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Make more magic. 
Oh hey, Monday. 
Let’s be cute. 
Drove my sweetheart over to @woodstockharleydavidson and I’m jamming in the parking lot to the #DawsonsCreek theme song. Take me right back to 10th grade. So so good. Hope all these bikers feel my joy. Thanks @woodstockharleydavidson for the ride down memory lane!!!!
@billnuge is the best!
Being an ally isn’t just about wearing rainbow gear during #pride ...... although rainbows do make things infinitely cooler. 🏳️‍🌈 Really, it’s about holding up our sisters and brothers and celebrating them for all their glorious shapes, sizes, orientations and preferences. As all sorts of wonderful art is being released in support of @pride , I personally want to shine a spotlight on my ridiculously talented friend who has released her new music video today for #BeNotAfraid ! @heathermaemusic walks the walk and talks the talk and she bears her soul constantly as she tours across the country, acting as a voice for those who maybe haven’t found theirs yet. She is strong and beautiful, and I listen to her songs on repeat. You should too!!!!
Let’s champion our #lgbtq loved ones and let their voices shine this month.
My mama made me an early birthday present.....an entire case of her family’s rhubarb/strawberry jam. 
Food = love. 
I just put the recipe in the book I’m releasing with @harperonebooks in Spring 2020. More details to come, but really excited to share it all with you guys. 
Especially the jam. It’s legit. 
This is why moms are always yelling at everyone to close the door!
Found a frog in the bathroom this morning. Handsome fella. X
You know what’s even hotter than a broody 90s bad boy with a 5o’clock shadow, good hair, and a killer pout?
A good dad. 
And my kids have the BEST. 
@jeffreydeanmorgan is present, even when he’s exhausted. Hes gentle and funny and indulgent and sweet. Our kids worship him. 
They both have his smile. 
Parenting is really just a guessing game. “How do I keep these kids alive and not totally traumatize them?!” In my life, playing that game with JDM is everything. 
Happy Fathers Day, babe. You make it all look easy. #happyfathersday
Naughty girls. 1940s NYC. The theatre scene. @elizabeth_gilbert_writer has created my first indulgent summer reading of 2019 - #cityofgirlsbook 
Gilbert wrote a book years ago - The Last American Man - that I read during my last year on #OneTreeHill  It encouraged me to really examine my values and buck the system I was told to cooperate with. Living on a farm now is a direct result of that book coming into my life. I read it again while pregnant with Gus. 
This spring, my family was in London visiting @jeffreydeanmorgan while he filmed. This tall, beautiful woman struck up a conversation with Gus in the elevator of our hotel. She exuded that brand of kindness that comes from being completely comfortable in your own skin. She complimented Gus’s Slitherin locket and made him feel seen and cool. As she peeled off it occurred to me “Holy shit! That’s @elizabeth_gilbert_writer ! “ A really nice, full circle moment. 
She was in town promoting this book and I’ve since been looking forward to its release. 
Here’s to the girls who play by their own rules and have a ball while doing it. My daughter will for sure fit that mold. “You don’t have to be a good girl to be a good person.” Preach. 
This is a sad post. 
Earlier this week, my cheerleading coach Linda Harman passed away unexpectedly. She was such a force in this life. It breaks my heart for her kids and grandkids. But it also makes me sad for an entire generation of girls who were influenced by her in my hometown. Coach Harman was TOUGH. She yelled. She made you run laps and do endless tuck jumps. Because she saw your potential and knew you were fully capable of hard work and excellence. In an activity that has stereotypically been un-feminist, Coach Harman wasn’t grooming demure, passive cheerleaders. She was raising a tribe of brassy, loud, aggressive, ambitious leaders. She empowered us. 
But to me, the coolest part of my experience with her was the fact that she didn’t even have a kid on the squad. Her girls had grown up and moved on. She stayed on as a coach for all of us because she loved volunteering. She got a rush out of encouraging young minds. Countless hours, days, months, years she devoted to kids who were not her own. She gave back to her community in so many ways. Her energy was boundless. 
In her honor, her daughter @beth_harman asked that we share our @pvhs_project_patriot fund and registry with everyone. The link is in my bio. Linda Harman embodied true volunteerism, and a selflessness that made the Park View community a better place. I hope we can all live up to the potential she saw in us, and give back as generously as she did. I’m so glad I got to see her when I went home in the fall. Still tough. Funny. And giving the tightest hugs ever. 
Love ya, Coach. 
I just finished working away from home for a few weeks. It was fun to be with my friends, but it kicked my ass. Being away from the kids, from home, from Jeffrey. Working nights and then flying all day and immediately coming home to switch into parent mode. It’s a lot. And this man, @jeffreydeanmorgan has been doing it for YEARS. At a relentless pace. I feel paper thin and exhausted and I have no idea how he can turn in the kind of performances he does at work, do conventions all over the place, shoot movies during his hiatus and then flip the switch and become Farmer Jeff and lavish attention on our wild children. 
Really proud of you. I don’t know how you do it. Get home soon. X
I stole this picture from our director of photography, @mattsbelldp . (He was also the DP on Christmas Contract and he is so very good at his job and an upbeat, positive force on set. I will work with him forever!) Yesterday was an awesome day at work. When @dllewis82 - who is the kindest leader and after 3 movies together is now officially my producing brother - called me last Christmas and started pitching holiday movie treatments, this one jumped out. We wanted to get the band back together, and this fun ensemble story worked well for that. I’ve always wanted to work with my sweetheart @meganparkithere and so this story about sisters made perfect sense for us. 
Then I was introduced to @emosswilson  I’d been hearing about her from Matt and Daniel and all our Louisiana crew members for years. Rumor had it, she was the best. Guess what? They weren’t wrong. Emily is grounded and focused and silly and open and someone I’ve become totally obsessed with. She wrote our script all through the winter and when it came time to cast, we collected as a team to figure out who to send the first offers to for casting. 
It was a NO BRAINER!
Pam Grier was the very first person we went out to. She is badass and so knowledgeable, a gorgeous and exceedingly kind woman. And she has a wicked sense of humor. We couldn’t believe she said yes.  From one farm girl to another, Pam is someone I respect a great deal and what she brought to our set was invaluable. 
This snapshot of all of us yesterday is one of those images I’ll keep forever. Cause @mattsbelldp , @emosswilson @dllewis82 and I are GEEKING out. They say not to meet your hero’s cause you’ll be disappointed. Pam has been a hero of mine for ages and she so far surpassed my expectations. 
This experience has been really rewarding. Thanks @lifetimetv for taking care of us. #itsawonderfullifetime
OTH universe saying hi. 
I super love the kids I got to grow up with on that show. Miss all you guys. 
#comet #oth #theboysawthecomet