppers.) #autumngarden
When other kids at school make fun of your kid for liking jello, you turn it into zombie brains. Take that!
We like it HOT!
We grow Magic Wands here.
My book of magic spells.